5 Quick and Easy Ways to Update a Tired Bathroom

Bathrooms and kitchens sell houses but unfortunately they are also the most expensive areas to remodel.  Sometimes though a bathroom can be fundamentally OK.  The tiles may not be exactly as you would choose if you were starting from scratch, but everything works and is still pretty modern, or at least suits the look and style of your house. 

If this is the case, you should look carefully at the bathroom to see whether you can simply update it rather than strip it out and start again.  It’s well worth considering as a little TLC can really change the look.  Let me show you 5 quick ways to update a tired bathroom.

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom

Image – Sarah Richardson

My 5 top tips to update a tired bathroom

1)     Paint the walls and vanity

Paint is your friend when you need to have a quick, simple and inexpensive update.  If much of your wall is just painted then a simple case of a fresh couple of coats will work wonders.  Or you could change the look of your room entirely and use a different tone, perhaps a modern, dark grey or a softer grey or taupe colour. 

You will need to look at the colour of your tiles, including the floor, to see what may work.  A little imagination can transform and freshen the space enormously taking your tired bathroom to a new and fresh one.

While you are shopping for paint you should also consider painting the vanity unit and adding new handles.  Kitchen joinery is often re-painted and this is a simple solution for bathroom vanities too.  Use a good quality washable paint.  Depending on what your current vanity is made from you may need special laminate paint.  Update the handles too to something that suits the style of your house.

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom
Image – Resene Paints, colour – Quarter Stack

2)     Paint the tiles. 

There are some great paints on the market now for hiding unwanted tile patterns.  Remember the feature strip around the wall that you or your predecessor thought was such a good idea?  A spray of white tile paint will make the room look like new again and a common trick for getting a house ready to sell.  Tile paints also come with a re-grouting pen too.

3)     Re-grouting

This is one of the most effective ways to update a tired bathroom.  A professional re-grout of your floor and wall tiles will make them appear brand new.  Often the tiles themselves are quite acceptable – really what can be wrong about a simple white wall tile.  But the mould that you just can’t budge from the grout is a real turn off and one that makes you want to run to the bathroom shop. 

At the same time, re-caulking around the edges of tiles completes the job.  This is an inexpensive solution which will really freshen the room.

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom

Image – Ikea

4)     Invest in new tapware. 

Updated shiny new tapware and shower fittings won’t break the bank and will add a contemporary touch.  If you replace towel rails and soap holders too, you will get a lovely flow to the bathroom accessories, which will update the room beautifully.  Consider what is contemporary now, perhaps black tapware or a rose gold finish to really fool people into thinking the bathroom is brand new.

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom

5)     Add some styling touches

New mirrors and wall lights are another great idea. If your room is large enough and has good ventilation, then you could even add pretty touches like wallpaper or inexpensive prints to make the space feel more like a proper room.  The bathroom should be one to linger in and luxuriate, which is what life should be all about!  Even some new shelving, new baskets and greenery can make a big difference.

How to update a tired bathroom
Image: EH Design Co

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom


Many of these images are of course of new bathrooms but really you can update your look amazingly well by following these few simple ideas.  They will update your tired bathroom and cost a fraction of a brand new one.  I have lots of bathroom inspiration on my Pinterest boards and would love to hear your renovation and updating plans for the new year.

5 quick and easy ways to update a tired bathroom

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    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Lisa You really have to think firstly about the style that you want for your bathroom – classic, contemporary etc. Do you want to have a contrast between your floor and walls or select something that is suitable for both which gives you a lovely simple, clean look. Alternatively a really beautiful floor with simple white tiles is a great solution for a look that will last for years. Have a browse through Pinterest and start getting together ideas that jump out and you will start to see which way you should go. Good luck! Samantha

  1. Allpoints Bathroom Services says:

    Hi Samantha
    This blog is very helpful and well-written. Bathrooms are among the most utilised area of any home. These design tips and inspirational ideas make you get the most from the properties by enhancing both functionality and value.

  2. Tim says:

    Hello, I’m trying to figure out what colors of paint were used on the walls in the picture under the the “3)” paragraph that is also labeled “Image – Ikea” in this article. Can you please help me out.? We would like to paint our bath room those same colors. Thanks.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Tim I’m sorry I don’t know what the exact colour is as this is an Ikea image. On my screen it looks a bit like Dulux Simone Weil – perhaps try a sample of that? Good Luck Samantha

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