Let me show you how to use Beautiful Duck Egg Blue

Look at a colour wheel and you will find teetering on the edge of blue and almost meeting green, the colour Duck Egg Blue, often also referred to as Robin’s Nest Blue.  Generally accepted to be in the blue family, when looked at closely, many will perceive this colour as green.  See my inspiration below and find out how and why you should be using this in your decorating schemes.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Image – House of Turquoise

Duck Egg Blue has wide appeal

As this is such a delicate colour, it isn’t offensive and most people say they love it.  Even people who don’t really think a lot about colour will find it pleasing in a scheme.  Used as an accent, it brings a beautiful lift to simple neutral schemes, without making an obvious colour statement. The beauty with it too is that it is at home in a coastal or country scheme.

You can see from the image above that just the addition of a throw and cushions in this colour really injects some personality into a neutral colour scheme.  While the detail in the curtain in the image below, brings just enough colour to make a statement in this sophisticated scheme.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Image – HGTV

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How to use Duck Egg Blue

On trend terracotta is a gorgeous colour to complement duck egg blue, particularly in its more greenish incarnation.  This is why duck egg blue works well with the various brown tones of leather.

The bedroom colour of choice

This is without doubt the colour that I get asked about the most for decorating bedrooms and it is the one I am also happiest to recommend.  As Duck Egg Blue contains a large degree of grey and is also tonally quite light, it is the most soothing colour for a bedroom scheme.  This colour looks really great with fresh white.

I know I have said before that it is delicate but it really is and this is what makes it so perfect for so many areas, but in particular the bedroom.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Image – Vanessa Arbuthnot

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Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

Duck Egg Blue is a Classic Coastal colour

The classic coastal schemes incorporating blues turn to the ocean for their inspiration and although we tend to think of dark navy, azure blue or turquoise for our ocean colours, Duck Egg Blue is there when the ocean is reflecting a soft grey sky and is more green than blue.  You therefore find that this colour can be very successful in a classic coastal scheme as it is less predictable than the generally accepted blues of the ocean.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

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Duck Egg Blue is a Pretty Country colour

Designers love the versatility of this colour as it works as well for a pretty country style scheme as it does for a coastal retreat.  With its relation to green, it works particularly well with other colours from the garden, particularly its opposite, pink.  Therefore, if you like the shabby look that is so at home in a country style scheme, then you should consider using Duck Egg Blue for painting furniture.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Photographer – Leonardo Wong
Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

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The go to colour for Swedish Style

What many of us are doing when we use Duck Egg Blue, either for a coastal or country style look, is of course emulating the beautiful appeal of Swedish style.  This must be one of the most popular styles around the world.  Swedish style relies heavily on white colour palettes as daylight is often at a premium in Sweden and interiors are decorated to reflect as much natural light as possible.    Accent colours are therefore delicate and tonally very close to white, which makes Duck Egg Blue perfect.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Image – HGTV

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What colours does Duck Egg Blue go with

My favourite colour partners with Duck Egg Blue are white, other blues and greens that are close in the colour spectrum and soft neutral taupes and browns.  Remember therefore to look to nature for inspiration.  I found this image that I loved and took the colours from here to put together a colour palette that will work, naturally.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

  • Colour 1 – Hex fbf635, Napkin White—Dulux Australia, Quarter Dutch White—Resene, Absolute White—Dulux UK, Mayonnaise—Benjamin Moore
  • Colour 2 – Hex a4d2ca, Sea Green—Dulux Australia, Sinbad—Resene, 50GG—Dulux UK, Lake Victoria— Benjamin Moore
  • Colour 3 – Hex 548674, Molly Robins—Dulux Australia, Cutty Sark—Resene, 30GG—Dulux UK, Palm Trees—Benjamin Moore
  • Colour 4 – Hex 89886e, Wistful Gem—Dulux Australia, Schist—Resene, Gooseberry Fool 2—Dulux UK, Passion Vine—Benjamin Moore
  • Colour 5 – Hex 5c5340, Arrow Shaft—Dulux Australia, Iroko—Resene, 70YY—Dulux UK, Night Owl—Benjamin Moore

Duck Egg Blue is a fabulous wall colour

Due to its high proportion of grey and the subtlety of the colour, this is an excellent choice for painting walls, not just as a feature but for an entire room.  Therefore, don't just consider this colour as an accent.  Duck Egg Blue can create a beautiful serene environment and is particularly effective when partnered with a white trim.  How welcoming does this hallway look with this beautiful colour?

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue
Image – Laura Ashley

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Are you a lover of Duck Egg Blue and have you used it in an interior scheme before?  I would love to hear from you in the Comments section.  Follow me on Pinterest too for lots more inspiration.

Let me show you how to use Duck Egg Blue

Closely related to Duck Egg Blue is Celadon Green – I have written a feature article for Country Home Ideas about this colour here.

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150 thoughts on “Let me show you how to use Beautiful Duck Egg Blue

  1. Mary says:

    Hi I loved the ideas. I have a duck egg sofa and chair in my north facing living room.

    I’m just building a chimney breast and want to inject warmth into the colour scheme.

    What your would you paint the recesses either side of the chimney. I’m going to build a glass bookshelf in front of one of the recesses which will be cream.

    The rest of the living room is painted off-white cream.

    Also I’ve bought an oversized lampshade in shades of duck egg it’s got a abstract pattern and my curtains are a dark cream.

    Thank you

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Mary I’m glad you love the ideas here. The lovely creamy tones that you have used with the duck egg blue will bring the warmth into the scheme and I don’t think I would introduce any other strong colour as this could detract from the lovely duck egg blue which is so soft and pretty. Sometimes the back of cupboards, shelves or recesses can look really effective in a darker tone, so look at duck egg blue on a colour chart and see how it looks when it is much darker – it will become a beautiful rich green/blue – something like this could work to create some definition or you could simply work with the cream and duck egg and perhaps think about a warm neutral for the flooring – love the idea of the lampshade! Thanks for getting in touch Samantha

  2. Diane says:

    Hi I have just painted our living room a duck egg white with a fireplace wall of duck egg. The carpet is a dark silver grey and I have been told they do not match! I am having trouble bringing the room together – what are your thoughts please?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Diane the key is whether you think they match – remember when you are renovating or decorating you get lots of advice which can sometimes make you doubt your decisions! It sounds to me as though the dark silver grey should ground this scheme nicely. Consider your furniture too – sofas etc as this may help to pull it all together. Samantha

  3. Petula Mathias says:

    We’re on the point of moving into an old Edwardian house.
    I’m thinking duck egg bluemail walls, brown and wood grain furniture, but what colour carpet and curtains?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Petula I like to keep the carpet just slightly darker than the walls to ground the space. You need to consider the mood that you want for the room – a darker charcoal blue carpet will really define the edges of the room and will give you a different feel to a more neutral mid tone carpet that ties in the timber of your furniture and will give you a softer look. Both work but it depends on the look and the mood you want to create. Also consider whether you are leaving the internal timber trim and doors in timber or are they white – again it gives you a different look and might help you to decide on your carpet. Consider your upholstery colours when selecting your curtains but a soft biscuit/oatmeal linen type drape would work here or if you do have lots of off white trim then perhaps a flowing off white curtain. Put everything together on a large board and play around with the samples to ensure you like them together. Good luck! Samantha

  4. Jill says:

    Hi Diane Love your website and your ideas!

