The Gardener’s Studio and the Art of Pottering

Gardener's Studio

One of my favourite pastimes is to potter and whether that is around the house, in the local antique and craft stores or around my garden, it is a fabulous way to waste some time.  In a world that is full of fast moving technology, deadlines and general day to day stresses, it is just.. Read more

Don’t paint your house black until you have read this

Have you noticed the trend for painting exteriors black?  Would you consider painting your house black?  It is certainly a very stylish look and one that is appealing because it makes a statement.  In a world of greys and whites, it can be quite shocking to see a house which is black.  Let me show.. Read more

Green for a Country Scheme

Apple Green

The colour that usually springs to mind when we think of open countryside or pretty gardens is the colour green.  Associated with nature, new beginnings and wellbeing, green is the colour of balance and harmony.  I happen to adore the colour green and I would say it is one of my favourites.  Psychologists say that.. Read more

Behind the Garden Gate

Garden Gate

We all love the anticipation of getting a glimpse of something hidden.  This is the appeal of the perfectly wrapped birthday present or the smart red front door.  It is boring when everything is on display and there are no surprises.  Garden designers know this better than anyone.  They are masters of providing focal points,.. Read more

Why the big deal with street appeal?

Two reasons really – you might be thinking of selling or you want your house to say something about you. This post is about the latter. I’ll say more about street appeal for selling in subsequent posts. Our homes and the way they look say a great deal about us. You can usually tell a.. Read more