How to use Colorbond Wallaby

Colorbond Wallaby is often overlooked as a colour choice for roofing, garages and fencing, but it is actually one of the nicest and easiest to use of the Colorbond range.  I am going to show you how to use Colorbond Wallaby for your next new build or renovation.

What is the underlying colour of Colorbond Wallaby

The reason that this colour is so easy to work with is that Colorbond Wallaby is a greige.  A beautiful combination of grey and beige.  These greige tones are your decorating friend for interiors as you get the warmth of beige with the added grey for a contemporary feel.  The same applies to exteriors.  As much as cooler greys have been in vogue, they can be a little austere, so greys with a warm beige yellow base give you a modern feel, but with lovely warmth.

This colour really is the go to grey if you want to achieve an earthy feel to your project.

How to use Colorbond Wallaby
Quantum Timber Finishes

Colorbond Wallaby is used on Thornbury House in these two images.  You can see how much lighter it appears on the roof as opposed to the walling above.  It works beautifully in this situation partnered with natural cedar and a charred timber look cladding.

How to use Colorbond Wallaby
Quantum Timber Finishes

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How to use Colorbond Wallaby
Colorbond – Bourne Blue Architecture

A new Wallaby roof and gutter has been used to complement this house of white and cedar.  It maintains a lovely earthy look to the house.

A Colorbond Wallaby colour palette

This colour lends itself so well to a natural colour palette and therefore nestles beautifully into bushland setting.  We often look to a green palette for a setting like this, but Wallaby suits the natural palette equally well.

How to use Colorbond Wallaby

Colorbond Wallaby works really well with charred timber, natural cedar and black.  With its warm undertones it can also be partnered with Colorbond Dune and other griege neutrals.  For a fresher look, Wallaby can also work well with Surfmist.  It can be used with green, particularly grey greens like Colorbond Woodland Grey.

How to use Colorbond Wallaby
The Block Shop

The above house from The Block, sees Colorbond Wallaby used on the skillion roof with Colorbond Dune on the more traditional cottage roof.  You can see how well these warm greys go together.

Colorbond Wallaby is also perfect with natural sandstone and warm yellow based exterior colours.

Wallaby doesn't work with cool blue or purple tones so avoid partnering it with Colorbond Windspray or Colorbond Basalt and paint colours that have a blue or green/blue undertone.

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Using Wallaby to paint roof tiles

Always remember that a metal roof will look different to a tiled roof painted in the same colour.  At certain times of the day, even very dark Colorbond colours can look very silvery as the sun catches the roof and you will see more of the true colour of the metal when you see it on a horizontal surface.  The same happens to painted roof tiles, although it is not as obvious as on metal.  A colour will always appear lighter on a roof so bear this in mind and if you want it to be darker, ensure you use a matt finish for the paint.

Wallaby is a good colour for painting roof tiles.  It will appear lighter, but is still a lovely warm neutral to use.

Colorbond Wallaby for garage doors

How to use Colorbond Wallaby
Adelaide Garage doors

Colorbond Wallaby works extremely well for garage doors as it is a lovely warm neutral.  It can work with black, warm greys, greige tones, white and lots of natural stone.  It works with red brick and cedar tones which makes it a very approachable colour to use.  You don't necessarily need to use the same colour on your garage door as you do for the roof.  Colorbond Wallaby can often be used with Monument or Woodland Grey roofing where these colours might be too heavy to carry through to the garage door.

I hope this has inspired you to choose this gorgeous earthy grey for your next project.  I have lots to tell you about many of the Colorbond colours here.

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  1. Marilu Luitingh says:

    I’ve just clad my house in Gully – very similar to Wallaby.
    Its gorgeous and so easy to work with

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      That’s great to hear. I love Colorbond Gully as like Wallaby it is a lovely earthy colour and less grey than Wallaby. A beautiful rich tone!

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