    I have a large open plan family room/kitchen. The kitchen is gloss white two pac with Caesarstone White Shimmer bench tops and white glass splash back. The floor tiles throughout are a very pale off white. I have some mid tone timber furniture and also some painted white timber furniture. My sofas are an off white fabric. I have duck egg blue cushions and decor items.

    Just wondering what colour to paint walls and whether to paint one (or two) walls in an accent colour.

    Kind regards

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Jill I love soft neutrals with duck egg blue and white – so you could either go with Dulux Narrow Neck Quarter if you wanted a grey neutral or if you wanted something warmer then Dulux White Beach Half. You will need to look at samples against your off white sofas – these may be a creamy white in which case the second colour will be preferable. Also consider how much light the room receives – good luck Samantha

      • Jill Myers says:

        Thank you so much for your suggestions Samantha. We have decided to go with warmer neutrals as these will look really good with our furniture. I am getting quite exited about seeing the final ‘look’ and will see if I can send you a photo!

          • Jacqui says:

            I love duck egg and would love it in my bedroom as a change from cream. I have rustic oak furniture with a mink coloured carpet. Kept it neutral to tie in with the oak furniture but would love some colour on the walls. Would duck egg tie in with the oak furniture and brown carpet do you think? Thank you!

          • Samantha Bacon says:

            Hi Jacqui Yes I think it would work on your walls. You need to consider how much natural light the room receives to determine the strength of the Duck Egg Blue. Paint companies tend to offer quite a range of Duck Egg blues, some paler than others and it may be that a softer, lighter form of this colour would suit the bedroom and not close in the walls too much. So that would be my consideration when choosing the colour for your walls. Perhaps try a couple of samples – paint large boards rather than the walls so that you can keep the cream if you change your mind. Another way to introduce the colour would be to have a duck egg blue quilt/bedspread? Good luck Samantha

        • Eunice capes says:

          I have black sofas,duck egg blue and cream walls.duck egg blue curtains
          What colour cushions would you get please

          • Samantha Bacon says:

            Hi Eunice It would be nice to introduce some duck egg into the cushions but I wouldn’t overdo it. I like the idea of some layered textured cushions in some black tones with just a couple of cushions with a duck egg colour in them. Hope this helps Samantha

      • Sheryl says:

        Hi could you help me please. I got duck egg and silver patterned silver trees on one wall, thinking of having taupe on all other walls duck egg curtains and rug, my carpet is cream. Will it all match please sheryl. Thank you in advance

        • Samantha Bacon says:

          Hi Sheryl I think the main point here is to ensure that the taupe walls work with the silver in the wallpaper as this will be the link that will complete the room. Hope this helps Samantha

  5. Fred says:

    Hi Samantha, Please help!!! We’ve bought gorgeous duck egg blue curtains (quite pale) and a new sofa, etc in a grey. We’ve no idea how to match the walls though. Our walls have a dado rail right round the room and we’re trying to decide i.e. what colour, though we’ve always had a light shade on top of dado and a darker shade below, think we would still prefer this. The room is only 15′ x 12′ so it has to be reasonably bright colours, not loud though. can you help we’d be so grateful!!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Fred I think it might be nice to match the paint colour below the dado to the curtains and then use a soft grey/white above – this way you tie in the curtains and the sofa. Dulux Narrow Neck Quarter is a lovely grey that works with Duck Egg Blue – all very muted and soft – but the exact colours will depend on the sofa and curtains so use these as a guide but keep the Duck Egg the darkest so it might be that you end up with more of a white/grey for the remainder. Hope this helps Samantha

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Samantha,
    Trying to decide on the colour voiles for my living room, it’s driving me mad as I can’t decide I have a light grey sofa with duck egg cushions and a duck egg large rug with a glass coffee table plus dining with gloss white furniture, I have two lovely light grey lampshades too.

    I have got white pull down blinds and I am having white voiles in front when they are open, but thinking of contrast to the white wall side it’s on so am thinking of just adding a different colour voiles on the end, can you please help me decide what colour will bring it all together.

    P.s. I am thinking of having a light grey wall on one side of the room.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Karen for simplicity I do really like the idea of the voiles being white to match the blinds – this is a large element of the room and quite a colour statement so my feeling is to keep it simple. I’m wondering if you could bring the soft light grey colour onto the wall with the window? This would provide some contrast to the white and then you still have your beautiful colour palette of duck egg blue, grey and white. You run the risk with coloured voiles that they will not be the same as either the grey in the sofa and lampshades and the blue of the cushions so I think it best to stick with white – it is a classic look and allows you to add more grey/duck egg blue in other areas. Hope this helps Samantha

  7. Penny says:

    Hi Samantha, I have a 1920s California bungalow painted in Dulux Classic Cream with Vivid White window frames. I know not everyone likes Classic Cream but I’m trying to update the house without painting everything in one go.I’d like to introduce a Duck Egg Blue for the doors (I have one on each side of the house). What is a duck egg blue that’s strong enough for bright Australian light and sunshine? There are so many to choose from and I don’t know which will look too washed out. Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Penny I like to use Dulux Milky Spearmint – it has enough grey and depth in it to stand up to the Australian sunshine – try out a sample first though to check that you like it! Samantha

  8. Mary says:

    Hi Samantha, I am renovating a 1915 timber home and as you say getting advice from everyone and not liking all of it! I have a large formal lounge room with silk duck egg blue curtains coming. I am also choosing fabric to recover an old lounge of my mother’s. I am tending towards blue/green or teal shades for the lounge and was thinking very pale duck egg walls and white trim to doors and windows. For the floor I would prefer a plush carpet, my husband wants polished floors but then need to buy a huge rug. Can you suggest a carpet colour? Thanks, have enjoyed reading your other suggestion,?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Mary your home sounds lovely. I feel that to balance the colour in the curtains and lounge you need something relatively dark for the carpet to define the edges of the room. I do love the idea of timber floorboards with a rug in a silver/duck egg blue colour as this way you have the dark floor but the softness of the rug. If you have plush carpet the room will appear more formal – not wrong of course but the timber floor would make it a more relaxed space so consider how you want the end result to look. With carpet you will need some depth in the tone – a mid grey that tends towards the blue could work. Bring samples of carpet home or when you are browsing have samples of the curtains, upholstery fabric and wall colour with you to help you choose. Either way, the room sounds as if it will be lovely good luck Samantha

    • Nita Smith says:

      Hi Samantha
      We have duck mint green curtain with white thread pattern of Japanese Flowers.
      All you can see is white thread large flowers on a silk mint green background.
      We bought cream leather H plan sofa
      I went to Laura Ashley to get buy a rug and floor lamp.
      They suggested white floor lamp and white ceiling lamp.
      They also suggested Sea green duck egg rid with cream edges
      I bought all those suggested colours .
      I feel I need to have brighter cushions to match
      I don’t know what cushions to get
      Please please could you help me
      Thank you do much

