A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

Green has to be about my favourite colour.  I do love them all but find that this is where I gravitate to, so when browsing the range of wallpapers from Superfresco Easy, it was no surprise to me that the Adilah design was one that I had to have.  I am a sucker for pretty botanical designs anyway and I love the predominance of green but with subtle splashes of orange and terracotta.

Late last year I decorated using Superfresco Easy's Scandi wallpaper but over the Christmas period, while I had some time, I decided to try one that was just a little more decorative.  It suited my happy Christmas mood and my love of colour.

The results are below:

I call this my garden scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper:

A garden scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

I added some black furniture to the look but fresh white would work equally well.  The black gives this more of a classical Plantation look.

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A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

A touch of rattan also adds to the Plantation vibe.

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A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallapers

I love the partnership of green and terracotta which is a fabulous natural colour palette.  When you are choosing a wallpaper, bear in mind the furnishings and accessories that you have or would like to purchase.  A mood board is an excellent way to ensure you get the colour scheme right.

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A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

My first attempt at using Superfresco Easy wallpaper was with their Scandi design which I loved.  It's very on trend at the moment and you can see the outcome of that here: A Botanical Vibe with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

In this article I share my initial experience with using this wallpaper, so if you haven't checked it out, you can get all my tips there.  The main benefit is that you paste the wall rather than the wallpaper, which makes it much easier to install.  No more balancing on a ladder with a length of wet and sticky wallpaper falling over your head!  Another great benefit, which I can attest to, is how super easy the wallpaper is to remove.  You simply peel from one corner and it comes off in one piece, leaving no residue of glue behind.

Practice also makes perfect as my second attempt at wallpapering was much easier!

The Adilah wallpaper from Superfresco Easy is available at Bunnings.

A Garden Scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper

I hope you love the outcome – my garden scheme with Superfresco Easy Wallpaper.

Did you know that I have lots of free e-books and checklists in my Free Resource Library, including an e-book on how to put a mood board together?  You can download them here.

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