How to choose cushions

How to choose cushions

If you love to decorate you will really appreciate how important finishing touches are.  The clutch bag and necklace for the little black dress or the ideal leather belt for your jeans – you couldn’t do without them.  Cushions on a chair or sofa are the fashion accessories that you need to complete the room. .. Read more

My Guide to French Provincial Style

My Guide to French Provincial Style

Our recent love affair with the Hamptons has overshadowed some other styles that are also timeless classics.  The Hamptons look is absolutely gorgeous and a favourite of mine but it’s good to sometimes look around the world and remind ourselves of some of the other enduring decorating styles and consider the home we have and.. Read more

How to use colour for exteriors

How to use colour for exteriors

What do you think about using colour for exteriors?  Have you ever considered using colour for the exterior of your home?  Or are you a fan of a safe neutral colour palette?  Children love colour and respond very well to its uplifting effects but as we get older and more sensible we tend to shun.. Read more

My Guide to Country Style

Country Style covers a wide range of looks and will vary greatly depending upon which country you are in so this guide is to show you how to get the general look and feel.  Later I will be writing in more detail about the different types of country style as it is definitely one of.. Read more

Don’t design your kitchen without this ONE thing

Don't design your kitchen without this ONE thing

There are so many things that are important when you design your kitchen but there is one item that will really save you space and keep you organised. It won’t give you the WOW factor nor the beauty of a gorgeous marble benchtop.  Your friends won’t be swooning over your amazing style and colour choices. .. Read more

Painting bricks white

Painting bricks white is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update an interior scheme.  Bricks are certainly back in fashion and you only need to look at a trendy TV show to see a wall of bricks somewhere in a gorgeous loft apartment or warehouse development.  However, there are a wide range.. Read more

What colour do I paint my internal doors?

What colour should I paint my internal doors

What colour do I paint my internal doors is a question that I am frequently asked.  I can’t give a definitive answer though as it will depend on a number of factors but I do have some ideas to show you here to help you make the right choice for your home. Firstly you should.. Read more

How to decorate with pastels

How to decorate with pastels

Have you noticed that beautiful soft pastel tones are back on trend?  In fact, even though so many interiors and exteriors are white at the moment, colour in general is also getting more popular.  Which I must say I am very happy about.  People tend to be a bit frightened about colour though so with.. Read more

10 things to include in a Laundry Room

10 things to include in a laundry roo

I believe there are 10 things to include in a laundry room to ensure that it works effectively.  Let’s face it though, this room is often the last one on your list when it comes to a renovation but if you get this room right then it saves you so much time and hassle. Definitely.. Read more

Why I love a weatherboard home

Why I love a Weatherboard House

Growing up in England, weatherboard homes were few and far between but I always admired the clapboard houses of East Coast America and longed to live in one of those.  Moving to Australia, I thought I would achieve my dream of having a weatherboard home, as they are referred to here.  They are one of.. Read more