Coastal Boho Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

When I think of Coastal Boho Style, I think about people who are relaxed and interesting individuals with a story to tell.  People who take care of themselves, exercise each morning, care about nutrition and their environment.  They like pretty things, hence the gorgeous flowing dresses and tops that you see in Bohemian style fashion stores.  They frequent a local artisan coffee shop and their houses are eclectic with layers of appeal and quirky accents.  Team this up with the classic Coastal look and you have a gorgeous individual style.

My summing up may be completely wrong of course but it all sounds lovely!  If you love this look, I have 7 steps to achieve it here.

7 steps to achieve Coastal Boho Style

Defining the style

I think there is a little bit of hippie in many of us but we are often just too conservative to carry it off.  We admire the restored VW camper van parked at the local beach and think how fabulous it would be to jump in and drive off into the sunset.  In reality though, we would miss our creature comforts too much, so for most of us, it becomes something of a reverie while we have our morning coffee.

Coastal Boho Style - 7 steps to achieve this
Photographer: Ben Shanks

But it's this longing that makes us admire the current Bohemian Style trend.  The look is pretty and cheerful.  Skirts are flowing and bangles are jangling.  In terms of home decorating, the style is interesting and quirky.  For many of us though, decorating our homes completely in this style is a leap of faith.  Unless you have a bottomless pit of money, I recommend purchasing a few key pieces of furniture that are classic and then adding to them to create your own look.

Coastal style is a broad favourite.  With it's light and airy colour palette, it has wide appeal and you are able to create a timeless look following this style.

Coastal Boho Style is just a blending of the two.  It is a simplified coastal look with an injection of fun from the gorgeous nomadic Bohemian style.

Coastal Bohemian Style and how to achieve it
Photographer: Micheile Henderson

Setting it apart from a Classic Bohemian Style

I've written before about how Bohemian style has developed into a more contemporary look.  In its heyday, it was a full on riot of colour.  The idea was to be extreme and a jumble of rich and exotic colours was the order of the day.  A contemporary Bohemian style however relies more on a foundation of whites and greys with layers of texture and colour.

How to create Coastal Boho Style
Photographer: Stephanie Harvey

The appeal of a Coastal Boho Style is that you have the relaxed feel of the beach with a pared back version of a contemporary Bohemian style.   This is what sets it apart from a classic Bohemian Style more suited to a loft style city apartment or a trendy inner city terrace.

Coastal Boho Style
Image: Zanui

The colour palette

Colours for a Coastal Boho style are fairly restrained as the emphasis is more on texture.  With a Boho style you can certainly introduce colour and the beauty and appeal of it really is that there are no set guidelines, which is pretty true for many interior styles now.  Many people feel that with a coastal style they just have to include some blue and this can look fabulous but you can also rely on the greys and whites from driftwood and pebbles and goregous rich sand colours too.  My local coastline has sandstone cliffs with gorgeous deep veins of brown and terracotta and it may be that you take your coastal palette from these elements.

Therefore there is no set colour palette, but it certainly should be restrained and rely heavily on neutrals and whites.

7 steps to achieve a Coastal Boho Style

Coastal Boho Style

Introducing layers of texture

It is a blend of textures that a coastal scheme relies on and a Boho scheme has this in spades.  Here are some of the ways to introduce a Boho vibe with texture:

  • Rattan chairs
  • Distressed furniture
  • Rugs – even better if they are layered on each other
  • Oversized rattan pendants
  • Baubles and tassles
  • An abundance of greenery
7 steps to Coastal Boho Style
Photographer: Lina Verovaya
Coastal Boho Style
Image: Zanui

A Coastal Boho Style kitchen

A combination of white, timber and rattan is perfect for a Coastal Boho style kitchen.  Keep the finishes simple and leave the marble designs for a more refined classic look.  You should introduce oversized timber grazing boards, platters and bowls with rattan trays and accessories.

Coastal Boho Style


Coastal Boho Style
Image: Harpers Project

A Coastal Boho Style bathroom

The image below really sums up what a Coastal Boho bathroom should be.  Simple, nothing too perfect, but with gorgeous views.  Wouldn't this just be bliss?

Coastal Boho Style

The finishing touches

To complete the look you need to consider the right Boho accessories as this will really cement the look for you.  I've dedicated a post to this which you may be interested in: Classic Boho accessories you can't do without.

If in doubt, remember to use some rattan, beautiful weathered timber and lots of greenery.  A dream catcher or two won't go amiss!

Coastal Boho Style - 7 steps to achieve this look


Coastal Boho Style - 7 steps to achieve this look

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6 thoughts on “Coastal Boho Style – 7 steps to achieve this look

  1. Virginia says:

    Hi I love the colours you’ve used in this boho coastal look, could you share the paint colours you have used!
    Thank you Virginia

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Virginia The colours are Dulux Totem Pole, Liddle, White Beach, Whisper White, Lyttleton and Ohai Half. These are four warm colours and then a green based grey to complement them. Glad you like it! Thanks Samantha

  2. Rich Nicola says:

    Hi Samantha, I just wanted to let you know that your blogs have been my ray of sunshine and hope in lockdown. My house was due to undergo building works on the day of lockdown which understandably meant everything stopped. I moved in with family and I long for the day I can sit in my new home with a G&T and look out at the Devon coastline. Your interiors always inspire me. I particularly enjoyed this one. Thank you.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Thanks Nicola! You live in a beautiful part of the world – hopefully it won’t be too long until you’re sitting with your G&T Samantha x

  3. Alison M Pike says:

    Hi Samantha, have just been reading your blog … just love it. I am currently renewing furniture, carpet, paint etc etc to our coastal home. I just love the Coastal Boho style in particular the creams/wheat, sand, terracotta colours . You have given me some great tips going forward . Thank you immensely.
    I will be watching out for your blogs in the future.
    Best Wishes Alison

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