Victorian terrace renovation

An inner-western Sydney terrace on a tight 134m2 block of land has been transformed into a light-filled three-level family home. Building on the solid foundations of an early 20th Century residence, Tass Construction Group has delivered a perfectly designed home for a young family in the 21st Century. “Our Leichhardt.. Read more

Favourite rooms in June

I have been looking at modern farmhouse style a lot lately and many of the images that I have found have really jumped out at me as the look is classic, but also modern without some of the harsher edges that you see with contemporary design.  I have realised that.. Read more

Favourite rooms in May

Do you find yourself going through the maze of Pinterest and becoming overwhelmed with the beautiful rooms displayed?  Most people do, so I have been through and looked at some of my favourite rooms that I have found in May and listed them below.  I also tell you why they.. Read more

A contemporary reimagining of an Arts and Crafts home

The Arts and Crafts movement was born in the mid nineteenth century in England as a backlash to the mass production of items from the industrial revolution of that time.  These were perceived as being sub standard and this movement sought to refocus on handmade furniture and items of beauty.. Read more

Favourite rooms in April

Trawling through the internet, as I do most days, I have found some beautiful spaces.  I am sharing these with you as my favourite rooms in April and telling you why I think they work so well. My favourite dining space I do love metal interior doors, and what is.. Read more

Oak and Orange talk flooring and window dressing trends

Whether you're embarking on a ground-up build or giving your current home a facelift, reimagining our living spaces with innovative design concepts presents an ideal chance to craft environments that are not just visually stunning but also eco-friendly. Sarah Jobse, a visionary behind the design powerhouse Oak & Orange and.. Read more

How to work with a dark colour palette

People tend to either love or hate a dark colour palette.  Those of us who do like them though are often too afraid to use them and the alternative of a light white or neutral scheme just seems an easier option.  Certainly, this can be true but often it isn't the.. Read more


How to style your home office

For many of us, working from home is the new normal.  When we used to occasionally work from home due to illness or other commitments, a laptop on the dining room table was adequate, but now we really need a dedicated space, as in many professions, home is now the.. Read more

Parisian Decorating Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

Black, white and grey are perennial favourites in the decorating stakes and the basis for a classic Parisian decorating style.  Sophisticated and elegant, this look, which belongs to the salons of one of the world's most beautiful cities, is timeless.  The appeal of Parisian style is that if you get.. Read more


Favourite rooms in March

Here is my round up of my favourite rooms in March.  I have chanced upon some fabulous spaces during my scouring of the internet during the past month. The rooms are all very classic and I will show you what it is that I love about them and felt them.. Read more

How to use shelving in your kitchen design

Years ago, a kitchen always included shelving and then we got all contemporary and kitchens became sleek with everything put away and in its place.  For those of you who don't like clutter and prefer simple clean lines, this is probably the best design solution for you.  However, even with.. Read more

How to use a dark trim in your home

Traditionally, internal trim and doors are painted in a lighter colour than the walls.  However, you get quite a different look and feel to your house if you paint the internal doors, architraves, skirting boards and any wainscoting in a darker tone.  This is a very effective way of using.. Read more

Favourite rooms in February

I have found so many favourite rooms in my trawling of the internet during February.  As you know, you can get lost in Instagram and Pinterest which takes you off to some wonderful websites and blogs, but you can end up going around in circles as there are so many.. Read more

How to create a dream holiday home

Situated close to the pristine Byron Bay coastline in northern New South Wales, Samudra House is one of three stunning homes, collectively known as ‘The Vela Properties’, which is the latest project in the portfolio of multi-disciplinary design studio, The Designory. Sitting proudly on a quarter-acre corner block of the.. Read more

Styling a Coastal Interior

Coastal style will always be one of the most popular looks in Australia.  Other styles come and go, but this one is enduring.  Styling a coastal interior though needs updating from time to time, so I thought I would write about how to achieve a modern coastal look by simply.. Read more

10 simple ways to improve the look of your home

If you have lived in a home for a long time, chances are that you feel it needs an update.  Often though a huge renovation can be hundreds of thousands of dollars and the thought of this can be overwhelming.  You end up going around in circles and then not.. Read more

Favourite rooms in January

I come across so many rooms that I absolutely love, so I thought that each month I would share some of these with you and let you know why I think they work so well.   What I love about this bedroom The different wall treatments make this bedroom interesting,.. Read more

How to choose the right sofa

A sofa can be amongst the most expensive furniture decisions you will make and you should expect one to last for a decent amount of time.  Styles come and go and our tastes change over the years, so with such a significant investment you need to carefully consider this choice... Read more

Recreating a Redfern terrace house

What happens when you combine a leading architectural firm, a talented interior designer with a client who is a leader himself in the Australian design industry?  Recreating a Redfern terrace house details this amazing collaboration and showcases a truly fabulous renovation.  Read the full story below, together with what I.. Read more

Tonal contrasts in interiors

When you see a simple neutral scheme that you love and would like to replicate, the key is understanding the importance of tonal contrasts in interiors.  You often hear derogatory remarks about the colour beige and how boring it can be.  This is only true if you use lots of.. Read more

Sikata House by The Designory

Sikata House, designed by The Designory team, sits within a quarter acre corner site in Byron Bay’s coveted golden grid, mirroring the sandy warm tones of the surrounding beaches, clifftops and bushlands. Exuding all the hallmarks of the global travel experience, the home is an exploration of the concept of.. Read more

Japandi Style 7 steps to achieve this look

There is a good reason that Japandi style is gaining in popularity, however this is a style with its roots deep in the past.  When Japan opened its borders in the late 19th century, Scandinavian visitors found an affinity with the delicate style and balance of Japanese interiors with their.. Read more


New homes by Alisa and Lysandra

Renowned interior designers and past winners of The Block, Alisa and Lysandra have wrapped up their latest Design Duo project – building homes side-by-side. Although the pair usually work as a team on their renovation projects, for this project, dubbed a “Twin Off”, each designed and built their own family.. Read more

How high should my bathroom wall tiles be?

