Why I like to use a bedspread

A bedroom should be a calm environment to induce relaxation and one of the best ways to achieve this is to have a room that is tidy and free of clutter.  This is the main reason that I like to use a bedspread.  Let's face it, how many of us have the time or inclination to keep a duvet cover crease free?  Pillows that look good when first covered with clean, fresh bedlinen look a mess as soon as they have been slept on.  Your bedlinen doesn't need to be changed after only one night but it will look like it does.

By introducing a bedspread into the room, you can cover a multitude of sins!

My top 5 reasons for why you should use a bedspread

1. A clutter free environment

I've written a post about how to achieve a calm bedroom environment and one of the main tips that I have is to keep clutter to a minimum.  This doesn't mean that your room should be boring and bland.  In fact, your bedroom is a haven that should contain items that have personal meaning and beauty.  Ensure that you introduce artworks, photos, lamps and accessories that you love to have around you.  Just avoid the unnecessary clutter.

As a minimum put clothes away in a linen basket or wardrobe and only have the books that you are reading on your bedside table.  Keep curios to a minimum with just the ones you really love to ensure that you don't have heaps of dust collectors in the room.  Look at your bedroom with a critical eye and just curate the pieces that you really love and will make you happy and calm.

Then consider using a simple bedspread that will cover a messy bed to complete the clutter free environment.

Why I like to use a bedspread
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2. A consistent colour scheme

How many of you over the years have bought bedlinen that you loved at the time but which now doesn't work with your bedroom scheme?  I suspect it is quite a few.  You have duvet covers and pillowcases that just don't cut the mustard in terms of your new style or colour scheme.

A simple bedspread will cover all of this up.  My own bedspread is one that I bought in London many, many years ago.  It still looks great and I can cover up bedlinen that I don't absolutely love anymore.  I can add accent cushions and throws too to change the look.  It also keeps my bedroom looking calm and clutter free.

Why I like to use a bedspread

3. Introduce a colour and design statement

Conversely, you may want to introduce some colour and pattern into your bedroom but don't like the messiness of just a duvet.  Bedspreads can be plain and simple and offer long term consistency in colour, but they can also come in gorgeous patterns and colour.  If you have a simple colour palette and you feel your bedroom is on the bland side, then a bedspread with some design and colour could be just the solution for you.

Why I like to use a bedspread
Image: Manchestercollection.com.au

4. Added warmth when you need it

During the summer months, I always fold my bedspread back at night but during the colder months, this is a useful way to add warmth without changing your duvet.  I live in a pretty temperate climate that doesn't get extremely cold during the winter, so I find that this is enough to add extra warmth without having to find space to store a separate winter duvet.

Why I like to use a bedspread
Image: Elle Decor

You can also add a gorgeous comforter or throw to the end of the bed over the bedspread.  Again, this can look great and add an injection of colour and texture, but is also practical once the weather turns cooler.

5. Texture and layers are a useful design tool

A sofa without cushions and throws can look plain and unloved and a room without rugs looks cold and bare.  Don't underestimate the designer's tool of using texture and layers to enhance a space.  Introduce a rug to a room and it immediately softens a hard floor.  Even in a plain pattern and neutral colour, this layer brings depth and interest to the room.  Introduce some cushions and throws, again even in plain patterns and neutral colours, and you have brought an injection of texture to the scheme which shouldn't be underestimated.

Why I like to use a bedspread
Image: Houseandhome.com

The same applies to using a bedspread.  Another layer in a different texture adds interest to the bedroom scheme.

Why I like to use a bedspread
Image: Vermont Country Store

I hope that I have convinced you to explore using a bedspread.  They don't have to be formal or heavy, but there is no doubt that a simple cover like this can enhance the look of a bedroom.

Why I like to use a bedspread
Image: Manchestercollection.com

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Why I like to use a bedspread


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