      • Samantha Bacon says:

        Hi Nita The scheme sounds lovely as it is but if you feel you want a brighter touch then perhaps a brighter version of the mint green. It sounds as though your colours are very delicate with a fair degree of grey, rather than adding more colour and spoiling the effect I think just a brighter, less grey, version of the green to bring some tonal difference will work well. Good luck Samantha

  9. Aileen says:

    Hi, Samantha, I am doing my bedroom in duck egg blue and white, I have a light colour carpet s going to get a rug, the room is big but not a lot of light, I was thinking of using pink to accessorise to keep it light what are your thoughts? I have grey and ochre white in my living room. Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Aileen I think you could get away with a pink here but keep it soft and tonally the same or less as the Duck Egg walls – really more of a pale salmon pink is the complementary colour so try to find this pink rather than a magenta style pink. I hope this makes sense? Samantha

  10. Linda Chessum says:

    Hi Aileen, I have painted by bedroom duck egg, the floor is wooden with cream furniture what colour duvet cover would match apart from white.
    Thank you

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sharron I would take my lead for the other walls from the background colour of the wallpaper – I’m assuming the wallpaper design is Duck Egg with a neutral background? If this is the case this neutral is your guide for the other walls. If you take a sample to your local paint store (a good independent one with staff that are really know their stuff) they can look at the undertone in the neutral and even take it to a half or quarter strength. Hope this makes sense Samantha

  11. Paula says:

    Hi! This advice is all great!
    We’re going to decorate our stairs and landing soon and was thinking duck egg blue above the dado rail and white below. We have natural wood dado, skirting boards etc. However this area opens into the dining room which I’ve chosen cream for when we get round to it! Do you think we should use the same colour cream for both areas? Will the blue look ok above the dado rail- I can’t picture it but don’t really like the formal look of the darker shade below the rail.
    Hope this makes sense!
    Thanks in advance!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Paula it is definitely a more contemporary and laid back look with the duck egg blue above the dado and the white below on the timber and skirting boards. It’s always difficult when you have a transition into another room but I think if you use the same white on your timber – skirtings, architraves, timber panelling etc in both areas you can then use different colours on the wall above with no problem and duck egg blue and cream will flow into each other well. I hope this answers your question! Samantha

  12. Corinne says:

    We have a redbrick fire place . Our furniture is mostly cream with light wood flooring and a grey and dark blue rug. We are thinking of painting the walls dulux uk duck egg with a paler shade for the chimney breast. Doors,shelving etc are white. Would this work and what colour would you suggest for cushions and covering an old sofa to go in the room 20’x 13′

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Corinne Duck Egg Blue will work really well with the colours you already have. My only advice re the chimney breast is to consider if it is a real fire it may get dirty in a paler shade. If it is a gas fire though it will obviously be OK! Washable slip covers in white could work very well with this scheme but if you want fixed upholstery I would opt for something more durable – possibly the grey from your rug? You could then use the dark blue in your rug for cushions with some more duck egg to bring in the wall colour. Hope this has given you some ideas Samantha

  13. Sandra Bingham says:

    Mid decorating our living room/dining room. Have so far chimney and one wall dining room papered grey back ground with white and duck egg flower with acid green leaf. Other walls duck egg blue dining room has oak floor living room grey blue carpet. Have chosen acid green shades for lamps but still have curtains and suite to pick both would be sitting again the duck egg blue. Just can’t picture which way to go. Had looked at a duck egg suite but thought would be to much of that colour in the room Help!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sandra My initial thought was to pick out the grey in your wallpaper for the suite but you need to consider the grey of your carpet and how they will work together. I would be hesitant about a duck egg blue sofa against a duck egg blue wall as although it is a beautiful colour you could overdo it and spoil the effect. If by any chance you have an off cut of the carpet it would help to take this with a piece of your wallpaper shopping with you to help you see it all together. My thoughts are a soft paler grey for the sofa. I think you could get away with duck egg curtains though as they will blend and sit nicely with the wall. I hope this helps – good luck Samantha

  14. Sonja Stouffer says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I have a Futura leather sofa and matching chair that is called Aqua, but it is really more of a duck egg bluish green color that is definitely a grayed down aqua. I have a light golden wood floor(Red Oak) that has to be partly open for a walkway in my living room. I have been looking for an area rug for this 11 and 1/2′ x 14′ living room. A 7’10” wide rug is best, because of floor registers on the long wall opposite of the exposed wood walkway. I have tried various blue and bluish green rugs, but nothing seems to be working. The color of the floor is influencing my decision. Any help would be welcome. Thanks.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sonja It is very difficult when you have a coloured sofa and chairs to find a coloured rug to go with it. My advice is to look more at matching the wood floor colour – perhaps one that is a natural floor covering – Sisal etc. or a rug that is wool but more in neutral beige tones to go with the timber colour. This way you get the comfort of a rug but more of a subtle change so that you have layers on the floor. Mhe alternative would be to have a very neutral rug like your floor that has a design in it with just a small accent of the green/blue. My advice though would be to keep it simple and neutral and just enjoy the textural difference. I hope this helps! Samantha

    • Tracey white says:

      Iam having duck egg blue stripes on my sofa and I was thinking of having either a sliver grey carpet or a bit darker , what colour curtains would you go for

      • Samantha Bacon says:

        Hi Tracey you need to consider the colour of your walls and whether you want the curtains to stand out or blend in. You could introduce some duck egg blue into the curtains which would work with the stripe in the sofa but you need to think about it in relation to the wall colour and whether you want the curtains to be a feature. Hope this helps Samantha

  15. Sue Reynolds says:

    Hi I am updating our bedroom and have duck egg blue Curtains with a leaf design with a darker teal and brown. I am looking at replacing my divan bed and carpet and wondered which colours to go for. We also have reclaimed pine furniture.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sue I think you should look at a very neutral natural linen tones to go with the Duck Egg Blue – many beds with upholstered bedheads come in this natural linen colour and a tone slightly darker on the floor would ground the look well. This is a classic combination which will look good with reclaimed pine. Good luck Samantha

  16. Belinda says:

    Hi Samantha! I really love the colour Duck Egg Blue – but was wondering what is considered a “true” Duck Egg Blue hue in paint? I have a swatch from Dulux (Australia) and also one from Resene. Both are quite different from each other.

    Would love to hear your thoughts on this.


    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Belinda I feel that the Dulux version is a truer Duck Egg Blue but the thing is that the inspiration and colour name is drawn from nature and the colour does teeter on the edge of blue and green and is often quite a bit lighter or greyer. Just google an image of a Duck’s egg and you will get a whole range of colour. The Resene Duck Egg Blue is a very sophisticated grey version that is paler. Bristol has a Duck Egg Blue which is I believe too blue. So I feel a true Duck Egg Blue has some depth, grey and is right in between green and blue. If anything the Dulux version may be too dark – their Glacier Blue which is one tone lighter might be closer. Remember to decorate with the one that you love and which suits the light in your room the best. Thanks for the question! Samantha

  17. Stacie Burton says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I am struggling to find a rug to go with my duck egg curtains and my light grey sofa with cushions that match the colour of the curtains. I have a wooden floor with oak effect furniture, a fireplace and a feature wall with cream and beige flowery wallpaper with the rest of the walls painted an off white (unfortunately it is a rented property so I can’t change the walls). The room isn’t very big and my feeling is that if I get a duck egg coloured rug it would be too much of the same colour, however I would like to get something that ties the curtains and the sofa together. Any ideas?