Do you remember when it was easy and you either tiled all the way to the ceiling in your bathroom, or if funds were limited, you tiled to 1800mm in the shower cubicle and to 1200mm everywhere else?  Thankfully, design ideas have come a long way and there are now.. Read more

Kitchen Styling – My 5 top tips

Kitchen styling is the fun part of a renovation project.  Let's face it, renovating a kitchen is a major job.  There is a lot of planning, choices to be made, tradespeople to deal with and the upheaval of making do with a microwave in the living room for far too.. Read more


How to decorate with brown

Warm and inviting, rich and enveloping are words associated with a classic winter scheme and no colour meets the brief more perfectly than brown.  Solid and reliable, conservative and yet sometimes perceived as boring, brown is without doubt a colour that would be greatly missed by interior decorators who appreciate.. Read more

The Block 2023 bathroom and re-do room

I was certainly surprised with some of the rooms on The Block 2023 bathroom and re-do room.  There were rooms that were re-done for absolutely no reason.  Some did need to be thought through again, but some were an absolute waste of time and resources.  There is no doubt that.. Read more

Why indoor plants are good for your health

Indoor plants are good for your health.  This is a fact and one of many good reasons you should be scooting off to your local garden centre to include these in your home styling. I have a list of reasons why you should introduce these into your home and lots.. Read more


The Block 2023 Kid's bedrooms

I was so pleased to see that Steph and Gian quite rightly won The Block 2023 kid's bedrooms' reveal.  These guys really have a great handle on the use of colour and how to use it in interiors.  I cannot fathom though how Leah and Ash came second.  Their approach.. Read more

Open plan vs Individual rooms

When it comes to buying or designing a house, do you prefer open plan spaces or a series of more intimate individual rooms? Both layouts for me have their merits, but I think you have to be very careful when opting for a full open plan solution.  Before getting carried.. Read more

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How to use black for kitchen cabinetry

Have you ever considered black for kitchen cabinetry? It can be a bold decision and one that I think many people would shy away from.  But a black kitchen has many benefits from a design perspective.  Read further to see whether this could be the right choice for your next.. Read more

The Block 2023 Master Bedroom

This week I did agree with the judges on first and second place on The Block 2023 master bedroom reveal.  I am a big fan of Steph and Gian who were clear winners this week.  Their master bedroom and walk in wardrobe was pretty much perfect.  From the colour palette,.. Read more

How to display a statement artwork

Did you know there is an art to hanging an artwork?  How to display a statement artwork I realised is a complete topic in itself.  If you want to make a statement, you really need to do just that and not something that is just halfway there.  Large pieces of.. Read more

The Block 2023 Living and Dining Room

I think that this week I was looking at a different season of The Block to the judges.  I thought that Steph and Gian were the clear winners of this week's Living and Dining room reveal.  Really, I can't see how there would be any debate about this.  I don't.. Read more

Single storey coastal home

Located on the Illawarra coastline in New South Wales’s South Coast, ‘The Bach’ is a single storey coastal home that showcases relaxed living at its best. Transformed from a dark and outdated space to a spectacular coastal holiday home, The Bach effortlessly combines coastal charm and contemporary influences to create.. Read more


What colour do I paint my cornice?

The cornice is the plaster detail that covers the join between the wall and the ceiling.  It's an area that isn't usually paid a lot of attention until you have to select one or decide what you should paint it.  There is a very straight forward answer in terms of.. Read more


The Block 2023 Working from Home space

Since the enforced period of time away from the office or education that we went through during Covid, it seems that homes will now always be designed with a working from home space.  It was interesting to see how the teams interpreted this idea.  Is a desk enough in the.. Read more

How to choose interior wall panelling

I absolutely love designing interior spaces with wall panelling.  Have you noticed that you can get away with richer tones and more colourful exteriors when you have a weatherboard home?  You can use colours and tones that you just couldn't get away with on a rendered house.  The secret is.. Read more

The Block 2023 Studio Reveal

The Block 2023 Studio reveal left me thinking what is the best use for a space like this as all the teams offered something a little different.  Is the studio meant to be purely for guests or is this an overflow work and/or fitness zone for the family.  Does the.. Read more

7 tips to style a living room

We have all seen the real estate photos where it is clear as day that the property has been professionally styled to sell.  We have also seen living rooms that are nicely painted, which have some decent furniture but absolutely no soul.  What you are aiming to achieve for your.. Read more


Taylor's of Berry Guest House

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog post about painting your house black and it has proved very popular.  What started as quite a unique exterior colour palette has evolved into a mainstream trend. Colour, and more importantly the tone of that colour, has the ability, more than any other.. Read more

How to choose a bathroom vanity

It wasn't so long ago that if you wanted a vanity that was out of the ordinary, you needed to arrange for something that was custom made.  This is still the case if you have an awkward opening or you need something built in wall to wall, but the choice.. Read more

Byron Bay beach house tour

Byron Bay would have to be a leading location when it comes to showcasing Australian coastal style.  Extremely chic, but wonderfully laid back, this coastal town is the ideal holiday destination.  I must say that a Bryon Bay beach house would probably be near the top of many people's wish.. Read more

Contemporary update to a 1970s home

It is so interesting to see how architects can transform a home, particularly a 1970s project home in the suburbs.  What these houses do offer are usually large blocks with established gardens and trees surrounding them.  I am so glad to be able to show you this update to a.. Read more

Sally Fitzgibbons' Gerroa beach house

Gerroa is a special place on the south coast of NSW and one that legendary surfer Sally Fitzgibbons calls home.  This house tour is very timely for those who love a simple, pared back coastal style that is easy to live in and at the same time absolutely gorgeous.  In.. Read more


How to complete a room with sheer curtains

Window dressings, in addition to looking great and finishing a room, are also extremely practical.  One of my favourite choices to dress a window are sheer curtains – curtains that are simple and unlined that you can just see through when the light shines on them.  Sheers can look contemporary.. Read more


The Block 2022 Work from home space

A work from home space is almost obligatory now when designing a house so it has been interesting to see how The Block 2022 contestants have approached the design this week.  Essentially, each home had an overflow space and it was up to each pair to decide how they wanted.. Read more

How to choose ceiling fans

Who doesn't love the gentle whir of a ceiling fan? Along with frogs and cicadas, it is one of the sounds that signifies summer has arrived.  Those days when the roar of the cicadas actually make you feel the heat, is the time to ramp up the overhead fans.  A.. Read more


The Block 2022 Bedroom and Re-do room

On the final indoor week of The Block 2022, we saw the contestants complete a fourth bedroom and they had the opportunity to re-do a room.  This was their chance to go back through the house and ensure that it is the best that it can be.  This week I.. Read more

How to select the right interior door

I know from working with clients who are building their dream home that often the interior door is one of the last elements that they consider.  However to get the look and feel right for your home, internal doors are one of the most important selections you will make.  Don't.. Read more


The Block 2022 Kids bedroom

Week 9 of The Block 2022 was far quieter than the previous weeks with only one simple room to complete.  The brief was for a guest bedroom, but four of the five teams opted to create a kids bedroom, while Omar and Oz bit the bullet and chose to deliver.. Read more

