Breakfast Nooks – My top 10 favourite looks

I am a big fan of breakfast nooks as I really like this cosy seating option which is in between the island bench counter stool and the full dining table.  It appears that lots of other people love them too as there are so many different options around.  I really like the way that people find room for one, even in a small European kitchen where the nook might be just a couple of chairs by a window.  I have had great fun looking at all the different options and have come up with my top ten favourites.


Classic U Shape breakfast nooks

This option is great for either a solo diner so that you can spread out the weekend newspapers or for a family gathering where everyone squishes up along the bench.  The classic U shape breakfast nook is one of my favourites as it reminds me of American diners or the private side tables in swanky restaurants that everyone wants to sit in.  They really are the epitome of the breakfast nook!  Shown here with leather seating, this is also very practical for people with young families or regular small visitors with sticky fingers!

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Home Bunch

Casual Corners for breakfast nooks

A more relaxed approach that is only semi-fixed to the wall is a casual corner where you have a fabulous upholstered bench seat that you partner with a small round table and a couple of relaxed style chairs.  This can be the perfect place for a drink, afternoon tea or a small dinner or lunch party.  It's great to have options and here you can put your feet up with your morning coffee or enjoy a dinner for four.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Desire to Inspire

Eclectic breakfast nooks

Beautiful colour brings a sense of fun to this breakfast nook corner and is a nice antidote to the classic white kitchen.  The mix of colourful and comfortable cushions works well with the classic style chairs.  Again, the best of both worlds but on a larger scale.  The mix of colours works well here with the dining table, chairs and bench seating all different – eclectic and interesting!

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Image – Domaine Home

Breakfast nooks that make use of a great outlook

A beautiful view cries out for a chair or window seat so if you do have a fabulous outlook, make space there for a breakfast nook.  This dining option works well as it doesn't take up much space and is relaxed, but also quite formal, so a great space for a simple breakfast or a relaxed lunch gathering.  Or simply a fabulous window seat with a table to rest your drink!

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Ken Linsteadt Design

Incorporating a sofa into breakfast nooks

If an upholstered bench seat feels too permanent or not really your style, you could incorporate a simple sofa into the dining nook.  This gives a beautiful tailored look to the space and is ideal for smaller rooms where you really want the comfort of a sofa but also need a dining solution.  A great breakfast nook or an ideal space for an intimate dinner.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Daniel Bodham

Using paneling to define breakfast nooks

A great way to introduce colour into a room is to define a space with wall panelling.  This really sets the area apart from the rest of the room and is a handy trick to use to zone large open plan living spaces.  The dark blue wall panelling here gives the breakfast nook a cosy feel and sets it apart from the rest of the room.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Dettaglio Interior Design

Café Style Chairs

A café style chair really gives this breakfast nook a relaxed feel.  This is definitely an area for breakfast or lunch and the chairs keep the look light and airy.  This is also a beautifully feminine style which is pretty and uplifting.  A great place to start the day.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
House of Turquoise

Large scale breakfast nooks

This dining corner is large enough to seat 6 people comfortably but could also accommodate up to 8 people if necessary.  As we have seen before, the combination of large upholstered bench seating and individual chairs ensures that the area is very flexible and it is this combination of seating which really brings the appeal to the breakfast nook.  This large scale dining area offers room for family breakfasts, lunches and dinners and I also love that it is so light and airy – beautiful!

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Style at Home

The Formal Look Breakfast Nook

There is no doubt that buttoned upholstery gives a formal touch to a bench seat.  The beautiful kitchen and detailed, thoughtful finishes here, cries out for a well structured breakfast area.  This is formal but still relaxed and suits the look of this room perfectly.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
Becki Owens

A Tiny Corner for a breakfast nook

Lastly, this is one of my absolute favourite looks.  Just simple, yet stylish, this little corner nook in a beautiful farmhouse kitchen is a lovely place to have breakfast or just to sit and look through recipe books and plan the day – perfect!

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites
A Joyful Journey

Finally, don't underestimate the practicality of breakfast nooks.  In addition to looking great they are an excellent space saving idea as you don't need additional space to pull out individual chairs and you can use the space right up to the window.

When designing the joinery for a breakfast nook always build in either a top bench that can be opened up so that you can store things inside or build drawers into the unit.  This is storage for items that aren't used very often and in a small home this additional storage space can come in very handy.

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I have a whole board on Pinterest dedicated to breakfast nooks and heaps of other ideas and I would love to hear your comments in the section below.

Breakfast Nooks - My 10 top favourites

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