How to style with baskets

I can't think of a time when the humble basket has not been integral to everyday home life.  As we gravitate to organic shapes and styles more and particularly appreciate handmade products, the basket has come to centre stage in the home styling stakes so I am going to show you how to style with baskets.

Whether you have a little bit of Bohemian in you, are a lover of country style or prefer a laid back coastal vibe, there is a basket for you.

By introducing a rattan occasional chair into a scheme you instantly take the look back a notch or two and the room becomes more relaxed and homely.  The same thing happens when you introduce some baskets into your styling.

Baskets breathe so are a great solution for laundry and kitchen items.  They come in all shapes, sizes and colours and can be introduced in many ways.  Let me show you some ideas here.

Style with baskets to get organised

Howt o style with baskets
Image: I heart organising

Do you love to keep things organised?  If so, the basket is your best friend.  Whether it is toys, extra cushions and throws or piles of linen, baskets are a great way to keep items together.  Keep a couple in the play room or your child's bedroom to keep the mayhem at bay.

Styling with baskets

Baskets are both stylish and practical in a kitchen design.  As baskets breathe, they are an excellent choice for storing fruit and vegetables that you don't want to put into the refrigerator.

Baskets can complete your favourite look

How to style with baskets
Photo by Annie Spratt on Unsplash

Are you a gardener?  Do you have a veggie patch?  If so, then you will have lots of uses for a basket and there is no doubt that a basket full of fresh produce is a sight to behold and a classic inclusion in a warm and welcoming country style home.

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Do you prefer the relaxed laid back vibe of the Coastal style?  You can't go past the basket as the accessory of choice for this look.


How to style with baskets
Image: RailiCAdesign

Or basket weave pendants?  Perfect for a natural, coastal scheme.

How to style with baskets
Image: Life on Virginia Street

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Baskets suit a simple classic scheme too.  In fact I love everything about this living room from Holy City Chic.

How to style with baskets
Image: Holy City Chic

How to style with baskets

Baskets to contain indoor plants are a great solution as they are not as heavy as many other types of holder.  These can be moved around easily or even taken outside if you want to give the plant a good soaking of water.  Remember though to line the basket or it will damage your flooring.

How to style with baskets
Image: Satara Australia
How to style with baskets

A statement indoor palm in an oversized basket is the perfect finishing touch for a British Colonial style room.

Or baskets used as trunks will definitely bring this vibe to a room.

Styling with baskets
Image: House & Home

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Styling with basketsBasket weave homewares and accessories are integral to a Bohemian styled interior.

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Style with baskets for great curb appeal

Styling with baskets
Photo by Wolfgang Rottmann on Unsplash

Baskets look great for outdoor garden design too.  They look particularly good in a porch and help set a welcoming tone for the home.

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How to style with baskets

And how can you have a stylish picnic without the classic picnic basket?

How to style with baskets

I hope you have enjoyed this quick, quirky look at the humble basket and that it has inspired you to bring some natural touches to your next styling project whatever your favourite look may be.

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2 thoughts on “How to style with baskets

  1. Ralph says:

    Great blog as always! My wife and I have just bought our first apartment in Sydney where these baskets will look fantastic. We are moving into a rather small and confined space, I wondered if you had in the past, or are looking in the near future, to post a blog on how to style a small apartment? This would help us tremendously! Thank you, Ralph

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Thanks Ralph – I will certainly start planning a feature on small spaces – it’s great to get feedback on what my readers would love to know about. Enjoy your weekend Samantha

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