How to work with a dark colour palette

People tend to either love or hate a dark colour palette.  Those of us who do like them though are often too afraid to use them and the alternative of a light white or neutral scheme just seems an easier option.  Certainly, this can be true but often it isn’t the case of selecting either a.. Read more

Pantone Living Coral – How to use it in your home

Since the year 2000, Pantone has been announcing their colour of the year.  Eagerly anticipated by designers around the globe, the colour for 2019 is Pantone Living Coral.  A soft orange with pink undertones.  At first glance you may think this is an outdated colour but let me tell you more about the process and.. Read more

Let me show you how to use Beautiful Duck Egg Blue

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

Look at a colour wheel and you will find teetering on the edge of blue and almost meeting green, the colour Duck Egg Blue, often also referred to as Robin’s Nest Blue.  Generally accepted to be in the blue family, when looked at closely, many will perceive this colour as green.  See my inspiration below.. Read more

How to choose canopy beds

Five years ago I would have only associated Canopy Beds with historical movies.  The realms of Queen Elizabeth 1st or Anne Boleyn seemed more appropriate then than a modern day bedroom but how things have changed.  The canopy bed is now quite a common piece of bedroom furniture which I am very pleased to see. .. Read more

5 key elements of Scandi Style

5 key elements of Scandi Style

In the global world of interiors, the hot trend of the moment has to be Scandi Style.  Whether we are talking about country style Gustavian  interiors from Sweden, the Scandinavian mid century classic designs of the Modernist movement or the Danish passion for Hygge, we can’t seem to get enough of it. In this post I am.. Read more

Feminine Bedroom 101

It’s great when I get the opportunity to work with a client on a feminine bedroom scheme.  This is really a good opportunity to have some fun and make use of all the beautiful chintz fabrics and wallpapers available.  There are very few other opportunities to do this, but clearly as the bedroom is a.. Read more

The Creative’s Home Office – 7 tips to create a creative space

7 tips to create a creative space

The perfect creative space is a room that says a lot about you and one that you enjoy spending time in. Somewhere that really gets the creative juices flowing and where you are surrounded by things that you love and have meaning to you. This rule alone will help you to create the perfect home.. Read more

My 10 favourite media nooks

My 10 favourite media nooks

The great debate about whether technology has simplified our life goes on but in terms of decorating, whether we like it or not, we now need to consider a dedicated area in our homes to handle all of our media.  Hence many kitchens, studies or living areas are being designed to include media nooks.  This is.. Read more

My Guide to Moroccan Style

Beautifully evocative, Moroccan style is simply stunning.  The richness of the colours, the classic lines of the architecture and the exotic furniture designs make this one of the most interesting of all the global decorating styles.  Difficult to replicate in its entirety, there are nonetheless many features from this look that we can introduce into.. Read more

Monochromatic colour schemes – Black and White

Monochromatic schemes - how to use black and white

What are monochromatic colour schemes Take any colour and add varying degrees of black, white or grey to it and you will have a fabulous range of different tones to select from for a very simple, yet effective decorating palette. Designers refer to this as a monochromatic scheme as you are starting with just one colour.. Read more