How to put a gallery wall together

I am going to show you how to put a gallery wall together – one of the most eye catching styling features for a room.  There is nothing worse than a large wall with just one or two small pictures on it.  Without being in a group or with a.. Read more


The Block 2022 Hallway, Mudroom and Laundry

Week 8 is quite rightly referred to as Hell week on The Block.  The delivery of the hallway, mudroom and laundry is absolutely no mean feat.  In fact, I think that it is unrealistic, which shows in the finishes of most of the rooms this week.  These are large houses,.. Read more

Using tan leather in a colour palette

Remember when we used to furnish a living room with a three piece suite?  Those were the days when decorating was easy.  Putting a living room scheme together now often requires a lot more thought.  The outcome though is more interesting and means that you can swap pieces in and.. Read more

The Block 2022 Living and Dining Room

I found the reveal of the living and dining room on The Block this week extremely disappointing.  There wasn't one room that I really loved.  All of the rooms had issues and many of the contestants couldn't seem to pinpoint a style.  There were a mix of styles in most.. Read more

The Block 2022 Kitchen

Week 6 on The Block 2022 sees the reveal of the most anticipated room, the kitchen.  There were some great highs, but again, some lows, and again I didn't agree completely with the judges.  I have really enjoyed seeing how Omar and Oz have developed through the show, but I.. Read more


My Guide to the Perfect Home Office

We are working from a home office with increased regularity.  Whether avoiding a virus, traffic jams or simply realising that with greater advances in technology, we don't need to haul into an office in the centre of town every day.  Even if you work from home for one to two.. Read more


The Block 2022 Bedroom and Bathroom

Week 5 of The Block 2022 saw the contestants deliver two rooms, a bedroom and a bathroom and in one case, a powder room too, which is an enormous achievement.  As ever, there were some highs and some lows and as usual, I didn't agree fully with the judges.  I.. Read more

A contemporary suburban home

Why is it that when we talk about a suburban home it conjures up a more pedestrian life?  One that doesn't have the glamour of a city terrace, a beach house, a mountains retreat or a country homestead.  It shouldn't be this way as the majority of people do live.. Read more

The Block 2022 Master Bedroom

So, last week we saw the master ensuite on the Block 2022 and this week we get to see how the contestants continued their theme and the colour flow into their master bedroom.  There were some highs and I am sorry to say, some lows.  I am also sorry to.. Read more

The trend for Mediterranean arches

What do you think of the Mediterranean trend for arches in our homes?  For many, including myself, a house with interior arches usually meant a frantic call to the local plasterer to square off those rounded edges.  I have always loved them in the Mediterranean and have swooned over houses.. Read more


Renovated 1930s Australian beach house

When you see a renovated 1930s Australian beach house that has been produced by the talented Lucy Glade Wright, founder of Hunting for George, and her husband Jonno, you know that it is going to be a treat.  This house is everything it should be.  Beautifully renovated with a simple.. Read more

How high should a tiled kitchen spashback be?

A tiled kitchen splashback used to be easy.  We picked a height that ran around to the base of our kitchen wall cabinets and stuck on the tiles to this height.  But have you seen lately that designers are coming up with so many alternatives? With different designs of tiles.. Read more


How to use black accents in interiors

What do you conjure up with the word black?  For me it signifies elegance and sophistication.  I wouldn't be without a little black dress in my wardrobe and the same is true for me with interiors.  I would generally choose a black lampshade over a white one or a black.. Read more


How to choose kitchen pendants

Which kitchen pendants should I choose is one of the questions that I am most often asked.  I think that the issue that people have is that there are so many on the market to choose from and a wide range of styles.  Then there is the question of how.. Read more


Studio living at The Shack

Who wouldn't love a trendy bolt hole at the end of their garden?  A perfect white studio to use as an office, guest accommodation or even just as a quiet escape.  This story is about studio living at The Shack and if you have the space, I hope that you.. Read more

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What is Campaign Furniture

Have you heard the term Campaign furniture lately and wondered what on earth it is?  Often referred to as exploration furniture, these pieces are becoming integral to many of our much loved styles.  From Plantation and Caribbean style, a Hamptons look and even through to an Industrial vibe.  I have.. Read more


Hayden and Sara Vale's South Coast home

Former winners of The Block, Hayden and Sara Vale, have recently completed their latest project – transforming an old South Coast house into a luxury home with a marriage of urban and coastal influences. Southhouse is located just a stone’s throw away from the beach in New South Wales’ Stanwell.. Read more

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets, which do you prefer?  Have you even considered having one of these in your living or dining room?  This was a trend that we started to see a few years ago, and it seems that the bar cart or bar cabinet is becoming a must.. Read more


My favourite rooms on The Block 2021

The Block Auction took place this weekend with, I must say, some surprising results.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to review the season and put forward which were my favourite rooms on The Block 2021. Let us be clear though that this was derived from the current.. Read more

Gaggenau Kitchen of the Year winners

Founded by leading appliance brand Gaggenau in October 2020, the Kitchen of the Year Design Contest was created to honour truly unique and outstanding kitchen design. Open to industry professionals across Australia, the contest sought designs defined by a pursuit of excellence. Gaggenau appliances adorn the most luxurious kitchens worldwide.. Read more

Kate Walker's Caribbean style home

One of my favourite styles, and those of my readers, is British Colonial Style.  After time spent living in Asia and many Singapore Slings at Raffles, it is a nostalgic look that I love.  Caribbean style however is much better suited to our lifestyle here in Australia and I was.. Read more


The Block 2021 Study, Garage and Wine Cellar

The Block study, garage and wine cellar reveal had a clear winner for me this week.  Ronnie and Georgia absolutely stole the show and nobody came close to them.  This week, these guys have completely set themselves apart in the competition. The judges only marked Kirsty and Jesse a half.. Read more

10 things you must include when planning a Mud Room

Who wouldn't like to see the back of school bags, shoes, hats and coats cluttering up the entrance hall?  I would hazard a guess that this is pretty much everyone, which is why when you are planning a new house or renovating an existing one you should consider including a.. Read more


What colour do I paint my skirting boards and architraves?

