Country Home Ideas – Winter Colour Palettes

When I am asked about winter colour palettes, I often talk about the rich warm tones of red and orange but these colours can be quite polarizing and if this is not a favourite for you, but you want to create a cosy and warm environment, there are other colours to consider. In addition to colour, think about this in the context of textures and styles to create the perfect look.

Timber finishes are on trend and when weathered are perfect to create a country style environment.  Rich timber floorboards, wall panelling and accessories create the desired warmth to get through a winter and you can then introduce your favourite colour.  Double click on the image below to clearly read the text.

Country Home Ideas magazine - winter warming colour palettes

I like to partner rich browns with warm classic neutrals and accents of blue.  Deep navy and charcoal blue is particularly on trend this year and is a great foil to the richness of the brown.  These are some of my favourite winter colour palettes.  Don't underestimate the role of texture when creating a warm winter corner.

A chair upholstered in a good quality wool fabric will hold more appeal than one in a summer style cotton.  Introduce layers with textured woolen throws to complete the look and feel for a winter warming scheme.

You can find out more about the Wool Library range and this great fabric from Warwick Fabrics

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