    Thanks in advance!


    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Stacie you are right in thinking that the rug in duck egg blue would overwhelm the space. My feeling is to go with a neutral textured rug that is similar to the floor colour so that it just offers some comfort and gently zones the space. Or opt for a slightly darker grey than the sofa but then you would have to ensure that it works with the cream and beige wallpaper. With a lot of different elements in the room, I feel I would go for the simple option. Hope this helps Samantha

  18. Win Alcock says:

    Hi Samantha

    We are decorating our main bedroom. Two opposite walls are painted duck egg blue and the two other walls are papered with a symmetrical pattern in a light silvery grey. White woodwork also, and it looks just stunning! I would welcome any suggestions about curtains. I was thinking creamy oatmeal/ white with a dash of salmon pink. An abstract pattern too I think. Do you think I may need a more solid colour? Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Win It is quite OK to mix patterns but you need to find a link between the two, either in the colours or the style of pattern. The key is to making the scheme work with a patterned curtain and a patterned wallpaper. Sometimes a fabric house will have a line of wallpaper and curtains that although are different are in the same range and work together – you could check with the supplier of the wallpaper if this is the case. Otherwise place them next to each other to see if you like the effect. If you feel they are not working then it may be better to stick to a solid colour for the curtains and perhaps introduce the pattern and dash of colour into cushions which will not be so dominant in the space. Good luck Samantha

  19. Janette mccourt says:

    Hi Stacie I have bought duck egg wallpaper with pale pink and blush pink grey sofa white blind and white curtains natural wood floors what colour should I do the walls help not sure have ivory furniture help please Janette x

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Janette I would look carefully at the duck egg wallpaper to see what the background colour is. A good paint store would help you to find something to go with it as I feel that whatever you put on the other walls should work with this. For example is it a duck egg blue floral design with a white background or grey etc? Put together the sofa, wallpaper and ivory furniture and this may help you to decide but I do think the lead will be the wallpaper. Hope this helps Samantha

  20. Carol says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I am looking for pillows in the colour and design of your “House of Turquoise” image on this site. Is it possible they would still be available and I could purchase them online?

    Thanks, Carol

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Carol House of Turquoise is a great American blog. By clicking the link below the image this will take you straight to them and they may be able to help you with purchasing the pillows or something similar. Good luck Samantha

  21. Debbie says:

    Hi Samantha, we’re renovating our timber interior lounge/dining room. The timber panelled walls have been painted antique white and the dark brown/red brick fireplace will have the German schmear technique applied. We have polished the timber floors which has come up with colours of brown, red and pink.

    We want to create accent pieces of duck egg blue on the TV entertainment unit and coffee table by applying a crackle paint technique with a white base. We’re also thinking of a large rug in a neutral colour. Other easier pieces of duck egg
    blue would be put in by way of cushions, etc… I’m concerned that it won’t look put together well, especially considering the colour of the floors. Any suggestions?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Debbie The large rug in a neutral will help to pull all of this together. I think if you introduce some other blues with your duck egg blue cushions that it will help to ground the look. What you need to avoid with an accent colour is just using this and putting it around the room as it can end up looking spotty. However if you introduce a darker tone of the duck egg blue with your accent it will help to pull it all together. Hope this helps Samantha

  22. Kim says:

    Hi Samantha – have really enjoyed reading your replies above. I have a dilemma, I have gorgeous textured dark duck egg blue curtains which I’ve put up in a new room currently all in a colour called Dried Leaf (I suppose Greige would be closest in description). My problem is that the curtains seem very dark against the mostly white dado rails, and dried leaf coloured walls. The floors are pine. What could I do here to keep the curtains – would an accent colour on the window wall work? Which range of colours should I look at? Thanks so much, Kim.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Kim From what I understand the white is just on the actual rail so I feel that you should probably adjust the white rather than the wall colour. Some whites are very bright and can throw a colour scheme so I feel that if you select a white for the room that has more depth it may balance better with the Dried Leaf and the duck egg. Sometimes whites can look too dark but when you take them away from the bright white you don’t see the depth and it just works better. Perhaps try that first? Samantha

  23. Sally Gordon says:

    Hi Samantha,
    I have duck egg blue kitchen units, what colour should I use in my accent wall and appliances to brighten it up. My kitchen doesn’t get a lot of sun so I’m struggling to find anything that will lift my kitchen.
    Thanks .

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sally I really like fresh white with duck egg blue for rooms that are lacking in natural white. Grey is a lovely combination but without much sun it will look a bit flat and dreary. Alternatively you could look at a soft light cream colour which will bring some warmth. I’m guessing by appliances you mean your toaster/kettle etc? Some of these do come in a lovely soft cream which could work really well. You need to consider the colour of your benchtop and splashback too when deciding whether to go with a white or cream. Hope this helps Samantha

  24. Emma says:

    Hi Samantha
    I’m changing my feature wall the sun room to duck egg. The other walls are currently calico cream. Should I go hession, a grey white or stick with cream? The sofas are rattan with a biege/biscuit cusioned seat.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Emma I feel that if your sofas are a biscuit beige you should stick with the cream on the walls. Consider your flooring too and what else you have in the room but based on the sofa colour my feeling is to stick with that palette. Good luck Samantha

  25. Lesley Roberts says:

    Hi I have duck egg blue curtains and quilt cover and cream carpet. What colour would look best on the walls. The room is what I call a small double bedroom thanks

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Lesley Rather than bring in more duck egg blue, I would be inclined to use a soft off white on the walls with a touch of creaminess to tie in your carpet. This way you will not close in the space and you will make more of a feature of the duck egg blue colour. Samantha

  26. Rurh Julienne says:

    Hi Samantha,I am painting my drawing room with the same periodic Dulux duck egg blue ,the ceiling was magnolia with white cornicing , spectacular,should I paint ceiling white instead or off white .

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Ruth I prefer the ceiling to match your white cornicing as this way you are not introducing different whites or creams to the scheme and it makes the duck egg blue the star of the show. Hope this helps Samantha

      • Penny Wilkins says:

        Hi Samantha I have duck egg blue tiles in my bathroom, the shower is tiled and above the basin in duck egg blue. The suite is white with a Victorian roll topped bath, the walls are half panelled in wood which are painted white, I was thinking of painting the remainder of the walls pale duck egg blue and wanted to introduce another colour in the fabric of the blind and cushion for the chair, do you have any suggestions for a fabric that has some duck egg blue and another colour ?
        Also I have wooden floor boards on the floor and wanted a cotton rug do you have any ideas where I could purchase one from that would bring all the colours together.
        Ps the bathroom is west facing.