Skirting boards and architraves are often given the least thought – they are in fact an after-thought but the colour and tone that you use here can make or break your colour scheme.  I have some guidelines and tips to help you to decide the right colour for your look... Read more


The Block 2021 Hallway and Laundry

This is the first time during The Block 2021, that I have agreed with the judges in terms of placement – all the contestants were where they were meant to be this week.  Kirsty and Jesse's hallway, laundry and bathroom reveal was pretty much perfect.  With a score of 29.5.. Read more


Contemporary Mediterranean house tour

As I love Spanish style, I was thrilled to see this house cross my desk and had to share it with you.  Let's take a tour of this gorgeous Mediterranean house, a Spanish home with a definite Australian twist. Characterised by its defining arches and subtle Mediterranean tones, Arcos Villa.. Read more

The Block 2021 Living and Dining Room

Another great reveal on The Block 2021 living and dining room week.  There were some stunning rooms, but there were also some that I didn't like, together with some very poor planning decisions regarding the use of space.  More ups than downs though and some very different styles, which was.. Read more

The Block 2021 Kitchen Reveal

This is undoubtedly one of the favourite weeks on The Block and 2021 has seen some gorgeous kitchen reveals.  One was perfect, another was almost there, two were good but not amazing and there was one that I didn't like much at all.  There were also some dreadful planning decisions... Read more

The Block 2021 Bedroom and Redo Room

There is a lot to see this week on The Block with the bedroom and redo room.  I must say, I was a little underwhelmed this week after the highs of the master ensuites.  There wasn't really anything that grabbed me in the bedroom reveals.  Ronnie and Georgia took out.. Read more

10 things to include in a Laundry Room

I believe there are 10 things to include in a laundry room to ensure that it works effectively.  Let's face it though, this room is often the last one on your list when it comes to a renovation but if you get this room right then it saves you so.. Read more


The Block 2021 Master Ensuite Reveal

The Block 2021 master ensuite reveals were, in general, a triumph.  There were some stunning rooms, a gorgeous use of colour and above all a sense of luxury and calm.  By the judges scores, Josh & Luke had to win with their bathroom concept, but although quite breathtaking, I would.. Read more

Walsh Bay Apartment by Greg Natale

Smooth curves and delicate colours set the tone of the space in a recent, showstopping fit-out of a Walsh Bay apartment by multi-award-winning Australian designer, Greg Natale from Greg Natale Designs. Well-known for his masterly use and bold application of pattern and colour, Natale has taken his signature flair for.. Read more

The Block 2021 Basement Reveal

The Block 2021 basement reveal was a bit of a non event as far as I'm concerned as home theatre rooms and steam rooms don't hold great appeal for me.  I was pleased to see however that Kirsty and Jesse took out first place.  Their style is developing now and.. Read more

Dulux Colour Forecast 2022

The Dulux Colour Forecast 2022 comprises three exciting palettes drawn from our Earth’s surroundings that feature rich, earthy tones and natural textures, alongside joyful, summery hues that awaken our zest for life. The world has changed, and we have changed with it. As we gradually emerge from another difficult year,.. Read more

4 Key elements of Contemporary Bohemian Style

Have you come across Contemporary Bohemian Style?  I would hazard a guess that the majority of us have introduced a little bit of Bohemian style into our homes without even realising it.  Remember there are no new ideas, just reinvented ones.  I am happy to say though that these are.. Read more


The Block 2021 Master Bedroom Reveal

Master Bedroom and Walk in Wardrobe Reveal The contestants on The Block 2021 are getting well into their stride now with the reveal of the Master Bedroom and walk in robe.  Josh and Luke stood out as the clear winners this week continuing with their luxe feel and the most.. Read more


Kitchen Range Hood Designs

Do you remember when choosing the design of a range hood for your kitchen was easy?  You basically bought a range hood and stuck it on the wall over the stove top.  Whether it was made of stainless steel or glass, it was proudly on display as part of the.. Read more


The Block 2021 Guest Ensuite Reveal

We've finished the second week of The Block 2021 and it's been interesting to see the development of the house schemes with the Guest Ensuite reveal.  There is certainly a theme developing.  Ronnie & Georgia are continuing with their very tasteful scheme of warm neutrals, demonstrating that simplicity and a.. Read more

Shelley Craft's Byron Bay Beach House

This house tour of Shelley Craft's Byron Bay Beach house is a real treat.  Forget the classic white coastal look, this is an altogether different proposition which is refreshing and fun but very tasteful.  I love this home as I am a fan of lovely warm tones.  I would love.. Read more

The Block 2021 – Guest Bedroom Reveal

Welcome to The Block 2021, where we are kicking off with the Guest Bedroom reveal.  This is a good way to break in the contestants, 3 new couples and 2 old timers and to begin to get a feel for how their houses will shape up. This year we will.. Read more

How to use a strong feature colour

All white interiors are certainly popular, but I am hearing more and more from clients that they would like to introduce some colour.   In fact, they are craving some more colour but are completely unsure of how to achieve this without compromising the look of their home.  Using a strong.. Read more


Trend report – Grey and Oak Interiors

I am a big fan of Scandi style and one of the trends that has come from this look is the partnership of pale grey and oak in interiors.  Do you love this look?  I do, and I think that it also suits other styles too.  These two colours can.. Read more


House 13 – The Three Birds

The concept of The Three Birds has been hugely successful.  It's how many of us would like to live, working with close friends and renovating properties together – what a fabulous job!  It's always interesting to see the next house and The Birds are now up to house number 13. .. Read more

How to use the colour Sage Green

Have you noticed the recent love affair with green in the world of interiors?  Green, in general, is making a comeback, but Sage Green is really causing a stir and fast becoming many people's new favourite colour.  I am thrilled as green is my favourite colour and I also love.. Read more


Albury House Tour – an award winning environmentally responsive home

An environmentally responsive home is one which many of us aim to achieve when we are building a house.  Sustainable finishes and inclusions together with buildings that can withstand our tough climate conditions are often front of mind, but then budget constraints get in the way, builders don't always want.. Read more

How to choose canopy beds

Five years ago I would have only associated Canopy Beds with historical movies.  The realms of Queen Elizabeth 1st or Anne Boleyn seemed more appropriate then than a modern day bedroom but how things have changed.  The canopy bed is now quite a common piece of bedroom furniture which I.. Read more

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3 colour schemes for a home office

With most of us spending more time working from home than ever before, there has never been a better time to show your workspace some love. “Your study should be a space of calm and concentration, but most importantly somewhere you actually enjoy spending time,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour.. Read more

A contemporary Hamptons farmhouse

Situated in the sprawling rural community of Tallai, on the outer edge of the Gold Coast, lies a home with a unique take on the luxurious contemporary Hamptons farmhouse style and the timeless comfort of the Australian Country aesthetic. Fontaine, by Australia’s Metricon Homes, is an acreage design spanning 600m2.. Read more


My Guide to Contemporary Timber Kitchens

Both beautiful and sustainable, natural timber is one of the best ways to introduce warmth and personality into an interior scheme, which is one of the main reasons that timber kitchens are enjoying a well deserved revival.  While we don't see full solid timber kitchens in design much anymore, there.. Read more


