New York Loft Bricks

New York Loft style

Have you ever been seduced by a funky New York loft style apartment so often seen in the movies but rarely in real life.  There are many elements to a successful loft style scheme but the one I really love, and that I think you can’t do without for this style, is a beautiful weathered.. Read more

How to choose colours – lesson one

How to choose colours

Back to Basics – The Primaries Those of you amongst us who feel that colour and its use in decorating and design is only to be understood by creative types can be assured that colour crosses the boundaries of science and art.  There is a logic to it and definite rules that can be studied… Read more

Country Home Ideas – Elegant White

Article by Samantha Bacon in Country Home Ideas - How to use Elegant White

White is a perennial favourite when it comes to decorating schemes. Whether you love a contemporary look, the softness of a Scandinavian scheme, a relaxed coastal look or a pretty country style, you can’t go wrong with white. As much as I am addicted to colour, I really do appreciate the clean and simple lines.. Read more

How to decorate with Sociable Orange

How to use orange for interiors

Lovers of orange are known to be a sociable bunch.  They are often urban dwellers who enjoy the company of others so it is great to find friends who embrace this colour – it means they will be fun and interesting people to know.  Let me show you how to decorate with orange How to.. Read more

My 5 top tips to create the perfect cottage garden setting

My 5 top tips to create the perfect cottage garden dining setting

It’s the first day of Spring here in Sydney; the windows and doors are open and you can smell that summer is on the way.  I love this time of the year when you can start to think about living outdoors again and in particular dining outdoors.  Food really does taste better outside and I can’t.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Moody Blues

Country Home Ideas magazine

Are you like me and love dark blue?  I recently wrote about using this beautiful colour in a decorating scheme for Country Home Ideas magazine.  Dark blue is one of my absolute favourites and I really like the way it works on panelling where you have shadow lines.  This is why it is such a good.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Pretty in Pink

Country Home Ideas magazine - Pretty in Pink article

I recently wrote about the colour Pink in my regular Country Home Ideas page.  Pink is a colour often overlooked for interiors as it is perceived as too feminine.  Read my feature here though to see how you can make this a touch more masculine and why it is a great colour for country style homes. .. Read more

How to find the Right White

How to find the right white

Almost daily, I am asked ‘How to choose the right white paint’.  In terms of paint selection it is definitely the current question of the moment and I know is one that you will be struggling with. Serene, calm and crisp are just some of the many adjectives that you can use to describe the.. Read more

A place to write

How to find a place to write

One of my main reasons for starting this blog is that I love to write.  I always have. From a young child writing stories at school and day dreaming of becoming an author to an adult training to become an interior decorator, the passion to write was always there. Finding a place to write –.. Read more

How to achieve a classic neutral exterior

Why opt for a classic neutral exterior scheme About 15 years ago a local builder asked me to design an exterior colour scheme for his new display home.  We wanted to achieve a classic timeless appeal for the property as it was important that the house remained contemporary and relevant for as long as possible.. Read more