        • Samantha Bacon says:

          Hi Penny I’m not sure where you are so it’s difficult to recommend exact fabrics and rugs however you should look at Vanessa Arbuthnot for some inspiration as she has some lovely Duck Egg fabrics. Good luck Samantha

  27. Heidi Potgieter says:

    Hi Samantha, I’ve painted my whole house white. In the living room I have a forest theme with an accent wall covered with wallpaper with big brown trees on it (if you stand close to it you feel as if you are walking in the forest). I have a dark brown L-Shape couch with a olive green throw on it and plain cream curtains. Dark brown tiles covering the floor throughout the house (it looks like pieces of timber).

    My question is: I have a small narrow hall on the one side I have family pictures on it and on the other side a clock and a wooden coat hanger. Right in front of the bathroom I have a large mirror with dark brown trimming hanging on the upper part of the wall but the bottom part is white and dull (I also have dodo rails in the hall which is dark brown) I’m thinking to paint the bottom part of the wall below the mirror as well as the opposite wall above bathroom door with duck egg blue. what do you suggest?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Heidi I love the sound of your house. If you feel that the hallway needs an injection of something then a duck egg blue on the lower walls below the rail could work. You need to consider the relationship of the hallway to the living room and ensure that you don’t detract from the Forest scheme you have there. If it is a separate area then a combination of dark brown, duck egg blue and white will work really well together. Good luck Samantha

    • Mrs hutchinson says:

      Hi, I have just bought some blackout duck blue curtains for a bright sunny bedroom, the carpet is brown, what colour shall I do the walls and can you recommend the best bedding to buy?

      • Samantha Bacon says:

        I think a much lighter version of the Duck Egg curtains for the walls would work well and some fresh white bedding to keep the bedroom light and cheerful.

  28. Renay says:

    Hi, I have primrose window frames and tiles that look like floor boards. Do you think duck egg blue would go well on the walls?? Or any other suggestions??

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Renay you need to consider what timber colour the boards are – light oak or dark grey or red etc. as this will affect the wall colour choice. You should also have an architrave around your windows and skirting boards between the floor and wall so if you paint these in a white then you have a buffer between the duck egg blue. Samantha

  29. Angela Robertson says:

    Hi Samantha love looking at all your idea’s,was wondering if you could point me in the right
    direction for my hallway at moment it’s cream and gold and all woodwork is a horrible pine and I was thinking of painting all doors and woodwork white and thought of duck egg blue for the walls,but I notice several different shades of duck egg and don’t know weather to go with one with more blue or more green mirror and accessories are a cream and gold at moment it’s going to be a big job with all this painting so would like to get it right so welcome any advice as would like to look at it when finished and think WOW! Also carpet has to stay as quite new it is a sand colour,welcome your suggestions.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Angela I think that one with a touch more blue will work well with the cream, gold and sandy coloured carpet that you have. I think the most important thing to consider too when you are looking for one is that you consider the tonal level – that is the depth of the colour. Some are very delicate and washed out while other duck egg blues are a little deeper. It will depend on how much natural light you have to work with as to which one will look the best. For your white, opt for one that is a little warmer and so will go with your cream accents. Take the time to paint sample boards with the duck egg blue and white and stick them to the wall so that you can get an idea before investing in the paint. I hope this helps and that you love the end result! Samantha

  30. Maria says:


    I love your colour combination with duck egg blue. We just moved houses, it’s a rented property. We have our own red sofa in the leaving room and the landlord’s curtains are very in a very beautiful duck blue egg. Not sure if this is the right colour scheme. Looking for inspiration. How to make this work.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Maria Duck Egg Blue is a very delicate colour and will therefore be at odds with a rich red sofa. As this is a rental property you are probably constrained a little so you could possibly just cover your sofa with an off white throw to take out the definite red statement in the room. This may help to pull it together. Samantha

  31. Sheila says:

    Hi Samantha, please help me!! I live in a beamed house with feature fireplace with brick work, large lounge and want to carpet it and add 2 sofas, 3 and 4 seater. I’m at a total loss, I’ve no idea on colour, gone wrong before, have magnolia walls and dark wood everywhere, can you advise me?? REALLY APPRECIATE ANY HELP, can send photos if you’ve the time to help me?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sheila I think you need a warm neutral for both carpet and sofas to go with the magnolia walls – possible a nice natural biscuity linen colour and then layer with lighter cream throws etc. I do have an e-consultation service and the details are on the website if you wanted to send photos? Thanks Samantha

  32. julie newman says:

    Hi Samantha, I have a open plan lounge with lg patio windows and very pale duck egg blue/grn curtains with dark brown leather 2 seater sofas. Don’t know what to colour walls. white at the moment but everything looks cold and flat. should I just scrap curtains and plump for beige ones? and what about cushion colours? Really welcome your suggestions.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Julie I think rather than scrapping the curtains you should paint the walls with something that has more life. Perhaps a nice soft pale greige colour to tie in the depth of the dark brown sofas and curtains. Hope this helps Samantha

    • julie newman says:

      Thank you so much for your suggestions Samantha 🙂 However, I’m still struggling as to what other colour to inject into my accessories. as it is abroad, what do you think of deep oranges or deeper shades of blue to go with the pale duck egg curtains and what about a rug to tie it all together. I am so indecisive as you may have gathered! You make the rooms featured sooo beautiful. Julie x

  33. Yve says:

    Hi Samantha, I saw an image of a robins egg blue door. It was from
    A Canadian site and it said it was Dulux Robins egg blue. The Bunnings guy told me they don’t have that colour, he seemed confused and that it could be a taubmans colour. I know that Dulux duck egg and Robins egg blue are different colours so I’m
    A little confused who makes Robins egg blue. Have you seen Robins egg used at all? It appears more blue- ish than Duck egg which looks more greenish. I prefer Robins egg, I
    Think but need to make sure i get the right Robins egg. How that makes sense!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Yve these two colours are very similar. You will find that throughout the world paint companies will refer to this colour as either Robins Egg Blue or Duck Egg Blue and there can be a huge variation in the colour – the tone of it, the amount of blue or the amount of green and the level of grey. To confuse matters more, Dulux has different names for colours all around the world so for example Dulux in the UK would have a completely different range to Dulux Australia or Dulux Canada. You just need to look at all your local paint suppliers and ask for a sample chip of their Robins Egg or Duck Egg to see which you like the best. It’s difficult with anything from the internet as our monitors will all show slightly different colours so it is a case of looking at the actual colour from all your local suppliers unfortunately! If you do find an image of the colour, even in a magazine, a good paint store or a local colour consultant would be able to help you find a match. Good luck Samantha

  34. Mo says:

    Hi Samantha – I’m just in the process of buying a small house and would love Duck Egg on the lounge walls but also like dark maroon for carpeting- would this combination work as I love rich colours?
    Many thanks

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Mo I don’t think that you will get the outcome you want with this combination. The complementary colour to Duck Egg Blue is an orange tone rather than a red, particularly one like Maroon which has a touch of blue. With complementary colours you should have a combination of 70/30 so if all your walls were Duck Egg Blue then this would be the 70%. I don’t think you should have your carpet in orange though! Rather than orange you could look at a rich brown or coffee tone. You also have to consider other items though like your sofas and chairs and window coverings. You could use a rich coffee for the carpet and then a neutral beige for the sofas and introduce some more Duck Egg tones with cushions. Try to make either the Duck Egg dominant or the complementary colour dominant so that they don’t fight with each other. I know you love rich colour but you need to choose one and make it shine! Hope this makes sense Samantha

      • Mo says:

        Thank you so much Samantha – you are amazing!
        I will rethink my choices now and go back to the carpet shop to look at the browns or alternatively if i want to keep the maroon carpet then would i change the walls to a soft pink or magnolia even?