Why I like to use throws in my home

I'm not sure when throws became popular in interiors but I can't remember a time without them.  However it has really been the last few years that we have seen such a wide range of throws on the market.  When I accessorise a room, I am focusing on introducing layers.. Read more

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How to use a Nude Colour Palette

How does everyone feel about the warm colours, whites and neutrals that are gaining in popularity?  I love warmer tones as they are comforting and gentle on the eye.  However, I know some people are mystified that terracotta has made a comeback and that blush and apricot tones are now.. Read more


My 10 favourite media nooks

The great debate about whether technology has simplified our life goes on but in terms of decorating, whether we like it or not, we now need to consider a dedicated area in our homes to handle all of our media.  Hence many kitchens, studies or living areas are being designed.. Read more


Neale Whitaker on the move away from open plan living

Over the past year, the functionality of the home has shifted, with kitchens becoming home offices, living rooms turning into yoga studios and bathrooms becoming a private retreat away from the stresses of daily life. “One of the most interesting shifts expected to appear in 2021 is a move away.. Read more

Mid-Century Home Renovation

I am a big fan of Mid-Century home style which formed the backbone of my early design studies.  Often described as a modern look, the style is hardly contemporary as it dates back to the beginning of the Modernism movement in the late 19th century.   By shunning unnecessary ornamentation, a.. Read more

Why I like to use a bedspread

A bedroom should be a calm environment to induce relaxation and one of the best ways to achieve this is to have a room that is tidy and free of clutter.  This is the main reason that I like to use a bedspread.  Let's face it, how many of us.. Read more

Dulux Autumn Colour Trends 2021

For the Autumn colour trends in 2021 expect to see soft, sun-baked neutrals bring a gentle warmth to interiors. “Most of us are still spending a lot of time at home, and after a tough year, we’re all ready for a change,” says Andrea Lucena-Orr, Dulux Colour and Communications Manager... Read more

How to style with baskets

I can't think of a time when the humble basket has not been integral to everyday home life.  As we gravitate to organic shapes and styles more and particularly appreciate handmade products, the basket has come to centre stage in the home styling stakes so I am going to show.. Read more


How to choose an upholstered bedhead

I am a huge fan of an upholstered bedhead as I feel that bedrooms, as places of sanctuary, should be cosy, soft and inviting.  A beautifully finished bedhead makes a colour and sometimes a major design statement, is tactile and really nice to rest upon after a long day.  I.. Read more


Quintessential Hamptons home in the Hunter Valley

Home design is always evolving and it's interesting to see how the COVID 19 restrictions have transformed the way we live and use our homes.  We are now prioritising spaces for connection and retreat, as well as functions such as home offices and a seamless indoor-outdoor transition for relaxation and.. Read more

A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Green has to be about my favourite colour.  I do love them all but find that this is where I gravitate to, so when browsing the range of wallpapers from Superfresco Easy, it was no surprise to me that the Adilah design was one that I had to have.  I.. Read more

Update your hallway with these 3 ideas

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  What do you think of this old adage?   That first impression really does count and I was therefore excited to see these three ideas from Dulux Australia to update your hallway.  Make this space one that is inviting and.. Read more

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How to create a classic white kitchen

Designers are always writing about trends but it is great to have a design element in the home that is a classic and a white kitchen is truly one of these.  Whether contemporary or traditional in style, a white kitchen is timeless.  I love to introduce colour into kitchens and.. Read more


How to renovate for profit

The value of renovation projects across the country has increased by 7% to $748 million, the highest level recorded since April 2016, as homeowners take advantage of recent favourable market conditions and realise renovations dreamed up during lengthy COVID-19 lockdowns.  If this is you, then I have some inspiration of.. Read more

Let me show you how to use Yellow

Yellow is the happy colour of the spectrum.  Uplifting and bright, this colour evokes images of beautiful sunflowers, bobbing heads turned towards the sun and brings warmth to all it touches.  Good news for those of you who profess to love yellow as it is purported that this beautiful bright colour is.. Read more


Interior Design Trends 2021

Think curves, textures, wall and ceiling detail, metals and neutrals with a pop of colour.  Interior design trends in 2021 will focus on the elements that can make a dramatic difference to a home as well as offering a more comfortable space to enjoy. Interior Design Trends 2021 One of.. Read more


Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

I have to admit that I am better at advising clients on decorating schemes than actually doing them myself.  I can choose them, no problem!  But when it comes to the actual work, I always employ a good tradesperson and like to direct rather than do. So when Superfresco Easy.. Read more

The Block 2020 Winners – Jimmy and Tam

Wow!  Jimmy and Tam walked away from The Block 2020 as winners with a cool $1,066.000.  House number 5, which was faithfully renovated in a Retro 1950s style, sold for a whopping $4.256,000 which was $966,000 above the reserve.  I must say that I am thrilled to see this outcome.. Read more

Monochromatic colour schemes – Black and White

Colour trends come and go.  When we didn't think anything could take over from our beloved greys, beige has popped back up on the horizon and the warm terracotta tones are featuring everywhere.  It can be difficult to keep up so you should opt for what you like.  However there.. Read more

Inside a Modern Scandi Conversion

Scandi style has been embraced around the world as it is a style that is underpinned by good quality design and the premise that less is more.  Simplicity is important with this style, with each piece in an interior being carefully curated to provide a look that is timeless.  No.. Read more

The Block Garage and Studio Reveal

The penultimate week on The Block 2020 sees the contestants working on their garage and studio space.  A garage is pretty straight forward with plenty of storage essential, but the studio is a completely different matter.  There is no doubt that a good decent sized garage with a studio is.. Read more

My top 7 tips for a Classic Coastal Scheme

Have you noticed that interiors are very neutral now? I'm sure there is no way that you couldn't have done.  White and Grey are the neutrals of the moment and of course they are very stylish.  Scroll through Pinterest and you will see that so many coastal schemes are also.. Read more


The Block Hallway, Stairs, Laundry and WC

Known as Hell week on The Block, the completion of the hallway, stairs, laundry and WC is an overwhelming week for the contestants.  Linking the original section of the house to the more contemporary space at the rear is a design challenge which this week saw Jimmy and Tam take.. Read more

7 Tips for a Neutral Beachside Scheme

One of my favourite coastal looks is a neutral beachside scheme.  We are so conditioned to associate coastal style with the colour blue that we often don't consider using anything else for this look.   Although blue is a favourite colour for the majority of us, in fact Pantone say 70%, we may.. Read more

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Nat Wheeler's 1920s Californian Bungalow renovation

