The Rattan Trend – how to incorporate it into your home

Have you noticed the Rattan Trend gaining hold in interior decorating?  It seems that whichever style you look at, from British Colonial through to Coastal, Bohemian, Retro or Scandi, the Rattan Trend is firmly entrenched.  I have always been a fan of furniture in rattan as I like the casual look that it introduces to a room and am really pleased to see this trend.

Let me show you how to incorporate the Rattan Trend into your favourite style here.

The Rattan Trend – Bohemian Style

Bohemian style interiors are eclectic and relaxed with interesting patterns, textures and colours all jostling for attention.  This is a look where nothing should match and the pieces included should each tell a story and have some personal meaning.  Therefore, the texture of a rattan piece is perfect for this style.  Include a one-off chair or sofa in rattan to instantly introduce a relaxed element to the room.

The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate this into your home

A rattan chair in a gorgeous flower pattern will be perfect for a Bohemian style room.  Remember that this look is all about individuality and quirkiness.

The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate it into your home

A rattan bedhead suits a Bohemian style, particularly when it is accompanied by other rattan accessories and earthy rich, terracotta tones.

The Rattan Trend
One World Collection

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The Rattan Trend – Country Style

A closer, more uniform rattan weave suits a classic Country style.  The French Provincial Style bedhead introduces a pretty country feel to this bedroom.  Country style doesn't have to be all about chintz and colour.  Texture and pattern in a neutral palette can be just as effective and certainly produces a more pared back, elegant country look.

The Rattan Trend - How to incorporate this into your home

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The Rattan Trend – Coastal Style

Coastal style is a firm favourite at the moment.  We no longer decorate our coastal homes in blue and yellow but instead introduce neutral colours for a more elegant feel.  The downside to this trend is that you run the risk of the room looking a little flat and boring.  It is therefore essential that for a style like this you introduce elements of different textures.

In addition to considering different finishes for upholstery and accessories, you should think outside of the box for ways to introduce texture.  A rattan pendant is an excellent and inexpensive way to bring coastal style to a room.

Rattan Trend - how to incorporate it into your favourite style

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Colour & Interiors Trends 2019
Image: The Rattan Collective
How to introduce Rattan into your decorating schemes
Image April & Oak

The Rattan trend – Hamptons Style

The classic hallmarks of a Hamptons style are white furniture,tailored bedlinen and porcelain lamps.  If you love this look but would like to make it more relaxed towards a coastal style but keep some formality, then the introduction of a rattan bedhead could achieve that for you.

How to incorporate the Rattan Trend into your home
Image: Zanui

Why you should include texture in a room

We love neutral interiors.  We may play with colour from time to time and of course we love to add natural greenery.  But whether it is our passion for fresh white interiors, soft grey tones or warmer biscuit tones, you can't get away from the fact that our homes are often very simple when it comes to colour.

A neutral palette must have different textures and finishes to work well

Sometimes this is because we are intimidated by colour.  I do think that colour thankfully in interiors is making a comeback.  For example, my feature post on Duck Egg Blue is very popular and we do love to add some soft grey blues into our Hamptons style homes.  But it is my feature article on how to find the right white that gets the attention and has everyone pulling their hair out!

There is nothing wrong with a simple colour palette but if you do have a room like this then you absolutely MUST include different textures.  Consider what you see when you take a walk along the beach.  You will see course sand, smooth pebbles, rugged outcrops of stone, soft and worn driftwood and course seashells.  There isn't any blue to be seen here, just a beautiful array of neutrals from white through to grey with touches of sandy warmth.  It is the varying texture that makes this scheme come alive.

This is why rattan furniture and accessories have become so integral in all of our decorating schemes.  And why this is the perfect way to introduce some individuality to your scheme without breaking the bank.

How to introduce rattan into your bedroom scheme
Image: April & Oak

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A Dining Room Scheme

Gone are the days when we need to have matching dining room tables and chairs.  A matching dining set can still look great but with interiors leaning towards more informality, it is likely that you will have a stunning dining table with contrasting chairs.

