How to use the colour Sage Green

Have you noticed the recent love affair with green in the world of interiors?  Green, in general, is making a comeback, but Sage Green is really causing a stir and fast becoming many people's new favourite colour.  I am thrilled as green is my favourite colour and I also love to see more colour in general being used for kitchens, soft furnishings and walls.  Sage Green is also a lovely soft antedote to the ubiquitous white.

I have some inspiration to show you, together with my tips on how to use this colour in your next decorating project.

What colour is sage green

Sage green is a soft green that is also a true middle green.  The colour green is made from a combination of yellow and blue and you can usually see that a green contains more of one than the other.  However, sage green doesn't have an obvious undertone of either.

Whites, greys and neutrals all have an undertone of colour but if you are trying to find one that doesn't have an obvious undertone, this will be because it contains green.  I find this particularly true with whites.  Neutral stone colours are often green undertoned and they seem to work with so many other colours.

How to use the colour sage green

So, this may very well be the appeal with sage green.  Other benefits are that it contains a good dash of grey, making it popular and easy to work with.  It is also a pale tinted colour so for those of us who do want a little colour in our lives, but don't want it to become overwhelming, this is a perfect choice.

How to use the colour sage green

A perfect front door colour

An area that I find people do like to use colour is on their front door.  Exterior colours can be very tricky to select and very expensive to change if you make a mistake.  The front door however, is just a weekend project so you can afford to take a chance here.  If you don't like it, or you grow tired of it, then you can easily update the colour.

My all time favourite front door colour is sage green.  Subtle and understated, it is a gorgeous colour to use.  It works equally well with brass or black door hardware.

How to use the colour sage green

Green is the colour of Islam, so you often see this used throughout North Africa and the Middle East.  This gorgeous colour is just as much at home on a coastal or country style home.

How to use the colour sage green
Image: Country Living
How to use the colour Sage Green
London Door Company

Sage Green perfectly suits classic front door styles.

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Which colours work with sage green

Sage green is very easy to complement as it is pale and contains a good degree of grey and white.  As it is such an understated colour, it doesn't overwhelm a scheme which is why it is gaining universal appeal.  I like to use sage green ceramicware as it has a gorgeous organic feel.  Sage green works so well with grey and white muted marble tones as it contains both with just a touch of colour.

How to use sage green

The complementary colour to sage green is a red/orange however as sage is such a delicate tone with a large degree of grey, I prefer to partner it with browns and rich tans.  For those of you interested in how colour schemes work, this is more of an extended related colour scheme, partnering green with yellow/orange tones.  Not in their purest form, but as sage green and russet brown, the combination is gorgeous.

How to use Sage Green

The soft sage green locker from Mustard Made sets off the dark rattan bedhead perfectly.

How to use the colour Sage Green
Image: Mustard Made

If you like the idea of adding colour to all of your walls, then sage green is an excellent colour to select as it isn't overwhelming. Our eyes don't need to adjust to see green which is why it is one of the most relaxing colours and therefore a good choice if you want to use it in large amounts.  It looks great with a fresh white trim and white furniture too.

How to use Sage Green
Image: Miranda Schroeder
How to use sage green
Image: Coco Lapine Design

Using sage green for kitchen cabinetry

I have been thrilled with the recent trend for green kitchen cabinetry.  I love really dark green kitchens and olive tones but I know that this isn't everyone's cup of tea.  However, I do seem to see universal appeal and acceptance for sage green kitchens.  Again, it's that hint of grey and white that works so well with white benchtops.  Carrara marble is my absolute favourite with this look.  I also think that this is the best colour to work with brass tapware and handles.

How to use the colour sage green
Image: Room for Tuesday

I have lots more to tell you about green kitchens here.

This gorgeous colour also works well for painting furniture.  Emma Courtney made over a chest of drawers using a very soft, pale sage green.  I love the finished result.

How to use sage green
Image: Emma Courtney

Remember that with any colour, if you find it is too strong, you can always tint it to produce a softer, paler version.  The look above is so subtle, a definite colour but also a neutral that will work with many colour schemes.

How to use the colour Sage Green

I hope I have convinced you of the merits of sage green and that you are inspired to bring a little of this into your life.

If you are building a new home, renovating or simply undertaking a weekend decorating project, I have comprehensive checklists and e-books in my FREE Resource Library.  If you are stuck on finding an elusive colour, or need help with your new home or renovation, I also have an online colour consulting service which you can find out about here.

12 thoughts on “How to use the colour Sage Green

  1. Janie Shrapnel says:

    Thankyou Samantha … that post was delicious !!! I too love green and have recently painted a bedroom in Resene Mantle as well as buying a leather lounge chair in a deep mossy grey/green which looks stunning against my polished timber floors. Have you a favourite Sage green for front doors?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Janie so glad you enjoyed it! Love the sound of your bedroom colours – Resene Mantle is a classic sage green. My go-to for a sage green front door at the moment is Dulux Pozieres as it has a touch of grey to withstand the Australian sun. Samantha x

  2. Tamara says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I stumbled upon your blog today and it is everything I have been searching for! You have a wealth of knowledge.

    We are selecting colours to update our 1994 traditional/colonial style (large bay window) type house in Adelaide. I adore the sage greens to use as highlights through the house. I am searching for a warm white to paint walls, trims, doors and ceilings that would suit sage green highlights, as well as not clash with our (awful) primrose window frames. I have tried snowy mountains quarter (too white), whisper white and natural white (so far the favourite). Do you have any suggestions of other warm whites that would compliment sage green highlights without being too much?

    Many thanks, Tamara

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Tamara I think that Dulux Natural White may end up being the best choice. Alternatively White Verdict Quarter is a lovely soft interior white that has a slight green undertone – although you would never say it was green! Hope this helps Samantha

      • Tamara says:

        Thank you Samantha. I will look at white verdict too as I haven’t tried that.

        What are your thoughts on whisper white? Is it ever used these days or is it a bit outdated?

        • Samantha Bacon says:

          Dulux Whisper White is still a great interior white – it has a touch of grey too which is good. The white you use really depends a lot on what you are putting with it so this is the most important consideration.

          • Tamara says:

            Ok that’s interesting thank you. So sage greens may not work with some whites. I’m looking more at antique white usa and whisper white now as they suite our home better, but they might not suit sage green. Oh this paint colour business is hard
            work haha

  3. Rosemary Wong says:

    I absolutely love the muted sage greens. If I didn’t opt for Lyttleton double strength for my island and ensuite cabinetry (which I love and wouldn’t change), I would have been tempted to go down the path of sage green. I will always love it, so will try and incorporate it in accessories in my new home.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Yes, it is such a gorgeous colour and can be incorporated with cushions and ceramicware etc. Dulux Lyttleton Double was a great choice for the island and with its subtle green undertones will work well with sage green too.

  4. Rosemary Wong says:

    I just have to add that I love the way the English use sage green on their front doors in the Cotswolds. It looks beautiful against the Cotswold stone. I took so many photos of these gorgeous homes when I was there in 2019.

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