How to use a strong feature colour

How to use a strong feature colour

All white interiors are certainly popular, but I am hearing more and more from clients that they would like to introduce some colour.   In fact, they are craving some more colour but are completely unsure of how to achieve this without compromising the look of their home.  Using a strong feature colour can be daunting,.. Read more

Trend report – Grey and Oak Interiors

Trend Report Grey and Oak

I am a big fan of Scandi style and one of the trends that has come from this look is the partnership of pale grey and oak in interiors.  Do you love this look?  I do, and I think that it also suits other styles too.  These two colours can be used to great effect.. Read more

How to use Colorbond Dune

How to use Colorbond Dune

Colorbond Dune has been a mainstay in the range for many years and is still an extremely popular choice.  I really like to use it for a number of reasons which I will tell you below.  If you’re considering a new roof or are building a new home, this may be one of the colours.. Read more

House 13 – The Three Birds

The Three Birds House 13

The concept of The Three Birds has been hugely successful.  It’s how many of us would like to live, working with close friends and renovating properties together – what a fabulous job!  It’s always interesting to see the next house and The Birds are now up to house number 13.  This will be a treat.. Read more

How to use the colour Sage Green

How to use the colour Sage Green

Have you noticed the recent love affair with green in the world of interiors?  Green, in general, is making a comeback, but Sage Green is really causing a stir and fast becoming many people’s new favourite colour.  I am thrilled as green is my favourite colour and I also love to see more colour in.. Read more

Albury House Tour – an award winning environmentally responsive home

Albury House Tour

An environmentally responsive home is one which many of us aim to achieve when we are building a house.  Sustainable finishes and inclusions together with buildings that can withstand our tough climate conditions are often front of mind, but then budget constraints get in the way, builders don’t always want to use new or different.. Read more

What colour do I paint my cornice?

What colour do I paint my cornice

The cornice is the plaster detail that covers the join between the wall and the ceiling.  It’s an area that isn’t usually paid a lot of attention until you have to select one or decide what you should paint it.  There is a very straight forward answer in terms of painting and that is that.. Read more

How to use Colorbond Monument

How to use Colorbond Monument

I really like to use black accents both inside and outside of my home, however pure black can sometimes be too heavy, particularly over a large expanse.  I was therefore really pleased when Colorbond introduced Monument into their range.  It has been with us for some time now and is extremely popular with my clients. .. Read more

How to choose canopy beds

Five years ago I would have only associated Canopy Beds with historical movies.  The realms of Queen Elizabeth 1st or Anne Boleyn seemed more appropriate then than a modern day bedroom but how things have changed.  The canopy bed is now quite a common piece of bedroom furniture which I am very pleased to see. .. Read more

3 colour schemes for a home office

3 home office colour schemes

With most of us spending more time working from home than ever before, there has never been a better time to show your workspace some love. “Your study should be a space of calm and concentration, but most importantly somewhere you actually enjoy spending time,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager. “We all.. Read more