The Ultimate Bar Cart

I expect that most of you right now are thinking about entertaining at some point over the Christmas holidays and I suspect there is just a little bit of panicking going on too!  So you really want to be able to sit back and enjoy the time that you have with family and friends.  However, getting up and down to go to the fridge can be a pain and leave you an exhausted wreck!

Luckily the bar cart, much loved in the 50s and 60s is back in fashion.  Think of Mad Men, elegant men and women with perfect hair, fixing a drink with everything to hand, and you get the picture.  I have some of my favourite inspiration below to give you some ideas of how to organise the perfect bar cart for your Christmas entertaining.

The ultimate bar cart

Key points to remember to include in a bar cart:

  1. A bowl of fresh citrus fruits
  2. A generous ice bucket with tongs
  3. A range of popular spirits
  4. Small chopping board and knife
  5. Glasses – tumblers and wine/champagne flutes
  6. Sparkling water or a jug of water
  7. A bucket filled with ice for wine/champagne bottle

How to make a bar cart look amazing

The ultimate bar car

Want to really impress your visitors then you can colour co-ordinate your bar trolley.  You may be reading this and thinking you will definitely tear your hair right out if you have anything else to add to your list.  However, for those of you that like to do this, I think this perfectly styled bar trolley is the perfect example.  How civilised does this look?  Even the champagne bottle is the right colour!!

The ultimate bar cart
Image: Apartment Therapy

Not into lots of complicated cocktails and spirits?  Then use your bar trolley for water, soft drink and other useful entertaining accessories – straws, plates, cutlery etc.  A very handy little helper to wheel out to the outdoor entertaining area.

The ultimate bar cart

A bar cart doesn't have to be tizzy as this gorgeous masculine style demonstrates.  This is a bar cart for the serious drinker – dry martini or whisky sour anyone?

The ultimate bar cart
Image: AKA Design

A bar cart can also be a great way to display all your gorgeous crystal and silver.  Making a drink a special event rather than something to be guzzled and forgotten about.

The ultimate bar cart

Add a cocktail list for a little bit of fun!  Small wine racks work well for red wine and increase the amount of useable space too.

The ultimate bar cart
Image: The Glitter Guide

The great thing about a bar cart is that it can be dressed up or down and is a great accessory piece for a dining or living room.  You can use it to display books, flowers and candles and just have a few regular drinks items that you use from day to day.  Some red wine, decanters of spirits and mixers and citrus fruit are all that is needed.

The ultimate bar cart
Image: Park and Oak

Want to simply use your bar trolley as an accessory item?  Then this one fits the bill perfectly with some gorgeous vignette styling ideas.

Would you use one of these?

I hope that this has given you some inspiration to use this gorgeous retro piece and hopefully make your entertaining a little bit easier and more enjoyable!  I would love to hear from you in the comments section below – do you use one of these?

The ultimate bar cart

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