How to decorate with canvas prints

How to decorate with Canvas prints

Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies in Australia.  As most of us now walk around with a fairly sophisticated camera, just in our phones, it is so simple to take a good quality snap.  Some people will tell you that a new model Smartphone has a camera that will rival a good.. Read more

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Faced with global uncertainty, life as we know it is on hold. Cut off from our normal freedoms and routines, home is now the epicentre of our lives where many of us work, study, eat, sleep and relax. Technology has become more important than ever before as we rely on connection with the outside world… Read more

The Block Room Reveal Guest Bedroom

The Block Room Reveal Guest Bedroom

The Block Room Reveal Guest Bedroom week saw a particular challenge for the contestants.  To turn around a room in one week is a huge challenge for anyone, but to present and style it in a particular era adds another layer of complexity.  In many ways this is a challenge faced by professional designers daily.. Read more

Trend Report – Terracotta

Trend Report - Terracotta

Have you noticed the recent trend for Terracotta?  Warmer neutrals have been making a comeback and gorgeous rich terracotta is at the forefront of this trend.  I wrote about this colour back in 2016 as I could see this beginning to appear in trend reports and fashion designs and now I am very happy to.. Read more

How to upscale your furniture and accessories

How to upscale your furniture and accessories

How often do you see perfectly good pieces of furniture out on a nature strip destined for the local waste facility?  It’s heartbreaking to see an item destroyed and clogging up landfill that with some TLC could be updated or repurposed. Over the years I have painted items of furniture that have dated or been.. Read more

My Guide to the Perfect Dining Room

My guide to the perfect dining room

I love my dining room.  It is lined with bookshelves and music and I love entertaining there.  I also just like to go in and sit at the dining table. It’s in the cooler part of the house, so sometimes in the summer I just camp there with my laptop to work. I know though.. Read more

Surf shack to stylish Byron Beach house

1950s surf shack to stylish Byron Bay beach house

How many of us don’t dream of having a gorgeous little beach house to escape to?  Somewhere that offers a completely different environment to our regular day to day abode.  I certainly do and what appeals to me the most is that rather than a sensible home in neutrals and white, it could be somewhere.. Read more

10 things you must include when planning a Mud Room

Who wouldn’t like to see the back of school bags, shoes, hats and coats cluttering up the entrance hall?  I would hazard a guess that this is pretty much everyone, which is why when you are planning a new house or renovating an existing one you should consider including a Mud Room. Once considered the.. Read more

Dulux Design Effects – quick decor updates

Quick decor updates with Dulux Design Effects

Creating a modern yet timeless feature wall that leaves a lasting impression in your home can be a daunting and unfamiliar task. Whether the aim is to inject playful colour into a child’s bedroom or add a touch of sophistication to a kitchen, a textured feature wall is guaranteed to bring the ‘wow’ factor into.. Read more

The Secrets to Modern Scandinavian Barn Style

The secrets to modern Scandinavian Barn Style

In the global world of design, the hot trend of the moment has to be Scandi Style.  Whether it’s our love of the Scandinavian mid century classic designs of the Modernist movement or the Danish passion for Hygge, we can’t seem to get enough of it.  While this has been a hot trend in Australia.. Read more