        Best wishes Mo

  35. Sarah says:

    I’ve seen some lovely duck egg blue curtains and I’m thinking of having a light primrose yellow as a main paint colour for the walls (with maybe a duck egg feature wall), and a grey sofa. But I’m thinking the overall effect might be a bit cool. What would you suggest to give more impression of warmth?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sarah I think that the duck egg blue and the grey will be a nice offset to the soft primrose walls and will balance the warmth from the yellow nicely – I don’t think that this will be too cool. Don’t forget to consider your flooring too – do you have a warm timber floor or a neutral carpet – this is a major part of the scheme and the overall look and feel of the room too. Samantha

  36. Lorraine says:

    Hello Samantha
    I am thinking of decorating the hallway, stairs and landing walls in Duck Egg and have a lightish grey carpet. Do you think these 2 light colours would be complementary for a large area or would you suggest a pale lemon for the walls instead?
    Thank you

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Lorraine I love light grey and duck egg together – with a white on the skirting boards, this can look really great and I think more sophisticated that a pale lemon. There are lots of different duck egg blues though so ensure you get a sample pot and paint a board first and then hold it up next to the carpet to check you like the effect. Good luck! Samantha

  37. Janet says:

    I have a primrose yellow sofa and a black watch tartan carpet.. I would like to pull the colours together on the sofa with cushions can you please tell me what colour would bring this together please

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Janet I think I would take one colour from the plaid either the green or the blue but I would also mix it with cushions that are a similar colour to the sofa. I think that the black from the plaid could be too heavy so I would avoid that. Hope this helps Samantha

  38. Carolyn says:

    Hi Samantha, in our bedroom we have pale beige walls, drapes in a duck egg blue fleur-de-lys pattern with silver and beige accents, charcoal carpet and timber furniture. I have an arm chair that I want to recover in velvet, but I don’t know what colour. I was thinking of a deeper version of the blue, but after reading your excellent blog, I wonder if a deeper version of the beige would be better, to pull everything together? Thanks!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Carolyn I think that the beige accents in your drapes probably help to pull together the beige walls and I think that actually your first choice of a deeper blue for the velvet chair could work beautifully. I think this will look better too against the charcoal carpet and I feel that velvet really does benefit from being in a feature colour. Just ensure with the blue that you choose that it works with the curtains so it will need to be a blue that has a high degree of green and grey in it. A paint shop should have charts of those types of blues (the duck egg family) and then you can select one to match for your velvet. Hope this makes sense – don’t forget your bedlinen too will bring in another element! Good luck Samantha

  39. Elizabeth says:

    Hi Samantha, we have just purchased a duck egg blue sofa and chair for our living room in our 1930 house. We plan to pain the walls cream except for the main wall which has a chimney breast with 2 alcoves. The sofa will go on the back wall but the chair will be placed at an angle in one of the alcoves. We are unsure of what colour to paint this wall. We don’t want to darken the room, though it is south facing but we want a contrast on that wall. What colour would you suggest please?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Elizabeth perhaps it might be best to just paint the chimney breast rather than the alcoves too? This way you get a feature without overwhelming the room and possibly clashing with the delicate duck egg blue chair. I think that a dark charcoal blue or a very dark green on the chimney breast could work really well. Alternatively if you do want to paint the alcoves too then opt for a lighter colour – perhaps something similar to Duck Egg blue but just a few tones darker. Hope this helps Samantha

  40. Margaret Northmore says:

    Hi Samantha
    I am about to decorate my bedroom walls in a duck egg blue (not too dark) I am not sure what colour to use for the accessories eg bedding, cushions, bedside lamps. I do quite like the idea of pink but not sure which shades would work do you think it would compliment the duck egg. I thought of a white blind and voil curtains for the window. It is a bright and light room.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Margaret I think that the pink would detract from the duck egg blue. You might get away with it if the pink leans towards a salmon (orangery) pink and the wall and bedding colours are both pale. My feeling is to bring in more neutrals and let the duck egg walls be the injection of colour in the room. Soft biscuit tones or cool greys and whites work perfectly and then perhaps just some cushions in a salmon pink to give a complementary dash of another colour. An orange pink is complementary to a blue green but you should always work on the basis of an 80/20 mix with complementary colours. The bedding is a large dominant part of the room, as are the walls, and this may make it more of a 50/50 mix so you need to bear this in mind too. I hope this helps with your decision Samantha

  41. Margaret Northmore says:

    Hi Samantha
    thank you for your advice which I have found very useful and will be using, can’t wait to get started!!!!!!!!

  42. Carole Matz says:

    Hello Samantha,

    I have bought a lightish oak wardrobe, chest of drawers and bedside table set. Duvet and curtains are patterned duck egg blue and carpet is light brown/beige mix. Bedroom does not get much sunlight. What colour should I paint walls? I currently have magnolia but am looking at duck egg, greige, stone or maybe white. Do you have any suggestions. Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Carole I think that a very soft, pale, almost white Duck Egg blue could work on the walls. Alternatively, take the carpet colour as a guide for a neutral. That way you have a mixture of Duck Egg and brown/beige rather than bringing in another colour. I expect the carpet is dark but what you want is a neutral that would be this in a much lighter version. It sounds as though you need to keep the walls light – I do like the idea of your oak furniture on a soft duck egg blue. Hope this helps Samantha

  43. Margaret Norman says:

    Hi Samantha,

    I have a north east facing reception room which looks toward the sea in distance. It is fairly light despite receiving no direct sunlight after early morning as it has set of sliding patio doors. I will get blinds rather than curtains.
    It is blank canvas but seating will be brown and wooden furniture will be medium eg oak. I don’t want painted furniture.
    Carpet will be neutral, like dark cream.
    Could you suggest a good colour combination for painting walls and for blinds. The blinds will probably only be visible during the evening as there is no direct sunshine in the room. Thank you.

