How to choose a bathroom vanity

How to choose a bathroom vanity

It wasn’t so long ago that if you wanted a vanity that was out of the ordinary, you needed to arrange for something that was custom made.  This is still the case if you have an awkward opening or you need something built in wall to wall, but the choice now is so good that.. Read more

Byron Bay beach house tour

Byron Bay Beach House

Byron Bay would have to be a leading location when it comes to showcasing Australian coastal style.  Extremely chic, but wonderfully laid back, this coastal town is the ideal holiday destination.  I must say that a Bryon Bay beach house would probably be near the top of many people’s wish list.  When this gorgeous home.. Read more

Contemporary update to a 1970s home

Update to a 1970s home

It is so interesting to see how architects can transform a home, particularly a 1970s project home in the suburbs.  What these houses do offer are usually large blocks with established gardens and trees surrounding them.  I am so glad to be able to show you this update to a 1970s home to inspire you… Read more

How to use a mustard and green colour palette

Green and mustard colour palette

I must confess that the sentence mustard and green colour palette doesn’t fill me with excitement.  However, that is until I see the imagery.  I think it’s a problem with the word mustard which conjures up a dirty, yellow brown.  In fact the colour is a rich warm yellow that is much easier to work.. Read more

Sally Fitzgibbons’ Gerroa beach house

Sally Fitzgibbons' Gerroa Beach House

Gerroa is a special place on the south coast of NSW and one that legendary surfer Sally Fitzgibbons calls home.  This house tour is very timely for those who love a simple, pared back coastal style that is easy to live in and at the same time absolutely gorgeous.  In a breathtaking position and just.. Read more

The Block 2022 Landscape week

The Block 2022 Landscape reveal

Do you remember when The Block started in Bondi?  With just a few rooms to renovate, the programme has come a very long way.  The Block 2022 landscape week really highlighted this. Since the Covid pandemic, the dream of many is to live in a country setting with space around you and a fabulous work.. Read more

How to complete a room with sheer curtains

How to complete a room with sheers

Window dressings, in addition to looking great and finishing a room, are also extremely practical.  One of my favourite choices to dress a window are sheer curtains – curtains that are simple and unlined that you can just see through when the light shines on them.  Sheers can look contemporary or more classic depending on.. Read more

The Block 2022 Work from home space

The Block 2022 Work from Home

A work from home space is almost obligatory now when designing a house so it has been interesting to see how The Block 2022 contestants have approached the design this week.  Essentially, each home had an overflow space and it was up to each pair to decide how they wanted to use the space.  I.. Read more

How to choose ceiling fans

How to choose ceiling fans

Who doesn’t love the gentle whir of a ceiling fan? Along with frogs and cicadas, it is one of the sounds that signifies summer has arrived.  Those days when the roar of the cicadas actually make you feel the heat, is the time to ramp up the overhead fans.  A good architect will ensure that.. Read more

The Block 2022 Bedroom and Re-do room

The Block 2022 Bedroom

On the final indoor week of The Block 2022, we saw the contestants complete a fourth bedroom and they had the opportunity to re-do a room.  This was their chance to go back through the house and ensure that it is the best that it can be.  This week I have shown the bedrooms and.. Read more