How to incorporate the greenery trend

The Pantone colour for 2017 was Greenery – since updated in 2018 to Ultra Violet, and now in 2019 to Living Coral which is a change to say the least.  However although the colour now of two year's ago, it appears that Greenery seems to be here to stay.  Perhaps it is our desire to be closer to nature but have you noticed lately that indoor plants have become fashionable again?  I call this the greenery trend.

The trend has been building for a while now and I am so pleased that this is the case as I love to bring the outdoors into an interior scheme and this has to be the easiest, yet most effective way to do so.  I've put together some imagery and some very practical and beneficial health reasons to persuade you to incorporate this trend into your decorating.

How to introduce Greenery into your scheme
Image: The Little Corner

I love the Island Style trend that is happening now.  Beautiful statement rattan pendants, collections of  baskets and a general relaxed style living evoking summers on a beautiful tropical island.  This look is definitely incomplete without some statement greenery.  It doesn't have to be much – but it does make the difference.

How to incorporate the greenery trend

The Hamptons and Caribbean styles are modern day adaptations of the more traditional British Colonial style which absolutely always included stunning, statement indoor palms.  I’m thinking a gin and tonic, rattan chair and a beautiful covered verandah – sounds good! A statement palm in an oversized pot is a must-have accessory for all of these looks and really does complete the styling perfectly.

How to incorporate greenery

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A more contemporary space can also get a touch of the tropics with the addition of an indoor palm which works really well to soften the space.

These are also a really great link between the indoors and outdoors.  In this image below it isn't clear whether this is an alfresco area or relaxed living area – the blurring of space and how we use it suits our lifestyle in Australia perfectly.

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Adam Robinson Design also gives some great tips on how to pot a plant like this which is really important.  These plants are an investment so you need to get it right if you want them to last more than the first month!

How to incorporate the greenery trend
Image: Adam Robinson Design

Of course Palm trees love warm, humid environments so will perform better in these climates, however generous applications of water and fertiliser and a spray of water to the leaves will assist in dryer climates.  They also do well with some natural light, so placement near a window, but away from a cool draft is a good idea.

Don’t forget if your bathroom is large enough, that this is a great natural environment for them to thrive in.  Even a smaller space benefits from the addition of an indoor plant, particularly in contemporary all white bathrooms.

How to incorporate the greenery trend
The Design Chaser

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If this is all sounding too difficult or you know you have a track record of killing plants, then you can still create this effect by styling with branches of greenery rather than traditional floral arrangements.  Greenery in a vase, jug or pot makes a great statement and is often more contemporary than a vase of flowers.

Usually with a longer lifespan than cut flowers, some stunning greenery is a very effective way to bring nature into a space.  I absolutely love branches of eucalyptus for the delicate silvery grey/green leaves and the beautiful perfume of the bush, introduced here into a bedroom, it brings a lovely natural touch.

How to incorporate the greenery trend
AO Life

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You can also cheat and use faux plants for a touch of greenery.  These won't bring the health benefits that real living plants do but they certainly introduce a beautiful aesthetic into a room.  Use a statement faux plant for the eye catching factor and then place a real plant in the room – something smaller and more manageable for those of you without green thumbs.

Faux plants are really very effective now as you have to get up very close and feel them to see the difference – not inexpensive but they can really make a room come to life.

If you would like to style the dining table but want to stay away from pretty flowers then something like this arrangement below would look stunning.  Very simple and cost effective.  Again, you can opt for the faux choice or if you're lucky enough to have a good local florist or own a beautiful garden you may even have them to hand.

How to incorporate the greenery trend

If you love this look, you could also embrace the beautiful artworks and wallpapers that are currently on the market with a botanical influence.  Florence Broadhurst designed a gorgeous palm wallpaper that is still as contemporary today as it was several decades ago.  I also like to frame panels of wallpaper, particularly if the design is very strong and you feel might overwhelm the space.

How to incorporate the greenery trend
Signature Prints, Florence Broadhurst

Prefer the idea of Botanical artworks?  There are plenty on the market and these ones from Urban Road are particularly effective.  You can have the Greenery trend without any of the hard work of potting and maintenance.

How to incorporate the Greenery trend
Image: Urban Road

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Benefits of introducing greenery

Finally, some practical and really beneficial points for including botanical influences in your decorating schemes:

  1. Indoor plants aid in cleaning the air, ridding it of nasty bacteria and airborne moulds and thus creating a naturally healthier environment.
  2. Indoor plants are great for improving the acoustic levels in an environment and are particularly beneficial in restaurants and offices where they also act as a soft screen.
  3. Studies from Oxford University have shown that children learn better in an environment with indoor plants.
  4. Our eye doesn’t need to adjust to see the colour green and therefore introducing greenery into a space adds a calming element to the room
  5. Finally, don't forget your office environment – a potted plant here is compulsory for all the above reasons.

I would love to hear how you incorporate this greenery trend into your interior styling.  Do you love botanical artworks and wallpaper or do you prefer the real thing?  Are you a fan of faux plants or do you have green thumbs?  Follow me on Pinterest for lots of inspiration on Finishing Touches with Greenery and the British Colonial trend.

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How to incorporate the Greenery Trend

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