Country Home Ideas – Inside Out Colour Schemes

Country Home Ideas Magazine - Inside-out Colour Schemes

The latest Country Home Ideas is in the shops now and my colour feature article this month is about how to link your inside space to the outside using colour schemes.  Perfect timing for those of us in Australia where it is warming up. Even in cooler areas, or for those of you going into winter, it.. Read more

Modern Home Magazine – Silvery Hues

Modern Home Magazine - how to use Silver in your decorating scheme

So with Christmas in mind my thoughts are turning to beautiful silvery hues.  It’s that time of year when sparkle is called for and I really love the cool silver tones at this time of year, particularly in the heat of Australia. With only 50 sleeps to go, it is probably too late for a.. Read more

A coastal style vignette

A coastal style vignette - 5 steps to achieve this

Everyone is talking about vignettes and it is no wonder as they are a stylists dream.  A bare coffee table, once home to a couple of magazines, is now finished with beautiful vignettes to add interesting layers to the design.  A hallway console table that was a dumping ground for post and keys is now.. Read more

Modern Home Magazine – Sunny Disposition

Modern Home Magazine - inspiration for using beautiful yellow

Yellow is the uplifting colour of the spectrum as it makes us happy and optimistic.  It is however a very tricky colour to use for interiors and styling and I find in its brightest form should only be used as an accent.  This however is all you need to make a really great statement.  My article.. Read more

Complementary colour schemes – lesson 3

Complementary colour schemes - colour lesson 3

Colour lesson 3 sees us exploring complementary colours.  As the words suggest, these go together and are those that are directly opposite each other on a colour wheel.  Be careful though, even though they are meant to work with each other, if placed in a decorating scheme in equal proportions, these two colours will fight with each other and.. Read more

Modern Home Magazine – Summer Cool

Modern Home Magazine, Summer Cool

I love to use neutral exterior colours as they are the perfect backdrop for splashes of all year round colour.  Summer is coming in Australia and thoughts are turning to styling outdoor rooms and terraces.  It’s the ideal time to splash out on new cushions and accessories for outdoors and with a neutral backdrop, you.. Read more

Related colour schemes – colour lesson 2

Let me show you how to choose colours, lesson 2

Colour lesson one started right at the beginning with the Primaries and now in this lesson I want to show you the next step.  It’s really simple but will demonstrate how easy it is for you to put together a colour scheme that you will love.  Hopefully, this is the start of making you less.. Read more

How to find the right white for your exterior

How to find the right white for your exterior

Finding the right white for an exterior project contains all the pitfalls that are there when selecting whites for an interior scheme, and more! However there are rules to follow and I have some great tips to help you to select a colour scheme for your white exterior project that you will love. This pretty.. Read more

Let me show you how to use Pink in an interior scheme

Let me show you how to use Pink for an interior scheme. Often considered a colour for children's rooms, the colour pink can bring sophistication and elegance to a living area - let me show you how.

Now I understand that for many of you the colour pink is one that you reserve for girls bedrooms – soft pink for children and hot pink for teenagers and there the colour and the story ends.  This is a terrible shame as this very misunderstood colour can bring grace and elegance to living areas.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Delicate Celadon Green

How to use delicate Celadon Green

Celadon Green is such a user-friendly colour and never seems to be out of fashion.  A delicate and soft decorating colour, Celadon works beautifully in all areas of the home, particularly in bedrooms where its calming influence is perfect. Perfect for a country, coastal, Swedish or Hamptons style, this grey blue/green is integral to all of.. Read more