The Humble Garden Bench – my favourites

With Spring upon us my thoughts are turning to my garden again which needs much love, care and attention.   I love a nice place to sit and the humble garden bench, which has been popular for centuries, makes both an ideal resting spot and a great focal point and garden accessory. 

Now is the time to think about re-planning my garden and consider a garden bench seat and location so I have been spending some time looking at ideas. 

There are many different styles to choose from and the look can be classic or contemporary.  Here are some of the favourites that I have found to inspire you to find a nook in your garden, verandah or outdoor room for a beautiful and practical garden bench.

I hope this also helps you to decide on the look that you want for re-vamping your garden space this Spring.

The Classic Garden Bench Look

The Humble Garden Bench

Designed by the 19th-century English architect Sir Edwin Lutyens, this is one of my favourite benches.  I think this is an absolute classic which works so well in slightly more formal style gardens.    Place with trimmed hedges and statement pots with greenery to make this bench the finishing touch for this kind of look.  Either painted or in a traditional teak finish, this garden bench becomes a beautiful focal point for a classic style garden or verandah. 

A Lutyens Style bench from Zanui

Don't forget to consider the size that you select too as with its distinctive back panelling you need to get this right.  Consider the location and the length of the wall or hedge you are placing the bench against to ensure that it is in proportion.

A garden bench nestled into the shrubbery

The Humble Garden Bench

I love a rambling style garden with winding paths and interesting nooks and it is great to find a lovely comfortable bench nestled amongst the garden.

This is a great choice for those who like a classic style garden bench but want the informality of a more relaxed style environment.  The placement of this bench looks like it was always meant to be there and what a beautiful spot to sit and take a breather? 

French Style garden bench

The Humble Garden Bench
Image – Indeed Decor

More ornate metal benches are a feature of most French provincial garden styles.  At home throughout country France and in particular, the beautiful gardens of Provence, these benches are synonymous with this style.  Either on their own, by an entrance door or with a relaxed style table and chairs, these benches are works of art and often antiques.

A must for those recreating a French Provincial look.  Relaxed style cushions that can be taken inside when not in use are essential for this style as the metal can be a touch cold!

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Tropical Style garden Bench

The Humble Garden Bench
Image – Homease

Lovers of the Tropical style, reminiscent of Northern Queensland or the islands of Indonesia, will really relish a tropical style bench. These are more often described as day beds, depending upon the depth of the seat.

Usually in solid teak, these benches can be stained to retain their natural colour or will weather to a beautiful grey. With their slightly more ornate carvings, they are a must for a Tropical style look.

Tropical Garden Bench

These benches are great for classic style gardens too.  They can be made to look more tropical with the addition of colourful cushions.

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A Country Style garden bench

The Humble Garden Bench

A classic country style bench is one that has seen better days but has heaps of personality! 

Classic in style, it may be a little battered around the edges, but when nestled into a garden of rambling roses this bench just works perfectly and would be the most fabulous place to sit and while away an afternoon.  Look out for house clean ups or keep an eye on auction websites as you can often pick up a garden bench that has seen better days.  With a rub back and a little TLC, this can become a great inclusion in a country style garden.

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The Bohemian Style garden bench

For something a little different, you could opt for a laid back rattan garden bench.  These are particularly suited to an outdoor room that has a casual Bohemian vibe.

A Bohemian Coastal style garden bench

The Contemporary garden bench

The Humble Garden BenchSecret Gardens of Sydney

Built in benches are an excellent idea if you are going to the expense of having your garden professionally landscaped.  You can make this look a classic or contemporary one.  Seen here with sleek concrete and contemporary style planting, the style is perfect for those looking to achieve a crisp, modern feel.

Whichever style appeals to you, I have lots of inspiration on my Pinterest site and I would love to hear which one is your favourite.

The Humble Garden Bench

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      Hi Kim I think you mean the second image? I’m not sure as this was an American image but the best place here for good quality teak benches is Cotswold Furniture. They have the Lutyens bench in the first image and then the plainer Westminster style. Hope this helps Samantha

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