Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

I have to admit that I am better at advising clients on decorating schemes than actually doing them myself.  I can choose them, no problem!  But when it comes to the actual work, I always employ a good tradesperson and like to direct rather than do. So when Superfresco Easy approached me to try out their wallpapers, my initial reaction was to run for the hills.  After reading about the process though, it looked very simple and I thought that I should give the product a go and see whether I could make it work.  I am very happy to say that I am handier than I thought I was.  I chose a Botanical vibe for my first Superfresco Easy Wallpaper placement and I have all the tips and photos to show you here.

A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Choosing a space and style of wallpaper

I decided to opt for a small wall to position the wallpaper and therefore I chose to start with a simple but striking design.  I love the colour green and I also really like anything that is botanical, whether it is in a design or real life.  Gardens are a passion of mine and I therefore gravitated towards the botanical style of wallpaper.  Channeling a little Plantation vibe, I thought that this would be perfect for the small area that I wanted to style.

A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Alongside the gorgeous range of designs, one of the main benefits to the Superfresco Easy range is that it is removeable,  This is great if you make a mistake when hanging the paper as it is easy to re-position and begin again.  But it is also very straight forward to remove at a later date and replace with another design.  This is appealing as it can be great to make a design statement in your home, but sometimes you can tire of it.  Or as trends change, you can easily update to embrace a new look for your home.  I think that this can be extremely useful for entrance halls or for a room that lends itself to a feature wall to easily update and refresh with little expense.

A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Superfresco Easy Wallpaper – My tips for placement

As I have said, it was with some trepidation that I approached this project but it really is very simple to use.  As with anything there are rules to follow.  Superfresco Easy Wallpaper has a great You Tube video which you should watch before starting the project.    The main benefit to this wallpaper is that you paste the wall rather than the paper – which is certainly much simpler and less messy.  I have some tips to pass on to help you get a seamless finish.

  • Rather than use a plumb line and pencil, I used a precision laser to get my straight line.  Not everyone has one of these but if you do have a builder in the family, check to see whether you can borrow it as it makes the job very simple.
  • Pour the water into the wallpaper adhesive rather than sprinkling the adhesive into the water as this creates a smoother paste.
  • Only measure out the amount of adhesive that you need.  A 180g bag goes a long way and is enough for 8 rolls.  If you are just wallpapering a small entrance wall, you won't need anywhere near this amount.
  • Be careful about how much of the paste you apply to the wall.  This is the good part about the process as you paste the wall, rather than the paper, which makes life a lot easier and less messy!  However, I found that with my first wallpaper drop that I was too liberal with the amount of paste I applied to the wall and it all oozed out of the sides.  This isn't a big deal as you can wipe it away but it creates more of a mess. For the second drop, I then didn't use enough and couldn't easily move the paper around the wall to line it up with the first one.  It's a bit like the porridge for the three bears – you need to get it just right.  But this is easy to judge once you get going.

A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Otherwise, it is extremely straight forward and easy to get a good result without hiring an expensive tradesperson.  Pasting the wall is certainly a lot easier than pasting the wallpaper and then having to deal with it all wet and slippery.

Superfresco Easy wallpaper can be purchased through Bunnings.

My botanical vibe with Superfresco Easy wallpaper

I love the end result.  The wallpaper I chose is the Green Scandi wallpaper design which I think works really well partnered with some strong black accents.  This styling enhances the Plantation style of the design, which is the look that I wanted to achieve.

A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy wallpaper

It really is a very simple and quick exercise and if I can do it, then I am certain most people can.

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Whenever you are planning an interior makeover, ensure that you put together a mood board first.  This prevents you from making rash decisions and purchases that don't quite work together.  Or perhaps they do, but you don't like the effect.  I have a free e-book for you to download to help you do this.  It's in my Free Resource Library.

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