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My recent colour feature in Country Home Ideas used the beautiful Waterperry range from Sanderson Fabrics.  Inspired by British country gardens, Sanderson has translated these into very elegant designs that create a gorgeous contemporary country style space.  I really like the way they have used them in this dining room and it was my inspiration for this feature.

I have suggested some beautiful soft colours from Porter's Paints to accompany this range.

Country Home Ideas article on Country Style Dining

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Relaxed Country Style Dining

Contemporary country style is a favourite of mine as I love to re-purpose old furniture and like it when things are not too perfect.  However, I do like clean lines and therefore rooms that are very fussy or over-crowded do not appeal to me.  These simple textile designs work because they are soft and expressive of the garden but without being too complicated.  I like a nod to nature in my decorating rather than a full on garden display!

Country Home Ideas - Country Style DiningTemple & Webster

For me there is nothing more appealing than a large country style table that you can relax at (so you don't have to panic about putting down a glass without a coaster!)  If this is part of a generous sized kitchen area, then even better as it can double up as a breakfast table or simply a place to oversee the dreaded homework.

If you are planning to purchase a dining table and chairs you will find my Guide to Dining Rooms interesting.

Country Home Ideas - Relaxed Country style diningDeVol Kitchens

Sanderson Fabrics for a bedroom

The Waterperry Collection of wallpapers from Sanderson work well for bedrooms too.  I really like this floral print for walls and fabrics which brings a feminine touch whilst sticking to a sophisticated neutral colour palette.  By keeping the bedlinen and headboard plain, the florals do not become over-whelming and the overall look is one that is clearly feminine but also classic and understated.

Country Home Ideas - Sanderson Waterperry Collection

Sanderson Fabrics

Waterperry Designs for an office

It can be very tiring on the eyes if you place a desk against a plain white wall and therefore it is a good idea to consider a simple wallpaper design for a home office.  This design is simple enough that it is not over-whelming and distracting but the subtle repetition and movement in the design brings another layer to the scheme.

Country Home Ideas - Sanderson Fabrics

Sanderson Fabrics

Again, the furniture in these rooms is beautiful but not too perfect which brings an individual element to the design and makes for a comfortable and relaxed home.

This is just a snippet of the beautiful designs from Sanderson and I hope it has inspired you if you like a country style look but want to keep it on the contemporary side.

You might like to read more about choosing wallpaper designs in my post 7 Fabulous Wallpaper Ideas and if you too like the idea of furniture that just isn't too perfect then The Art of Shabby post may be a good one to read.

Let me know in the comments section below if you like this style and if you too are a lover of wallpaper.  Hope to hear from you!

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