Autumn Colour Palette

I love Summer but I have to say that Autumn is probably my favourite season of the year.  In any case, Autumn offers a respite to the heat and humidity of summer and a chance to get things done around the house and garden again.  It's at this time of year too that you start to think about keeping warm in the evening, slow cooking and cosy decorating rather than the doors wide open to the summer sunshine.

I believe that all seasons have a colour palette and often the season that you love is the colours that you are drawn to as well.  I have based this colour palette on a gorgeous piece of Autumnal inspiration – the classic basket of apples and looking at the colours I am drawn to, I think there may be some substance to my theory!  See whether you are an Autumnal person and if so, how you could bring these beautiful colours into your decorating.

How to choose colours for an Autumn palette
Image – Sanderson

I love the colour green for its simple and meditative qualities.  A beautiful natural colour, apple green is contemporary and refreshing with its high quantity of yellow and when partnered with neutral greys, washed out linens and weathered timber, the look is effortless and relaxed.

An Autumn colour palette of apple greens, yellows and orange is also a related colour palette.  This one is officially an extended related colour palette but if you are into finding out why these work well for decorating you can find out more here:

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How to choose colours for an Autumn palette
Image – Porters Paints

Orange is a beautiful Autumnal colour but can be very bold and overwhelming.  Best used in smaller rooms that you use in the evening or that don't get a lot of natural light.  Great for dining rooms as orange is the convivial colour of the spectrum.  Introduce artwork, as in the image above, to offset the strength and dominance of the colour – you still have the beauty of it but less is sometimes more!


How to choose colours for an Autumn palette
Image – Wild at Heart

The warmth in natural timber is very evocative of this time of year.  By employing different textures, warm neutrals and natural greenery, you have a classic Autumnal look without using lots of colour.

How to choose colours for an Autumn palette
Image – Elle Décor Japan

Think that an Autumnal colour palette is just for classic style decorating?  Then think again.  This beautiful contemporary Scandi style dining room uses this palette but with a background of crisp white.

How to choose colours for an Autumn palette
Image – Polly and Books

Autumn is a great time of the year for curling up with a good book – I always feel that I should be outside enjoying the summer sunshine but this time of year is so relaxing!

How to choose colours for an Autumn palette

Chunky knit throws in warm Autumnal colours are great to bring out at this time of the year.  If you have a fairly neutral colour scheme you can change your accessories with the seasons – just by adding some throws and cushions to your room, you instantly get a welcoming and cosy environment.  An inexpensive way to get a new look.

How to choose colours for an Autumnal palette
Image – Art of the Loom

Whether you love this colour palette for the entire year or just for the cooler months, there are lots of possibilities here and I have heaps of inspiration on my Pinterest boards for green and orange colour schemes.  Leave a message below and let me know if you are a fan of this look or whether you change your accessories with the seasons.

Autumn colour schemes


Do you love natural colour palettes?  If so you may also like the ideas here – an Autumn colour palette but without the orange.

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2 thoughts on “Autumn Colour Palette

  1. Jayne Brooks says:

    Love these colours even bit red mixed in doing up a place at the moment with some Balinese pieces mixing bo ho look, not sure on coffee table partner doesn’t like real rustic, I will get there.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Jayne yes I love the warm colours too and they really suit the Balinese look. There is always a compromise with decorating when you have a partner – it is rare that a couple likes exactly the same thing! Good luck!! Samantha

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