Why I love a weatherboard home

Why I love a Weatherboard House

Growing up in England, weatherboard homes were few and far between but I always admired the clapboard houses of East Coast America and longed to live in one of those.  Moving to Australia, I thought I would achieve my dream of having a weatherboard home, as they are referred to here.  They are one of.. Read more

How to select roofs, gutters and facias

How to choose roofs, gutters & facias

It can be exciting, or daunting, some of you would say, to select the paint finishes for the exterior of your new home but the practical bits like roofs, gutters and facias are sometimes not given a lot of thought or attention.  Often clients look at me with a blank and worried stare when I.. Read more

7 Tips for the Perfect Welcoming Hallway

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  What do you think of this old adage?  I believe that it is absolutely true, whether we are talking about people or houses.  That first impression really does count and is particularly important if you are in the process of selling your home.  But.. Read more

Classic Boho home accessories you can’t do without

Boho home accessories you can't do without

Bohemian style in all its beautiful laid back hippie glory is sweeping the globe.  Whether you are in chic San Francisco, trendy London or on the coast of New South Wales, this gorgeous, patterned and exotic look is everywhere.  I have identified the classic Boho home accessories that you should include in your interiors if.. Read more

Styling with Books

Books are one of my favourite accessories, as well as a favourite pastime! Find out how to use books as a great finishing touch for your decorating schemes. Click through to my post about how to accessorise with books.

I love to read and central to my own home, and something that I try to include in a decorating scheme, are cosy nooks to curl up with a book and shady parts of the garden to lose yourself in.  The benefit of enjoying books of course is that unlike many other pastimes and hobbies,.. Read more

Colour & Interior Trends 2019

Colours & Interior trends 2019

I am always hesitant about providing trends each year as I am a firm believer that you should decorate for yourself rather than slavishly following looks that can often turn out to be a short lived fad.  However it can be interesting to see what the trends are as it often reflects what is available.. Read more

Why indoor plants are good for your health

Why indoor plants are good for your health

Indoor plants are good for your health.  This is a fact and one of many good reasons you should be scooting off to your local garden centre to include these in your home styling. I have a list of reasons why you should introduce these into your home and lots of inspiration and ideas to.. Read more

Let me show you how to use a Natural colour palette

Beautiful interior decorating schemes can be put together using a natural colour palette

The modern day buzzwords of eco sustainability are now firmly entrenched in day to day living and designers are often asked to create designs which integrate well with the natural environment.  When considering the environment it is the colour green which you often turn to, however other neutrals which are completely at one with nature make.. Read more

How to choose kitchen door handles

Your choice of kitchen door handles can have the greatest impact on the overall look of your new kitchen but this is often a crucial detail that is overlooked and then becomes a last minute choice.  Let me take you through some ideas and show you how much a difference the type of kitchen door.. Read more

Bathroom Styling – My 5 top tips

Bathroom Styling - My 5 top tips

Renovating a bathroom is expensive and the old adage that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses is very true.  For these reasons I always recommend keeping a bathroom renovation simple.  Good quality, but classic and timeless, so that you don’t tire of it but it will last the distance. You may feel that this is a.. Read more