    My bedroom is fairly dark and I have duck egg blue bedding and curtains with light brown carpet and pine furniture. Would white be a good colour for walls? If so what shade of white; presumably a warm one rather than ice white? Or should I stick with magnolia or cream?
    Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Margaret I think that a warm off white for blinds and walls will work well here – make sure the white has some depth and is warm so that it doesn’t appear sterile. Similar idea for your bedroom too – leaning towards the creamy tones for some warmth. Good luck Samantha

  44. Louise John says:

    If you are still giving help, I need it. Just ordered a duck blue floral patterned quilt and shams that have an off white background for my bedroom and then came across your site. Don’t know what to do with the walls and a rug. I just recently had laminate floors installed that are a taupe with grays and browns with white woodwork and moulding. Rest of house is in greige Dove Gray with white woodwork.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Louise The Dove Grey sounds lovely for the walls so you could continue that in here or for a fresher look in the bedroom you could match the off white background that is in the quilt. I think I would keep the rug neutral – perhaps just a slightly darker tone than the floor so that you get a textural layered look rather than more colour to detract from the bedding. Hope this helps Samantha

  45. Alicia Palomo says:

    Hi Diane
    What a fabulous article. I have found it very useful.
    I am about to wallpaper my hallway and landing with duck egg wallpaper with motives. I would like to paint the banister and doors in some tone if blue, perhaps midnight blue and I am considering on leaving the woodwork white including the rails in the banister, but I am scared it may not look allright. Any advice welcomed. Many thanks. Alicia

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Alicia it’s difficult to say for sure but it should be fine. You just need to ensure that if the wallpaper has a busy design that it doesn’t fight with the contrasting colours on the banister and rails. Perhaps paint the doors and then assess from there. I think too that to balance the Duck Egg blue which is so delicate you need a blue that has depth and also consider that the duck egg is a fine balance between blue and green so don’t choose a dark blue that is too warm. I find that if I put large samples of everything on a white piece of board on the dining table and then keep reviewing it you get a good idea of whether you like it. Hope this helps. Samantha

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Kim it really depends where you are in the world. All manufacturers will make a similar colour but they may not all call it Duck Egg Blue – some call it Robins Nest. If you can find one that you like online, your local paint store may be able to advise. Samantha

  46. Louise John says:

    Samantha, since raising my question, the quilt has arrived. What the site called Duck Egg Blue turns out to be pale Aqua and the background that looked cream turned out to be stark white. No need to respond to me as guess I’ll just use white throw rugs and walls are already painted Aqua so no need to repaint. Thank you anyway. Very hard buying online and knowing for sure what you’ll receive.

  47. Norma higgins says:

    I’m painting my ceiling,picture rail & dado rail white top half of wall above dado pale grey & bottom wall below dado was thinking duckegg blue I have a dark frey sofa & cream carpet would this all work.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Norma I think this all sounds fine. Just ensure that the grey of your sofa has the same undertone as the pale grey you are using on the walls and the white is a warm white to work with the cream carpet. Good luck Samantha

  48. Catherine says:

    Hi Samantha
    I am painting a large open plan kitchen/lounge/dining area in Resene duck egg blue. It has some really big windows and I’m not sure how to dress them and in what colour. There is a natural, mid toned timber floor and white kitchen units and bench. Sofa is grey and we have an oak timber dining table and pale grey chairs. Roller blinds would be most simple but I’m unsure what colour or tone, maybe white or ivory? I’ve also thought about plantation shutters but they would be very dominant because of the size of the windows.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Catherine I think with this delicate colour scheme that some simple sheer or soft linen curtains would look great in a white like the kitchen – you haven’t mentioned your trim colour. If this is a white too then roller blinds to match this would work in a combination with simple sheers would look great. You can do this in two stages – blinds first for practicality and sheers to dress the window. Hope this helps Samantha

  49. Shenelle Acoy says:

    What colors would you recommend to paint the exterior of your house if your roof is duck egg blue (I know it was the only blue the roofing store had at the time). We live by the beach. I was thinking a beige color with a white trim. Brown or duck blue door? I don’t know. I’m not good with the color coordination. Your advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Shenelle a neutral beige goes well with Duck Egg Blue. Take into account the amount of sunlight the house receives as you may need a beige with some grey to stand up to the light – possibly more of a greige. White trim will look lovely and I would opt for Duck Egg Blue door to keep the coastal feel. Hope this helps! Samantha

  50. Ali Stretton says:

    Hi Samantha, I have a few rooms with pale cream walls, duck egg accessories, soft blues & neutral tones & sometimes a deep navy thrown in as a towel colour. I live by the sea & have always liked duck egg blue. I am feeling though now that I’d like to lift these soft neutral tones & am craving some accent, stronger colours & everything is feeling a bit bland. Can you advise on splashes of colour to go with duck egg & neutral schemes please so I can update my look with my craving for colour without totally changing the scheme I have in place? Thanks so much.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Ali you could introduce some stronger green accessories which would give you a harmonious scheme but add another dimension to the neutrals and blues or you could opt for the complementary (opposite) colour to blue which is orange. Used in just small amounts, this would work with the cream and be a foil to the blues. It may just be an orange vase or it could be a tan leather chair. It doesn’t need to be full on bright orange, it could be more of a tan colour or terracotta etc. Hope this gives you some inspiration! Samantha

  51. Kate says:

    Hi Samantha I have redecorated the double width drawing room in my late Georgian (1860’s era) London townhouse, using a palate of duck egg blue (walls, curtains and sofas) and taupe (oak floorboards, a couple of console tables, a day bed and a footstool). Other accessories are either silver, mirror/glass (plus switches, door knobs and sockets that are in antique bronze), as well as some darker walnut brown picture frames and a (warm toned) light grey velvet desk chair. It’s looking beautiful and very restful, but I now need to finish it off with some lampshades and cushions and object d’arts. I can’t decide whether to stick with the neutral palate already used, or whether I should add a little bit of a contrast colour such as a coral pink or a warm red, or even a lime green. If I go for a constraining colour it will only be a touch – I tend to play it a bit safe with interiors so trying to work out whether this is a good time to be a bit braver with a splash of colour or whether I should stick to the simpler look! It’s a large light room with huge sash windows, and ceilings, cornicing, skirting boards, woodwork and marble fireplace etc are all a warm white.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Kate when you use a contrasting colour you need to ensure that it doesn’t detract from the overall look and the aesthetics of your Georgian home. I think some colour would be lovely but I would include it in mellow tones rather than bright ones so that you don’t detract from the overall look and the architecture of the space. As you have warm whites, some soft coral pinks could work. Perhaps look for a fabric to make some cushions from. The talented designers have already done the hard work of putting together a design where the colours work so if you look for something with some neutral and duck egg blue and then another colour – possibly the coral – you already have the look. By using broken up colour, you incorporate some interest without strong blocks of colour to detract from the room. Good luck – your house sounds gorgeous! Samantha

  52. Mrs Ali says:

    Hi my daughter wanted a duck egg wall in her bedroom she is 12 .what colour curtains and bedding would suit. The bed and cupboard is black and carpet light beige.
    Please help she wants a nice girly warm room.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Mrs Ali as you already have black and light beige in the home I think that I would have curtains in a soft neutral beige to match the carpet and then choose bedlinen that also has some Duck Egg Blue in it to link it to the walls. Good luck – I hope your daughter loves her new bedroom Samantha

  53. Sheila Bird says:

    I have a duck egg blue and gold suite with yellow curtains would pale lemon. Elk for the walls and a duck egg carpet
    Thank you

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sheila You have to be careful with yellow walls as they can be overwhelming, so ensure that it is a very pale lemon or I would recommend a soft cream which may work better next to the Duck Egg carpet. Hope this helps Samantha

  54. Sheila bird says:

    Hi Samantha
    Thank,you for your advise I just don’t want to get it wrong.
    I have seen a very pale lemon I just thought that might be better with the yellow curtains I have or do you think cream would be better.