Do you love Scandi style?  The decorating mantra of light, white, texture, beautiful muted grey colours, natural finishes and simplicity.  Where can you go wrong with that?  The team behind the successful Melbourne based Scandinavian Interiors store Norsu Interiors have lots to tell you and tempt you with if you.. Read more


The Block Guest Bedroom 3 reveal

The Block Guest Bedroom 3 reveal has more than bedrooms this week and some great and not so great rooms. I have to say that I am a fan of Jimmy and Tam.  They are the only contestants who have really endeavoured to meet the original brief of decorating to.. Read more


7 Tips for the Perfect Welcoming Hallway

You never get a second chance to make a first impression.  What do you think of this old adage?  I believe that it is absolutely true, whether we are talking about people or houses.  That first impression really does count and is particularly important if you are in the process.. Read more


One bedroom – 3 colour schemes

I regularly hear that choosing a colour scheme can be one of the most challenging things to do, but it really shouldn't be hard.  People tell me that they are afraid of colour!  This is so sad as colour has the ability, more than any other design element, to change.. Read more


The Block Living and Dining Reveal

The Block Living and Dining reveal has been interesting as we have seen how the contestants have completed their open plan spaces and how successfully they have incorporated the living and dining areas into their kitchens.  If the contestants are being judged on their ability to meet the original brief.. Read more

The Block Kitchen Reveal

The Block Kitchen reveal is here with some stunning kitchens.  Kitchen week on The Block is always one of the most interesting as this is the biggest investment in the house and one that the contestants can't afford to get wrong.  Butler's pantries and integrated refrigerators are standard and gorgeous.. Read more

How to decorate with Mustard

I doubt that any of us would ever say that Mustard is a favourite colour.  In fact I always remember Tricia Guild, the founder of Designer's Guild and a lover of colour, professing Mustard to be one of the few tones she disliked! I must agree that Mustard can be.. Read more

The Block Guest Bedroom and Ensuite 2 reveal

The Block Guest Bedroom and Ensuite 2 reveal was an interesting one this week and I must say I do agree with the judges on the winning team – Luke and Jasmin.  I am getting my firm favourites and although the rooms are not always executed perfectly I think there.. Read more

US Hamptons style compared with Australian Hamptons

At home on the East Coast of America, the upmarket, but very understated Hamptons style has swept the globe.  It seems that every second house that I work on is based on this classic style.  Whether it is the delicate colour palette of soft blues, greens and greys or the.. Read more


Tips to create healthy green spaces

For many of us, we have our families at home with us either full time or certainly with restrictions still in place, more than has been the case.  We therefore need to keep everyone busy and interested in life and this is the ideal time to plant a seed to.. Read more

The Block Master Ensuite reveal

Luke and Jasmin were joint winners this week for The Block Master Ensuite reveal but I thought they deserved to win outright.  It's interesting to see now in week 4 how the couples are progressing and developing their style, while endeavouring to adhere to the designated era brief.  I'm certainly.. Read more

Australian beach house tour

There is something quintessential about Australian Coastal style that sets it apart from similar looks around the world.  An Australian beach house is a long held dream for many of us, somewhere to retreat to, or if lucky enough to live in full time. Australian beach houses need to be.. Read more

How to choose windows

Choosing the right style and colour for your windows is one of the most important decisions you will make when it comes to planning and building a new home or renovation project. With so much at stake, let me show you how to choose windows and ensure you get the.. Read more


The Block Room Reveal Master Bedroom

Well, I have to say that I did not agree with the judges this week at all for the outcome of the Master Bedroom room reveal.   If the contestants are being judged on how well they interpreted the era, then this really wasn't the right outcome.  As a designer, when.. Read more


Decorating with the new beige

Did you know that beige is back in fashion?  That non-colour that everyone derides as being boring is on-trend.  So much so that Dulux UK announced this week that their colour of the year for 2021 is Brave Ground. According to Dulux UK, this earthy beige hue connects us to.. Read more


The Block Room Reveal Guest Ensuite

Following on from last week, the contestants should now be in their stride and getting to grips with the challenging brief.  Decorating a room in a style that is not one that you know much about, like, or can relate to, is very confronting.  Coupled with that are all the.. Read more


How to decorate with canvas prints

Photography is becoming one of the most popular hobbies in Australia.  As most of us now walk around with a fairly sophisticated camera, just in our phones, it is so simple to take a good quality snap.  Some people will tell you that a new model Smartphone has a camera.. Read more

Dulux Colour Forecast 2021

Faced with global uncertainty, life as we know it is on hold. Cut off from our normal freedoms and routines, home is now the epicentre of our lives where many of us work, study, eat, sleep and relax. Technology has become more important than ever before as we rely on.. Read more

The Block Room Reveal Guest Bedroom

The Block Room Reveal Guest Bedroom week saw a particular challenge for the contestants.  To turn around a room in one week is a huge challenge for anyone, but to present and style it in a particular era adds another layer of complexity.  In many ways this is a challenge.. Read more

Trend Report – Terracotta

Have you noticed the recent trend for Terracotta?  Warmer neutrals have been making a comeback and gorgeous rich terracotta is at the forefront of this trend.  I wrote about this colour back in 2016 as I could see this beginning to appear in trend reports and fashion designs and now.. Read more

How to upscale your furniture and accessories

How often do you see perfectly good pieces of furniture out on a nature strip destined for the local waste facility?  It's heartbreaking to see an item destroyed and clogging up landfill that with some TLC could be updated or repurposed. Over the years I have painted items of furniture.. Read more

My Guide to the Perfect Dining Room

I love my dining room.  It is lined with bookshelves and music and I love entertaining there.  I also just like to go in and sit at the dining table. It's in the cooler part of the house, so sometimes in the summer I just camp there with my laptop.. Read more


Surf shack to stylish Byron Beach house

How many of us don't dream of having a gorgeous little beach house to escape to?  Somewhere that offers a completely different environment to our regular day to day abode.  I certainly do and what appeals to me the most is that rather than a sensible home in neutrals and.. Read more


Dulux Design Effects – quick decor updates

Creating a modern yet timeless feature wall that leaves a lasting impression in your home can be a daunting and unfamiliar task. Whether the aim is to inject playful colour into a child’s bedroom or add a touch of sophistication to a kitchen, a textured feature wall is guaranteed to.. Read more

The Secrets to Modern Scandinavian Barn Style

In the global world of design, the hot trend of the moment has to be Scandi Style.  Whether it's our love of the Scandinavian mid century classic designs of the Modernist movement or the Danish passion for Hygge, we can't seem to get enough of it.  While this has been.. Read more

Hamptons style in Queensland

The Hamptons style is becoming increasingly popular for homes nationwide, particularly as it suits the Australian climate. Nowhere is it more at home than in Queensland, as the majority of the population lives on the coast.  The Hamptons look is reminiscent of the style of traditional Queensland homes, making it.. Read more


