Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets, which do you prefer?  Have you even considered having one of these in your living or dining room?  This was a trend that we started to see a few years ago, and it seems that the bar cart or bar cabinet is becoming a must have piece for those who love to entertain.

A staple of the 1950s, the look of these is often very retro, but there are now design solutions for most interior styles.  Whether you prefer a bar cart or a bar cabinet will have a lot to do with whether you want the booze on show or shuttered away, safely in a cabinet.

There is appeal to both of these.  I have found a great collection of cabinets and carts to show you and will talk through the benefits of each.

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Bar Cabinets

You can of course use any cupboard or buffet to store drinks, glasses and associated accessories.  A cabinet with plenty of shelving, ideally that is adjustable, is a great solution and it may be that you already have a piece that could be designated your ‘bar'.

However, it is an added bonus if you have a cabinet that is meant to be a bar, so that it will have fixings to display glasses and an integrated wine rack.  This one below ticks these boxes and is perfect if you have a luxe style scheme in your home.

Bar Cabinets or Bar Carts?


Bar Cabinets or Bar Carts?

If you prefer a more laid back look, like a contemporary Bohemian style, you may prefer this cabinet in black and rattan.  It doesn't have the accessories included, but the appeal of this one is that it is higher so that you don't have to bend down.

Bar Cabinet or Bar Cart?


Bar Cabinet or Bar Cart?

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Or for a simpler, more rustic style, this rattan cabinet from Globe West could work well.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?
Globe West Willow Woven cabinet

Bar cabinets really do suit a contemporary lux look and this one in fresh white with an integrated wine rack looks fabulous.Bar carts or bar cabinets

Brosa Greta Bar Cabinet

Bar carts or bar cabinets

My favourite of all the bar cabinets though is this one which I found at Brosa.  The Frank bar cabinet is absolutely perfect for a Scandi style scheme and really does have everything inside to organise your bar perfectly.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets


Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

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A final point to consider with opting for a cabinet over a bar cart, is that it is another piece of furniture which will take up space.  However, the upside of this is that you can style it nicely with a table lamp, a vignette of accessories or artworks.

Bar Carts

The appeal of a bar cart is that it looks stunning.  They are talking points in a living room and can be styled beautifully so that they look good, even when they're not in use.  And you can move them around, so whether you are inside, outside or in your dining or living room, the bar cart or trolley is at hand.

For a fresh coastal style, you can't go past a white rattan bar cart.  The one below even has a touch of plantation style about it.

Bar Carts and Bar Cabinets

If you like a touch of glitz then a marble and glass bar cart is a good choice.  The one below will suit a Hamptons or Coastal scheme.  Remember to consider some styling for your bar cart too.  This is the main benefit of a cart over a cabinet as you can have some great fun with the styling.  You can introduce coloured glassware, silver champagne buckets, beautiful crystal and pretty serving trays.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

Art Deco style is where the bar cart trend all started.  If this is a look that you love, then this bar cart below will be perfect for you.  With the trend for flavoured gin and vodka, the bottles are a styling piece in themselves.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

If British Colonial style is more of your thing, then a traditional rattan bar cart should be your choice.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?



Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

Don't forget to consider the size that you will need.  Think about everything that you want to display; glasses, bottles, ice buckets, trays etc. in addition to styling items like flowers or greenery.  It may be that you need a bar cart with three shelves to accommodate everything.

Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets
Weldon Glass Bar Cart

On the other side, you may be pressed for space, in which case, a small round bar cart that can fit in between chairs, may be the best option for you.


Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets


So, do you think you would prefer a bar cabinet or a bar cart?  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.  Would you like some inspiration of how to style a bar cart?  I have lots of ideas, including what you really should include, in the link below:

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Bar Carts or Bar Cabinets?

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  1. Rosemary Wong says:

    I’m currently building a new home and I plan to have a stylish tray on my ‘French’ bookcase with some decanters etc. a compromise between a cart and a cabinet.

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