The Block 2023 Master Bedroom

The Block 2023 Master Bedroom

This week I did agree with the judges on first and second place on The Block 2023 master bedroom reveal.  I am a big fan of Steph and Gian who were clear winners this week.  Their master bedroom and walk in wardrobe was pretty much perfect.  From the colour palette, to the layout, there was.. Read more

How to display a statement artwork

How to display a statement artwork

Did you know there is an art to hanging an artwork?  How to display a statement artwork I realised is a complete topic in itself.  If you want to make a statement, you really need to do just that and not something that is just halfway there.  Large pieces of art can be a big.. Read more

The Block 2023 Living and Dining Room

The Block 2023 Living and Dining Room

I think that this week I was looking at a different season of The Block to the judges.  I thought that Steph and Gian were the clear winners of this week’s Living and Dining room reveal.  Really, I can’t see how there would be any debate about this.  I don’t think that I agreed with.. Read more

Single storey coastal home

Single storey coastal home

Located on the Illawarra coastline in New South Wales’s South Coast, ‘The Bach’ is a single storey coastal home that showcases relaxed living at its best. Transformed from a dark and outdated space to a spectacular coastal holiday home, The Bach effortlessly combines coastal charm and contemporary influences to create a space that feels relaxed.. Read more

The Block 2023 bathroom

The Block 2023 bathroom reveal

I was generally impressed with this week’s bathroom reveal on The Block.  There were some highs, a couple of lows, but some very solid rooms that I thought worked really well.  Leah and Ash did take out first prize, but only by using their gnome.  I did feel that Brett and Kristy’s bathroom deserved the.. Read more

What colour do I paint my cornice?

What colour do I paint my cornice

The cornice is the plaster detail that covers the join between the wall and the ceiling.  It’s an area that isn’t usually paid a lot of attention until you have to select one or decide what you should paint it.  There is a very straight forward answer in terms of painting and that is that.. Read more

The Block 2023 Working from Home space

The Block 2023 Working from Home Space

Since the enforced period of time away from the office or education that we went through during Covid, it seems that homes will now always be designed with a working from home space.  It was interesting to see how the teams interpreted this idea.  Is a desk enough in the corner of a bedroom?  Probably.. Read more

How to choose interior wall panelling

Wall panelling trends

I absolutely love designing interior spaces with wall panelling.  Have you noticed that you can get away with richer tones and more colourful exteriors when you have a weatherboard home?  You can use colours and tones that you just couldn’t get away with on a rendered house.  The secret is in the shadowline of the.. Read more

The Block 2023 Studio Reveal

The Block 2023 Studio

The Block 2023 Studio reveal left me thinking what is the best use for a space like this as all the teams offered something a little different.  Is the studio meant to be purely for guests or is this an overflow work and/or fitness zone for the family.  Does the space need to meet all.. Read more

Acreage Lodge style home

Acreage Lodge Style home

Do you love the lodge style homes that you see in America?  On shows like Yellowstone where ranches are built within magnificent landscapes that are rugged and beautiful.  This style has some features that translate perfectly to the Australian countryside, so if you are building a home and want to shun the all white Hamptons.. Read more