Country Home Ideas – Colours for a country cottage

Country cottage colours should take their lead from the amount of natural daylight your home receives and the upholstery and other soft furnishing colours that you have.  Generally I find that cottages often have less light than other homes as their windows tend to be smaller and they are often surrounded by deep verandahs.  This gives them their charm but also means that you need to be careful not to use whites and neutrals that are too grey or cold.

So assess the other neutrals and colours that you are using but bear in mind the possible lack of sunlight that your cottage receives.  I generally therefore like the creamy whites for this look.  This doesn't mean you need creamy yellow tones that can appear dated, just a warmer white that will work and be welcoming.

My latest article in Country Home Ideas magazine, which is in the shops now, looks at country cottage colours in more detail and showcases the beautiful Ellingham range of fabrics from the Wortley Group.  Just double click to make the words clearer!

Colours for a Country Cottage

Warm neutrals are a good choice for country style dining rooms.  These ensure the space is welcoming – a place to sit awhile.  Here are a few of my favourites that I have found.

Country Home Ideas - Colours for a country cottage


Country Home Ideas - Colours for a country cottage

Country Home Ideas - Colours for a a country cottage

Based in the Cotswolds, Vanessa Arbuthnot knows all about decorating English cottages that can be notoriously dark.   Cottages are often very pretty and don't need a lot of attention to make them look good as the bones are already there.  Remember to always work with the space you have and enhance its charm which can often be as simple as assessing the natural light and using the right tones to complement it.  Introducing some grey in this scheme works as the look is still soft and gentle with the warmth of rattan and timber.  The grey tones here are warm rather than cool blue greys, which really makes a big difference.

Country Home Ideas - Colours for a country cottage
Image – Vanessa Arbuthnot

I would love to hear from you in the comments section below if you have a cottage that you are decorating.  My Pinterest boards have lots of inspiration, with one dedicated to country style to help you achieve the right look for your home.  Hope to hear from you!

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