The Block 2021 Back Garden reveal

The Block 2021 Back garden and pool

With three couples taking second place, only just behind the winners, the judges clearly thought that the Block 2021 back garden reveal was a very tight contest this week.  I thought that all of the back gardens had their merits but none were as close to perfect as the scores would have you believe. Back.. Read more

What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves?

Skirting boards and architraves are often given the least thought – they are in fact an after-thought but the colour and tone that you use here can make or break your colour scheme.  I have some guidelines and tips to help you to decide the right colour for your look. Skirting Boards and Architraves are.. Read more

The Block 2021 Hallway and Laundry

The Block Hallway and Laundry

This is the first time during The Block 2021, that I have agreed with the judges in terms of placement – all the contestants were where they were meant to be this week.  Kirsty and Jesse’s hallway, laundry and bathroom reveal was pretty much perfect.  With a score of 29.5 out of 30, the judges.. Read more

Contemporary Mediterranean house tour

Mediterranean house tour

As I love Spanish style, I was thrilled to see this house cross my desk and had to share it with you.  Let’s take a tour of this gorgeous Mediterranean house, a Spanish home with a definite Australian twist. Characterised by its defining arches and subtle Mediterranean tones, Arcos Villa sits proudly in the quiet.. Read more

The Block 2021 Living and Dining Room

The Block 2021 Living and Dining Room

Another great reveal on The Block 2021 living and dining room week.  There were some stunning rooms, but there were also some that I didn’t like, together with some very poor planning decisions regarding the use of space.  More ups than downs though and some very different styles, which was great to see. The big.. Read more

Natural Coastal Style

Natural Coastal Style

My natural coastal palette isn’t necessarily a neutral one, nor does it contain blue.  It is one that is derived from the sand dunes, pebbles, sandstone cliffs and the weathered grasses clinging for life where the beach ends.  A Natural Coastal style is one that is laid back, with soft whites, texture and accents of.. Read more

The Block 2021 Kitchen Reveal

The Block 2021 Kitchen Reveal

This is undoubtedly one of the favourite weeks on The Block and 2021 has seen some gorgeous kitchen reveals.  One was perfect, another was almost there, two were good but not amazing and there was one that I didn’t like much at all.  There were also some dreadful planning decisions. Kirsty and Jesse deserved the.. Read more

Get great curb appeal – 5 tips to follow

Making an Entrance - 5 tips to follow

The exterior of your home is a window into your personality as the outside of your house can say a lot about you.  This is often overlooked with the inside taking priority in the decorating stakes, however don’t forget this important area as it really sets the scene for your home and for who you are. .. Read more

The Block 2021 Bedroom and Redo Room

The Block 2021 Bedroom & Redo Room

There is a lot to see this week on The Block with the bedroom and redo room.  I must say, I was a little underwhelmed this week after the highs of the master ensuites.  There wasn’t really anything that grabbed me in the bedroom reveals.  Ronnie and Georgia took out first place again with a.. Read more

10 things to include in a Laundry Room

10 things to include in a laundry roo

I believe there are 10 things to include in a laundry room to ensure that it works effectively.  Let’s face it though, this room is often the last one on your list when it comes to a renovation but if you get this room right then it saves you so much time and hassle. Definitely.. Read more