Natural Coastal Style

My natural coastal palette isn't necessarily a neutral one, nor does it contain blue.  It is one that is derived from the sand dunes, pebbles, sandstone cliffs and the weathered grasses clinging for life where the beach ends.  A Natural Coastal style is one that is laid back, with soft whites, texture and accents of earthy colours.  So, where a neutral scheme would be a mix of soft whites, ivory and grey, a natural scheme definitely contains gorgeous rich earthy hues.

Let me show you what my natural coastal style is.

Colours for a Natural Coastal Style

Natural Coastal Style

  • Any contemporary coastal style will include a backdrop of white.  For a natural coastal style with warm accents, I would generally recommend a soft warm white rather than a crisp blue based one.
  • Modern grey can be used as an accent to cool down and balance the colour scheme.
  • Soft sandy tones can be used for timber, natural rugs and rattan furniture and accessories.
  • Rich terracotta tones are perfect for accent cushions or a natural terracotta floor.
  • Earthy rich brown is another great accent for accessories.
Natural Coastal Style
Image: Raw Sunshine Coast

This bedroom is a classic example of a natural coastal style palette with a combination of white, grey, natural timber and terracotta accents.  The rattan pendant and the linen bedding introduce the texture to the room.  Matt finishes and textures are important for this look.  This isn't a place for shiny finishes.

Natural Coastal Style
Beacon Lighting

Terrazzo flooring in warm tones, flecked with grey is a great choice for a coastal home.  You will need lots of soft layers though to make the space inviting and comfortable.  The timber ceiling is inspired in this room as it offsets the hardness of the floor.

Natural Coastal Style
Image: Pure Salt Interiors

The accent of rich brown in the headboard here introduces a great contrast and focal point and I think adds heaps of interest to the scheme.

Natural Coastal Style
Image: Oz Design Furniture

If you love leather sofas, then opt for a tan leather with a natural coastal style.  The rug above works well as it is heavily textured and of course the coffee table is perfect for this look.

Natural Coastal Style
Image: Mint Art Co

Natural floor coverings work well in coastal locations as they are the most effective at inhibiting mould, which is prevalent in this setting.  They also look great as they are heavily textured and suit this colour palette.  Rattan furniture is my go-to for a coastal look.  The chairs are lightweight and can be easily moved around, which is great for a beach or holiday house when numbers of visitors fluctuate.

Natural Coastal Style
Norsu Interiors

You can't go wrong with a classic white and grey bathroom as this look is timeless.  By introducing a timber vanity, side table and natural toned towels, the natural coastal vibe begins to soften the look beautifully.

Natural Coastal Style
Oz Design Furniture

Always introduce some natural stone into the look if you can.  Either white, as above, or natural sandstone.  You can also get away with small accents of black and of course, natural greenery.

Natural Coastal Mood Board

Whenever you are putting together a new look for your home, I recommend gathering samples and inspiration to make a mood board.  This is the only way to see whether you like the look and balance of the finished scheme.  By working with this over a period of time, you can add and take away samples to see which look you prefer.

Start with the major pieces like the flooring, benchtops, tiles, timber colour of furniture and soft furnishings.  You can add photos or inspirational items, like a favourite bowl or artwork.  Play around with this until you are happy with the look.

Natural Coastal Style

Recap of what makes a Natural Coastal Style

  • A colour palette of white, grey, sand, terracotta and brown.
  • Introduce different textures with rugs and cushions.
  • Timber should be light to mid toned rather than dark and should always be part of this look, while natural rattan pieces will complement this.
  • Pale terrazzo floors, natural limestone, terracotta or natural timber boards work well.  Don't be tempted to introduce grey or limewashed timber flooring – keep it natural.
  • Keep the finishes matt or roughly hewn.  Absolutely no gloss finishes.
  • Cushions and throws in rich earthy hues of terracotta and brown and tan coloured sofas complete the look.
  • Always include some greenery if you can.

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Natural Coastal Style


I have curated mood boards of coastal style furniture and accessories to help you shop the style for a Coastal bedroom, dining and living room.  See the mood boards and shop the style here.

Australian Coastal Style - 7 steps to achieve this look
Shop the Style

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      Hi Sandra Would love to help you but I haven’t got your phone number. Could you send me an email via the contact page and I will get straight back to you. Thank you! Samantha

  1. Ali says:

    Hi Samantha,
    Unfortunately not as close to the beach as I would like, but in a country home and love your Natural Coastal Style with natural colours, textures incl. greenery. What is the best interior wall white you would use in this palette? I am drowning in swatches and every time the light changes, so does my mind! The house is mostly painted in Hogs Bristle (Half) which I don’t really love (too creamy), but all the same it is quite natural.. As I tackle each room, I want to use a lighter white. Which one would you recommend? Thanks!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Ali This palette needs a warm white – Dulux Natural White or Taubmans Cradle White would work well. Hope this helps Samantha

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