My Guide to the Perfect Home Office

My guide to the perfect home office

We are working from a home office with increased regularity.  Whether avoiding a virus, traffic jams or simply realising that with greater advances in technology, we don’t need to haul into an office in the centre of town every day.  Even if you work from home for one to two days a week, it’s important.. Read more

Using Surfmist as a Trim Colour

Using Surfmist as a trim colour

Selecting colours for an exterior scheme can be tricky, mainly due to people not getting the tone quite right.   Colours perform so differently outside to inside and we often don’t take into account quite how much impact the sun has on an exterior colour palette.  Colorbond Surfmist sometimes gets a bad rap however, let.. Read more

Kitchen Styling – My 5 top tips

Kitchen styling is the fun part of a renovation project.  Let’s face it, renovating a kitchen is a major job.  There is a lot of planning, choices to be made, tradespeople to deal with and the upheaval of  making do with a microwave in the living room for far too many weeks! Hopefully after all.. Read more

Why you should be decorating with warm neutrals

Why you should be decorating with warm neutrals

Decorating a home can be a time consuming and expensive undertaking so I often recommend that clients turn to the classic warm neutrals when looking for a foundation to their scheme.  This creates a welcoming and timeless home that can be partnered with many other colours.  Decorating with warm neutrals isn’t perfect for every style.. Read more

Parisian Decorating Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

Parisian Style - 7 steps to achieve this look

Black, white and grey are perennial favourites in the decorating stakes and the basis for a classic Parisian decorating style.  Sophisticated and elegant, this look, which belongs to the salons of one of the world’s most beautiful cities, is timeless.  The appeal of Parisian style is that if you get the basics right you can.. Read more

How to select the right rug

How to select the right rug

I think that one of my favourite accessories to complete an interior scheme is the humble floor rug.  I have been in too many houses with large expanses of flooring – timber, stone or tiles – that are crying out for this simple finishing touch.  Even the simplest of rugs will bring many benefits to.. Read more

Designing a holiday home between the beach and bush

Designing a home between the beach and the bush

The appeal of Australian coastal towns is that they are usually set to a backdrop of lush hinterland thus offering their lucky residents the best of both worlds.  Designing a holiday home between the beach and the bush offers a particular set of challenges though. For Melissa Bonney, Director at multi-disciplinary design studio, the Designory,.. Read more

Which paint finish should I use?

Which paint finish should I use in my bathroom

Which paint finish should I use is a question I am regularly asked.  As part of specifying I always advise clients but it isn’t always that straight forward and personal choice is important too. Firstly before I get into specifics or even think about styles, these are the main points when considering which paint finish.. Read more

Don’t design your curtains without this ONE thing

Don't design your curtains without this one thing

I love adding the finishing touches to a room.  All the big ticket items have been decided and it’s time to add your styling to complete the look.  Windows that are properly dressed make a room complete.  Elegant curtains finish a room perfectly and they are so practical too, keeping out the summer heat and.. Read more

Update your outdoor entertaining area

Has your outdoor entertaining area seen better days?  Are you watching the summer months go by thinking that you should really update your backyard?  If so, I have some great inspiration and tips for you to update your outdoor entertaining area courtesy of Dulux.  Let me tell you more here. Colour in the image above.. Read more