How to complete a room with sheer curtains

How to finish a room with sheer curtains

Window dressings, in addition to looking great and finishing a room, are also extremely practical.  One of my favourite choices to dress a window are sheer curtains – curtains that are simple and unlined that you can just see through when the light shines on them.  Sheers can look contemporary or more classic depending on.. Read more

How to find the perfect place to sit

Gone are the days when you bought a 3 piece living room suite and your job was finished.  There are so many seating options available now and lots of mixing and matching to be done that the job is a lot more interesting and of course potentially quite a bit more involved. Now this may.. Read more

My Guide to Country Style

Country Style covers a wide range of looks and will vary greatly depending upon which country you are in so this guide is to show you how to get the general look and feel.  Later I will be writing in more detail about the different types of country style as it is definitely one of.. Read more

Painting bricks white

Painting bricks white is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update an interior scheme.  Bricks are certainly back in fashion and you only need to look at a trendy TV show to see a wall of bricks somewhere in a gorgeous loft apartment or warehouse development.  However, there are a wide range.. Read more

My Guide to painting eaves

There can be a misconception with choosing the right colour to paint your eaves.  Often people group eaves with the fascia and sometimes the right colour can relate to the trim of your house but this is not necessarily always the case. Eaves, or soffits as they are sometimes referred to, often pose a problem.. Read more

Kitchen Styling – My 5 top tips

Kitchen styling is the fun part of a renovation project.  Let’s face it, renovating a kitchen is a major job.  There is a lot of planning, choices to be made, tradespeople to deal with and the upheaval of  making do with a microwave in the living room for far too many weeks! Hopefully after all.. Read more

Australian Coastal Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

Australian Coastal Style - 7 tips to achieve this look

There is something quintessentially wonderful about Australian Coastal Style that is difficult to replicate anywhere else in the world.  Perhaps it has something to do with the laid back persona of the Aussies or just the magnificence of the natural beauty of the coastal regions with their gorgeous sandy beaches and interesting inlets and harbours… Read more

How to choose table lamps

How to choose table lamps

Table lamps are the perfect accessory tool when finishing a room as they are practical but can be very beautiful and a statement piece in the scheme.  The way that we feel when we walk into a room is often governed by how well it has been lit.  Lighting a space well is no mean.. Read more

Roman Blinds – My Top 10 Favourites

Roman Blinds - My Top 10 Favourites

I really do like a window finished with Roman blinds and it is without doubt one of my favourite ways to dress a window.  The appeal for me is that Roman blinds are neat and tidy but also stylish and often very pretty.  They do not offer the practical solution that a sunscreen blind does.. Read more

The Humble Garden Bench – my favourites

The Humble Garden Bench

With Spring around the corner, my thoughts are turning to my garden again which needs much love, care and attention.   I love a nice place to sit and the humble garden bench, which has been popular for centuries, makes both an ideal resting spot and a great focal point and garden accessory.  Now is.. Read more