The Rattan Trend - how to introduce it into your home

Chairs can be upholstered for a more tailored and formal look or can be in a different timber, possibly a signature Hans Wagner chair.  Or to make the look really informal and relaxed you can introduce a rattan chair.  With a dining room that opens up to the outdoors, this gives you the perfect inside/outside scheme.

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A Living Room Scheme

As with the dining room, we no longer necessarily purchase a traditional 3 piece suite.  Again, a statement sofa or modular piece with completely contrasting chairs is more usual.  We accept that everything doesn't need to match to look good.

This way we can introduce antique pieces that have been inherited with more contemporary items of furniture.  Timbers don't all have to be the same colour and we can decorate by adding items that we love when we can afford to.  This can prevent your home from looking too much like a display home too!

Occasional chairs are a way to introduce a pop of colour or some individuality to a living room.  Again, this is where a statement rattan chair or a pair of chairs can make a big impact.

The Rattan Trend - how to introduce it into your home
Image: Designer Timothy Godbold on 1stdibs

Introducing rattan chairs into a room not only makes it look more relaxed, but it also is a very cost effective way to add some style.  You can spend quite a bit on one, particularly if you source a gorgeous Plantation Style chair, but you can also get some great rattan chairs at retailers like Ikea.

Don't forget the outdoor room

Rattan furniture is absolutely perfect for a covered outdoor living space.  Certainly no self-respecting Queenslander home would be seen without a rattan chair somewhere on its gorgeous wraparound veranda.

The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate it into your home
Image: Cedar and Suede

The Rattan Trend – Accessories

Have you been into a homewares shop recently without seeing a collection of baskets?  I doubt that you have.  Whether you are in your local garden centre, major homewares showroom or small gift shop, it is likely that you will see a range of different baskets to suit every occasion.

Again, this keeps the look relaxed and informal and suits the majority of styles.

The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate it into your home and style

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How to include the rattan trend in your home
Image: Zanui

It's a good idea when you have lots of items on display to group some of them in a rattan tray so that the look is streamlined rather than messy.

I hope this has inspired you to introduce a relaxed piece of rattan furniture into your home.  I have always loved it and I am really pleased to see so many gorgeous pieces of furniture that suit different styles.

If you are undertaking a decorating project you should start with a mood board.  I show you how in my FREE e-book available from my FREE Resources Library here.

The Rattan Trend - how to incorporate this into your home

6 thoughts on “The Rattan Trend – how to incorporate it into your home

  1. Sandra Smerek says:

    Hi Samantha
    Wwe would like to incorporate rattan into our great room which has dark wood cabinets on the TV wall.We have a couch and 2 tubchairs in a fairly neutral color. We would like to add a rattan chair and side table. At the moment our coffee table is a large dark square which I would like to change. Could we do a rattan table as well or should it be something completely different. We love rattan and have decor pieces throughout the house

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sandra I like to keep rattan pieces to accents in a room. My feeling, without seeing the space, is to just introduce a rattan chair and side table and have a different coffee table so that it doesn’t all look too matched. Hope this helps Samantha

  2. Francesca Williams says:

    My teenage daughter wanted a rattan bed which is pretty but our new house has dark wood flooring going in in a few months in a neutral dark brown (no orange or red tones). I’m dreading the bed will look awful. What do you think? I have time to change the wood in her room to something different. Can you help please. Grateful!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Francesca My advice is to purchase an inexpensive rug for your daughter’s room. This is always a good trick when you have dark floors but light timber dining tables etc. If you have a natural sisal rug partly underneath the bed and extending into the room it creates a break between the bed and the floor. Ikea has several that are very affordable and will do the trick which is much better than having a room that has different flooring or a look that will bug you. Hope this helps Samantha

  3. Weronika says:

    Does pink/rose gold marble wallpaper go with rattan/wicker accessories in the living room area or it is complete mix of styles?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      I think that you can introduce some rattan into most styles. It doesn’t work with high end luxurious styles so it will depend on all those other elements in the room and whether the rose pink and gold marble wallpaper fits that high end lux look.

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