The Rattan Trend – how to incorporate it into your home

The Rattan Trend - how to introduce it into your home

Have you noticed the Rattan Trend gaining hold in interior decorating?  It seems that whichever style you look at, from British Colonial through to Coastal, Bohemian, Retro or Scandi, the Rattan Trend is firmly entrenched.  I have always been a fan of furniture in rattan as I like the casual look that it introduces to.. Read more

The Humble Garden Bench – my favourites

A Bohemian Coastal style garden bench

With Spring upon us my thoughts are turning to my garden again which needs much love, care and attention.   I love a nice place to sit and the humble garden bench, which has been popular for centuries, makes both an ideal resting spot and a great focal point and garden accessory.  Now is the.. Read more

Tropical Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

Tropical Style - 7 steps to achieve this look

A new fresh contemporary Tropical Style is currently on trend.  Related to the more traditional British Colonial Style, this modern version is fresher and more akin to a breezy coastal look.  If you love open plan living, open windows to catch the breeze, fresh clean white with injections of some strong colour, then this may.. Read more

Stylish White Bedroom Schemes

Stylish white bedroom schemes are always a classic.  The simplicity of the colour white makes this the perfect choice to use in this all important room. Calm and serene, white is a gentle colour to relax in and therefore perfect for this space.  Even if you have a neutral or a soft calming colour like.. Read more

How to display a statement artwork

How to display a statement artwork

Did you know there is an art to hanging an artwork?  How to display a statement artwork I realised is a complete topic in itself.  If you want to make a statement, you really need to do just that and not something that is just halfway there.  Large pieces of art can be a big.. Read more

What colour do I paint my ceiling?

What colour do I paint my ceiling?

Walk into a paint store and prominent at the front will be huge displays of discounted flat ceiling white paint, so you may be asking why would I need to consider what colour to paint my ceiling?  This is valid as there is nothing terribly wrong with ceiling white paint but it isn’t necessarily exactly.. Read more

What is Greige? Find out how to use it in your home

What is Greige

I am often asked, what is Greige and why all the fuss about it? Quite simply, Greige is a combination of beige and grey.  I love it and find it is one of the colours that I specify the most.  Find out why I like it and how to use it in your home here… Read more

Open plan vs Individual rooms

Open plan vs Individual rooms

When it comes to buying or designing a house, do you prefer open plan spaces or a series of more intimate individual rooms? Both layouts for me have their merits but I think you have to be very careful when opting for a full open plan solution.  Before getting carried away with designing a house.. Read more

How to decorate with brown

How to decorate with brown

Warm and inviting, rich and enveloping are words associated with a classic winter scheme and no colour meets the brief more perfectly than brown.  Solid and reliable, conservative and yet sometimes perceived as boring, brown is without doubt a colour that would be greatly missed by interior decorators who appreciate its broad value and appeal. .. Read more

Accessories for a Coastal Style you can’t do without

Accessories for a coastal style

The big mistake that people make with selecting accessories for a Coastal Style is to cram the house full of beach related curios rather than select just a few to carefully use throughout the scheme.  The decorator’s mantra of less is more is so important for this look.  Let me show you how to classically.. Read more