Neale Whitaker talks styling to trends

When it comes to styling a room, interior design expert, TV personality and Luxaflex Brand Ambassador, Neale Whitaker, certainly knows a thing or two. Recently visiting the bi-annual interior design trade show, Maison & Objet, Paris, one of the most important interior design events in Europe, Neale found the exhibition.. Read more

Australian Coastal meets Mediterranean villa

Expert renovators Kyal and Kara Demmrich have wrapped up their latest project – a three-bedroom family home and studio just metres from Blue Lagoon beach on the Central Coast of NSW. Drawing inspiration from a Frangipani tree in the front yard of a small fibro cottage, the couple were able.. Read more


How to define your decorating style

Do you get confused by which style of decorating you like?  You can certainly be forgiven as there are so many styles around, many of them gorgeous and also many of them overlapping.  It can be difficult to define exactly what it is that you really like and why and.. Read more


Black bathrooms – how to successfuly pull this off

Have you noticed the trend for black bathrooms?  These have been popular for a little while now, but I am seeing more and more elements of this colour being incorporated in lots of different ways. It certainly doesn't seem like a passing fancy.  If you love this trend but are.. Read more


How to create a rug that is perfect for your home

We often consider a rug as a styling element, an addition to a room to add either colour, texture or both.   However, a rug has a much larger role to play in terms of finishing a space and in fact should be planned and considered at the beginning of the.. Read more

The Rattan Trend – how to incorporate it into your home

Have you noticed the Rattan Trend gaining hold in interior decorating?  It seems that whichever style you look at, from British Colonial through to Coastal, Bohemian, Retro or Scandi, the Rattan Trend is firmly entrenched.  I have always been a fan of furniture in rattan as I like the casual.. Read more


A home that embodies all the elements

Just occasionally, a house crosses my desk which is truly breathtaking and which helps you to understand the value and purpose of great design.  Renowned American architect John Lautner, who was an apprentice of Frank Lloyd Wright, sums up perfectly what the purpose of architecture is – to improve human.. Read more

How to choose kitchen door handles

Your choice of kitchen door handles can have the greatest impact on the overall look of your new kitchen but this is often a crucial detail that is overlooked and then becomes a last minute choice.  Let me take you through some ideas and show you how much a difference.. Read more


How to choose Engineered Oak Floorboards

Engineered oak floorboards are now firmly entrenched in the range of flooring options available.   As a designer, I regularly specify engineered oak flooring due to its superior aesthetic quality.  It is a preference for many of my clients, both in terms of functionality and style. The options though can be.. Read more

Doors for a Hamptons Style

With any style, it is often the design elements that you don't always consider first that can either really enhance and finish the look or mean that you don't quite achieve it properly.  The much loved Hamptons Style is no exception.  While we may adapt it to suit our own.. Read more


Have you considered green for your kitchen cabinetry?

I am a big fan of green and it has made my heart sing to see the trend growing stronger for green kitchens.  In fact, I'm wondering whether green is the new navy blue.  I swoon over most kitchens with colour, although my own one is white!  But I can.. Read more


How to design the perfect window seat

A window seat ticks the boxes for aesthetics, practicality and a great use of space.  They provide additional seating where space is at a premium, they can provide good storage solutions and are the perfect place to curl up with a good book. Let me show you what to consider.. Read more


Australian Hamptons Style

From its origins on the East Coast of America, the Hamptons Style has swept the globe and has become firmly entrenched in Australian design.  As with any popular trend, the Australians, with our love of design, decorating and renovating, have put our own stamp on the look.  It's really interesting.. Read more

How to Hygge in your home

You may have seen the recent hype about Hygge and wondered what on earth it was all about.  I thought the same last year and decided I needed to become informed and bought myself The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking.  I sat down and read the book in.. Read more


Dulux Winter 2020 Colours

I really enjoy all the different seasons as they each have so much to offer.  Winter is a time to retreat and to appreciate our homes and all they have to offer.  In the midst of the Covid pandemic, we have even more reason to stay inside and I was.. Read more

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How to choose colours for a Nursery

The arrival of a new baby is a much anticipated event, particularly if it is the first one!  Planning and decorating a nursery therefore can be one of the happiest times for a family.  You want the room to be right for the newborn but also a place of refuge.. Read more

Coastal Boho Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

When I think of Coastal Boho Style, I think about people who are relaxed and interesting individuals with a story to tell.  People who take care of themselves, exercise each morning, care about nutrition and their environment.  They like pretty things, hence the gorgeous flowing dresses and tops that you.. Read more


Hamptons Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

At home on the East Coast of America, the upmarket, but very understated Hamptons style has swept the globe.  It seems that every second house that I work on is based on this classic style.  Whether it is the delicate colour palette of soft blues, greens and greys or the.. Read more


Contemporary Autumn Colour Schemes

Grey and white is here to stay, at least for a while, but this doesn't mean that your home colour scheme has to be developed around all crisp and cool colours.  Greys and whites can be warm and when partnered with some on-trend terracotta tones, with touches of sociable orange,.. Read more

How to choose the right showerscreen

Bathroom renovations are not straight forward for a number of reasons, one being the wide range of inclusions to decide upon.  Often overlooked, but integral to the design of the bathroom, is the choice of showerscreen.  I'm going to show you how to choose the right showerscreen for your new.. Read more


Control heat and light with these interior and exterior roller blinds

As much as we all love sunshine and blue skies, when it comes to being at home, we need the flexibility to control the heat and light that they generate. There's nothing nicer than coming home to a house where the temperature is regulated (without relying on air conditioning that.. Read more


How to upscale and improve your existing home

There is no doubt that we Australians love to renovate.  Rather than move, we prefer to upscale and improve our existing homes.  Growing up in England, for me the focus was more on decorating your home.  With so many older style houses and smaller blocks, the emphasis was just on.. Read more

Bathroom Styling – My 5 top tips

Renovating a bathroom is expensive and the old adage that bathrooms and kitchens sell houses is very true.  For these reasons I always recommend keeping a bathroom renovation simple.  Good quality, but classic and timeless, so that you don't tire of it but it will last the distance. You may.. Read more


Why you should be decorating with warm neutrals

Decorating a home can be a time consuming and expensive undertaking so I often recommend that clients turn to the classic warm neutrals when looking for a foundation to their scheme.  This creates a welcoming and timeless home that can be partnered with many other colours.  Decorating with warm neutrals.. Read more


How to select the right rug

I think that one of my favourite accessories to complete an interior scheme is the humble floor rug.  I have been in too many houses with large expanses of flooring – timber, stone or tiles – that are crying out for this simple finishing touch.  Even the simplest of rugs.. Read more


Designing a holiday home between the beach and bush

The appeal of Australian coastal towns is that they are usually set to a backdrop of lush hinterland thus offering their lucky residents the best of both worlds.  Designing a holiday home between the beach and the bush offers a particular set of challenges though. For Melissa Bonney, Director at.. Read more

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Which paint finish should I use?

