Ultra Violet – 2018 Pantone colour of the year

Ultra Violet - Pantone's colour of the year 2018

So, Ultra Violet has been chosen by Pantone as its colour of the year for 2018.  Quite a provocative choice, by their own admission, particularly after the well regarded and universally liked Greenery of 2017. What do you think of it?  What do you know about it? A little background – Pantone is recognised around.. Read more

How to choose the right kitchen splashback

How to select a kitchen splashback

Kitchens sell houses and are also the heart of the home.  Overall this is probably the biggest investment you will make when renovating or building your home.  NO pressure then to get it right! There are many decisions to be made but one that is very important and I find often overlooked to begin with,.. Read more

5 tips to create a calm bedroom environment

5 tips to create a calm bedroom environment

I love my bedroom!  I find that if I have a good night’s sleep then I can achieve anything – well almost anything – the next day.  Sleep however can sometimes be elusive, for lots of reasons, but I believe it is a good idea to at least start with a calm bedroom environment.  I.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Relaxed Country Style Dining

Relaxed Country Style Dining

My recent colour feature in Country Home Ideas used the beautiful Waterperry range from Sanderson Fabrics.  Inspired by British country gardens, Sanderson has translated these into very elegant designs that create a gorgeous contemporary country style space.  I really like the way they have used them in this dining room and it was my inspiration.. Read more

Let me show you how to use Pink, Black and White

Have you heard of Millennial Pink? Have you noticed the resurgence of the colour pink?  It is now being referred to as Millennial Pink and has been made popular again by those Generation Ys amongst us.  Young people have embraced this beautiful colour and I am glad to say that it is popular with both.. Read more

Breakfast Nooks – My top 10 favourite looks

I am a big fan of breakfast nooks as I really like this cosy seating option which is in between the island bench counter stool and the full dining table.  It appears that lots of other people love them too as there are so many different options around.  I really like the way that people.. Read more

Country Home Ideas – Winter Colour Palettes

Country Home Ideas magazine - winter warming colour palettes

When I am asked about winter colour palettes, I often talk about the rich warm tones of red and orange but these colours can be quite polarizing and if this is not a favourite for you, but you want to create a cosy and warm environment, there are other colours to consider. In addition to.. Read more

7 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas

7 Fabulous Wallpaper ideas

I am so happy that wallpaper is back in fashion.  I used to teach a styles and trends module at a design school and I remember about 10 years ago setting a task for students to look for upcoming trends.  The following week many of them came back excitedly with the news that they could.. Read more

The Art of Shabby Chic

How to achieve a relaxed shabby look

The quintessential European farmhouse with aged, mellow stone, limewashed walls and worn thresholds or a classic English country cottage with a garden of rambling roses and doors and windows that don’t quite line up, are the buildings that lovers of country style will evoke when thinking of a house with character and history.  Of course.. Read more

My 10 favourite balcony gardens

My 10 favourite balcony gardens

Small spaces are often fun to decorate and style as your boundaries are limited but, as you will see from these gorgeous images, your ideas definitely don’t need to be.  Spending time on trains and in cars, I often look at all the new apartment developments and find that most balcony spaces remain bare with hardly.. Read more