  55. Lorna says:

    Hi Samantha I want to paint my room a duck egg behind bed as a feature wall what colours should i use on either side and what colour carpet and wardrobe, lampshade, curtains and bedding would you recommend i was thinking a silvery
    colour wardrobe and bed but im
    not sure

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Lorna Duck egg blue works beautifully with silver, white or neutral soft greys or beige. So you need to consider the overall feel you want for the room. If it is a cool room then warm it up by partnering the blue with warm biscuit tones but if it is a lovely sunny room then you may want to think about some fresh whites and silvery greys. For cushions and lampshades you could introduce a touch more of the blue but be careful not to overdo it or the look can be spotty. Hope this helps Samantha

  56. Janet hersee says:

    Hi Samantha
    We are buying a house, entrance hall & through lounge have a dado and coving squares on the bottom half. Putting harbour grey oak flooring down, and bought pale grey sofas. Caught in so many minds what colour to do on walls, swaying towards duck egg & white, would like your thoughts on this. I also like dulux borrowed blue or benmore half.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Janet Duck Egg blue would work well with this colour but will make quite a statement but is a lovely contrast with white on the wainscoting. Try different strengths – perhaps a half and also select a duck egg blue that has some grey. Hope this helps Samantha

  57. Sheila Bird says:

    Hi Samantha
    I am back to the drawing board now, my suite is powder blue and gold, walls neutral colour , curtains lemon do you think a powder blue carpet would look nice I Am
    so worried in case I get it wrong. Would appreciate your advise.
    Thank you
    Sheila Bird

  58. Maria Stanton says:

    Hi I have bought Laura Ashley duck egg blue paint for my bedroom walls I have white drapes, more like heavy voile really, but I’m stuck on carpet and bed linen colours. In my other bedroom the carpet is light silver grey so I was thinking of going with that . But for my bedspread I’m stuck (I don’t do duvets). Thanks

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Maria I think you should use the same colour carpet as your other bedroom which should work colour wise and also gives you some colour continuity throughout the house. As you have white drapes, you really can’t go past a white bedspread – these look fabulous against a duck egg wall and never go out of fashion. Good luck Samantha

  59. Michele Tamlin says:

    Hi. I love your ideas and designs and wondered if you can help me? I’ve just painted some old yellowing fitted bedroom wardrobes with Farrow and Ball light blue which is a lovely green blue in the morning and a silvery duck egg blue in the afternoon (east facing roo.) At the moment, the walls are a pale lilac but can easily repaint them as I don’t want the room to look too twee but would like to warm it up a bit. What other colours would you introduce into the bedroom?Many thanks.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Michele I think a nice soft white would work the best on the walls. If the room needs warming up then a yellow based neutral could work. You could try a sample of Farrow & Ball’s New White which is a lovely soft warm white that will work with the light blue. This will make the room more sophisticated and will highlight the wardrobe doors. Perhaps some other layers of blues in cushions or throws could work too. Hope this helps Samantha

  60. Val says:

    Hi. Hope you can help. I have a sofa in Duck Egg Blue which I am going to recover but not sure which colour to go for in a room which is dominated by Duck Egg Blue. feature wall is duck egg background with large floral design of oatmeal/biscuit tones; other walls soft ivory. Curtains duck egg; rug striped duck egg, cream and beige. Carpet greeny/blue mix. The room has a low ceiling and is not bright except early morning. Can you suggest any colours for the sofa as I don’t want any more duck egg but a colour which will make an impact in the room. Thank you .

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Val I like the idea of a soft ivory coloured sofa. This may not be practical though but I think it would look the best as large blocks of a light neutral in a darker room look great and then the duck egg blue accents in the room come alive rather than being overdone. Alternatively the neutral biscuit tones from the feature wall could work too. Hope this helps Samantha

  61. Lynn Leishman says:

    Hi Samantha, I am now living in Spain and have a dark bedroom (there is a sunroom attached to that side of the house which makes the rooms that side quite dark). It has darkish rustic wood bed, bedside tables and three door wardrobe to match. The furniture has quite a lot of latice work on it and some scrolling black metal. I want to paint the walls AND the furniture. I do not want it shabby chic look. I’m thinking of a pale duck egg blue for the walls and a slightly darker duck egg blue for the furniture. I have cream tiles on the floor and cream curtains and a new pale milky coloured bedspread. Does this sound workable to you?

  62. Carmel Finnegan says:

    Hi Samantha. I have a new build. I have ivory tusk (colourtrend) on my walls in sitting room. It is a pretty small room. I have a brown corner sofa. I like duck egg blue and i was going to get duck egg curtains and cushions. There are two small windows and a larger window in this room. I am wondering what colour blinds could i put on the windows? I was going to have a blind only on the two small windows and curtains and a blind on larger window. Thanks. Carmel

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Carmel My thoughts would be to match the blinds to either the architrave which is probably a white or the Ivory Tusk walls. This will work with Duck Egg curtains and as you are introducing colour here it is best to keep the rest neutral. Hope this helps Samantha

  63. Emily says:

    Hi Samantha
    I have just moved into the world’s smallest cottage with a living room that only sees the sun later in the evening. It has a large brick fireplace and dark brown beams and woodwork throughout. I’m not planning on being here for more than two years so don’t want to start changing the pale oatmeal carpet or anything. I have two small cream sofas and just purchased pale duck egg blue curtains which look great. I have a duck egg blue rug arriving and some cushion covers the same colour. What colours can I also use to go with the blue that will help keep the room as light as possible? My walls are white and unsure whether I should do a colour feature wall or keep them white…its a very dark room.
    Thank you in advance for any advice

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Emily my advice is to keep the walls white if you are concerned about keeping the room as light as possible. Sometimes with darker rooms I suggest painting them a cosy darker tone rather than keep trying to battle the lack of light but I think you would then need to paint the dark brown beams and woodwork white, which if you’re not staying long would be a big job. So I think I would just stick with the white and pale cream tones and let the Duck Egg blue be the pretty accents to detract from the lack of light. Hope this helps – it sounds cosy! Samantha

  64. Priscilla Bon says:

    Hi Samantha,
    I’m planning on using Duck egg blue as accent colour for my bedroom. Do you think it would go well with natural white and linen style furnishings?
    Thanks Priscilla

  65. Allana says:

    Hello Samantha,
    I would like to reach out to you again as you were kind enough to provide me with great advice on a previous project.
    I have a home along the coast of Victoria, Aust and would love to paint my front door a lovely soft duck egg blue. The upper level exterior is a mix of timber weatherboards painted in Dulux Antique White USA and the ground level is render Taubmans Pebble Bay.
    Any recommendations on what colour blue would work is much appreciated.
    I could send you a photo if you are able to provide me with your email address.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Allana Dulux Glacier Blue is a lovely soft duck egg blue which should work with your colours but it does really depend on whether the door is in shade or sunlight etc. I do look at photos but this is part of an online consultation which I charge for. Hope this helps Samantha

      • Allana says:

        Hi Samantha – the front door is shaded all day.
        Would Glacier Blue work in the shade or do you suggest another colour?

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