Which paint finish should I use is a question I am regularly asked.  As part of specifying I always advise clients but it isn't always that straight forward and personal choice is important too. Firstly before I get into specifics or even think about styles, these are the main points.. Read more


Don't design your curtains without this ONE thing

I love adding the finishing touches to a room.  All the big ticket items have been decided and it's time to add your styling to complete the look.  Windows that are properly dressed make a room complete.  Elegant curtains finish a room perfectly and they are so practical too, keeping.. Read more


Let me show you how to use Navy Blue and White

Navy blue is the new black.  Many will argue that grey is the new black, however as a long time lover of grey and one who appreciates its suitability to many decorating schemes, I still contend that for right now, Navy is the current all star.  There is no doubt.. Read more


The Ultimate Bar Cart

I expect that most of you right now are thinking about entertaining at some point over the Christmas holidays and I suspect there is just a little bit of panicking going on too!  So you really want to be able to sit back and enjoy the time that you have.. Read more

Contemporary Christmas Decorating Ideas

Colour schemes for Christmas decorations change every year so you need to find a look that you like and build on it.  Unless you have a bottomless pit of money!  I have some contemporary Christmas decorating ideas to show you to make your Christmas fun and tasteful! My favourite contemporary.. Read more


Colour Trends for 2020

Warm whites, soft organic neutrals and delicate blush tones to offset and work with simple grey palettes are leading the colour trends for 2020. With a foundation to the colour palettes of warmer softer whites with pink and orange based neutrals, the look is pretty and inviting.  This isn't goodbye.. Read more

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Tropical Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

A new fresh contemporary Tropical Style is currently on trend.  Related to the more traditional British Colonial Style, this modern version is fresher and more akin to a breezy coastal look.  If you love open plan living, open windows to catch the breeze, fresh clean white with injections of some.. Read more


Stylish White Bedroom Schemes

Stylish white bedroom schemes are always a classic.  The simplicity of the colour white makes this the perfect choice to use in this all important room. Calm and serene, white is a gentle colour to relax in and therefore perfect for this space.  Even if you have a neutral or.. Read more


What colour do I paint my ceiling?

Walk into a paint store and prominent at the front will be huge displays of discounted flat ceiling white paint, so you may be asking why would I need to consider what colour to paint my ceiling?  This is valid as there is nothing terribly wrong with ceiling white paint.. Read more


What is Greige? Find out how to use it in your home

I am often asked, what is Greige and why all the fuss about it? Quite simply, Greige is a combination of beige and grey.  I love it and find it is one of the colours that I specify the most.  Find out why I like it and how to use.. Read more


Accessories for a Coastal Style you can't do without

The big mistake that people make with selecting accessories for a Coastal Style is to cram the house full of beach related curios rather than select just a few to carefully use throughout the scheme.  The decorator's mantra of less is more is so important for this look.  Let me.. Read more


How to choose cushions

If you love to decorate you will really appreciate how important finishing touches are.  The clutch bag and necklace for the little black dress or the ideal leather belt for your jeans – you couldn’t do without them.  Cushions on a chair or sofa are the fashion accessories that you.. Read more


My Guide to French Provincial Style

Our recent love affair with the Hamptons has overshadowed some other styles that are also timeless classics.  The Hamptons look is absolutely gorgeous and a favourite of mine but it's good to sometimes look around the world and remind ourselves of some of the other enduring decorating styles and consider.. Read more


My Guide to Country Style

Country Style covers a wide range of looks and will vary greatly depending upon which country you are in so this guide is to show you how to get the general look and feel.  Later I will be writing in more detail about the different types of country style as.. Read more


Don't design your kitchen without this ONE thing

There are so many things that are important when you design your kitchen but there is one item that will really save you space and keep you organised. It won't give you the WOW factor nor the beauty of a gorgeous marble benchtop.  Your friends won't be swooning over your.. Read more


Painting bricks white

Painting bricks white is one of the easiest and most effective ways to update an interior scheme.  Bricks are certainly back in fashion and you only need to look at a trendy TV show to see a wall of bricks somewhere in a gorgeous loft apartment or warehouse development.  However,.. Read more


What colour do I paint my internal doors?

What colour do I paint my internal doors is a question that I am frequently asked.  I can't give a definitive answer though as it will depend on a number of factors but I do have some ideas to show you here to help you make the right choice for.. Read more


How to decorate with pastels

Have you noticed that beautiful soft pastel tones are back on trend?  In fact, even though so many interiors and exteriors are white at the moment, colour in general is also getting more popular.  Which I must say I am very happy about.  People tend to be a bit frightened.. Read more


Classic Boho home accessories you can't do without

Bohemian style in all its beautiful laid back hippie glory is sweeping the globe.  Whether you are in chic San Francisco, trendy London or on the coast of New South Wales, this gorgeous, patterned and exotic look is everywhere.  I have identified the classic Boho home accessories that you should.. Read more


Styling with Books

I love to read and central to my own home, and something that I try to include in a decorating scheme, are cosy nooks to curl up with a book and shady parts of the garden to lose yourself in.  The benefit of enjoying books of course is that unlike.. Read more


Colour & Interior Trends 2019

I am always hesitant about providing trends each year as I am a firm believer that you should decorate for yourself rather than slavishly following looks that can often turn out to be a short lived fad.  However it can be interesting to see what the trends are as it.. Read more

Let me show you how to use a Natural colour palette

The modern day buzzwords of eco sustainability are now firmly entrenched in day to day living and designers are often asked to create designs which integrate well with the natural environment.  When considering the environment it is the colour green which you often turn to, however other neutrals which are completely.. Read more


What should you paint on the inside of your front door?

I am regularly asked about how you should treat the inside of your front door.  I have talked a lot about making an entrance, exterior colours and fun front door colours which is all very grand and exciting but then people panic and feel that this impacts their interior scheme. .. Read more


Styling with Eucalyptus

Eucalyptus, native to our beautiful Australia, has to be my favourite indoor greenery.  The subtle silvery green/grey tones are so stylish and the crisp, fresh menthol smell is cleansing.  I have some inspiration to show you how you can introduce this into your home. Just one sprig of Eucalyptus in.. Read more