7 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas

7 Fabulous Wallpaper ideas

I am so happy that wallpaper is back in fashion.  I used to teach a styles and trends module at a design school and I remember about 10 years ago setting a task for students to look for upcoming trends.  The following week many of them came back excitedly with the news that they could.. Read more

The Art of Shabby Chic

How to achieve a relaxed shabby look

The quintessential European farmhouse with aged, mellow stone, limewashed walls and worn thresholds or a classic English country cottage with a garden of rambling roses and doors and windows that don’t quite line up, are the buildings that lovers of country style will evoke when thinking of a house with character and history.  Of course.. Read more

My 10 favourite balcony gardens

My 10 favourite balcony gardens

Small spaces are often fun to decorate and style as your boundaries are limited but, as you will see from these gorgeous images, your ideas definitely don’t need to be.  Spending time on trains and in cars, I often look at all the new apartment developments and find that most balcony spaces remain bare with hardly.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Colour scheme for a Child’s bedroom

A Happy Palette for a Child's Room

When putting together a colour scheme for a child’s bedroom, one of your first considerations should be to make it a happy one.  Children respond so well to colour in their lives and studies show that it enhances learning and well being.  Of course we all respond well to colour but as we age we.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Colours for a country cottage

Colours for a Country Cottage

Country cottage colours should take their lead from the amount of natural daylight your home receives and the upholstery and other soft furnishing colours that you have.  Generally I find that cottages often have less light than other homes as their windows tend to be smaller and they are often surrounded by deep verandahs.  This.. Read more

Autumn Colour Palette

Autumn colour schemes

I love Summer but I have to say that Autumn is probably my favourite season of the year.  In any case, Autumn offers a respite to the heat and humidity of summer and a chance to get things done around the house and garden again.  It’s at this time of year too that you start.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – French Provincial Colours

Country Home Ideas - French Provincial Colours

My latest article in Country Home Ideas magazine focuses on colours for a French Provincial Style, a timeless classic that seems to have been on trend for a long time and I expect (and hope)  is one that is enduring.  The beauty of French Provincial style is that it can be adapted to a suburban home.. Read more

How to select the right grey for your exterior

How to select the right grey for your exterior

Grey is the colour of the moment.  Whether you are searching for the right interior or exterior colour, grey inspiration is everywhere.   A grey exterior is a classic choice. The designer’s secret weapon though has always been this beautiful neutral. In the past, grey has been a much maligned colour, however it is in fact one.. Read more

What’s on your bedside table?

What's on your bedside table?

If your house is anything like mine, then family members will always find something to put onto a clean surface! Most frustrating, but a fact of life, and this is where interior styling is not just about making things look pretty, in many cases a simple vignette actually provides a home for all those pesky.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Classic Kitchen Scheme

Country Home Ideas - Classic Kitchen Scheme

My colour feature page in Country Home Ideas this month is all about how to create a classic kitchen scheme.  I love this look and chose an image from Roseleigh Homes featuring a bench top of Caesarstone Statuario Nuvo, which is one of my favourites at the moment.  Partnered with a smart neutral grey and.. Read more