Trend Report – Terracotta

Have you noticed the recent trend for Terracotta?  Warmer neutrals have been making a comeback and gorgeous rich terracotta is at the forefront of this trend.  I wrote about this colour back in 2016 as I could see this beginning to appear in trend reports and fashion designs and now I am very happy to see that four years later this is now a mainstream fashion for interiors and exteriors.

Clients are regularly asking me about this colour and whether they should introduce it into their bathrooms with floor tiles and I always say yes!  I still love grey, in fact I love most colours, but you can't deny that the warmth of terracotta is such an antidote to grey and I think the timing is perfect to cheer us all up a little.

Trend for Terracotta
Image: Mustard Made

With any colour that becomes fashionable it's good to look at where it naturally originates.  For Terracotta it is associated with the rich clays found in the Mediterranean, North Africa and South and Central America.  Other elements from these cultures are appearing in design trends too with arches and curves popular again.

Trend Report - Terracotta
Image: Gyprock

Trend for Terracotta – homewares


Trend Report - Terracotta
See below for suppliers
  1. Adairs Hawaii Rattan bedhead
  2. Adairs Mark Tuckey organic cotton towel range
  3. Adairs Mark Tuckey washed linen cushion in Burnt Brick
  4. Adairs Georgia rattan table
  5. Adairs Mark Tuckey Byron Bay plant stand
  6. Aura Home luxury velvet round cushion in Tobacco
  7. Adairs Mustard and Desert Rose vases
  8. Adairs Mark Tuckey Terracotta throw
  9. Adairs Mark Tuckey Fragrance candle

More information from Adairs and Aura Home 

Trend Report - Terracotta
Image: Fenton & Fenton, Photo credit: Dave Kulesza.

Terracotta flooring

Trend Report - Terracotta
Image: OZ Design Furniture

Earthy and organic are the two words that describe natural terracotta floors perfectly.  I love this floor in the image above with terracotta accessories and relaxed style furniture from Oz Design.  The only finish for a natural terracotta floor is a completely matt one which absorbs light and adds to the earthy appeal of the product.

Trend Report - Terracotta
Image: Jatana Tiles

Terracotta and Rattan

Another trend that has been gaining ground over the last couple of years is the Rattan trend.  This is firmly entrenched in pretty much every style, which I believe is due to its relaxed nature.  A room immediately becomes less formal with the addition of a rattan occasional chair or a collection of baskets.  The organic and earthy nature of terracotta lends itself perfectly to a partnership with rattan.  Therefore rattan bedheads work beautifully with terracotta coloured bedlinen and cushions or a casual serving tray.

Trend Report - Terracotta
Image: Oz Design Furniture

Have you embraced the trend for warmer neutrals and rich terracotta?  What do you think about the curves and arches appearing again in design?  I would love to hear your comments below.

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Trend Report - Terracotta



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