Black bathrooms – how to successfuly pull this off

Have you noticed the trend for black bathrooms?  These have been popular for a little while now, but I am seeing more and more elements of this colour being incorporated in lots of different ways. It certainly doesn't seem like a passing fancy.  If you love this trend but are worried about its longevity then I am going to show you ways that you can use this colour without committing to it for the long term.

Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off

But I am also going to show you lots of beautiful bathrooms that really demonstrate how gorgeous this trend is.  And you have to remember that unless you are renovating a house to sell, this is your home and if you love the look, it actually doesn't matter whether it stays on trend or not.  Remember to always decorate for you!

Black bathrooms – perhaps just a black freestanding bath?

A simple way to add a touch of black into a bathroom is to use a black freestanding bath.  I really love this one and with such a great feature, you really don't need to bring in any other wow factors here.  The old adage that less is more applies.  Keep the walls and flooring simple and let the bath take centre stage.  Accessories like an elegant black chair to suit the style of the bath add a nice finishing touch.  I love bathrooms that have a place to sit!

How to successfully use black in a bathroom
Image – Ralph Lauren
Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off
Image: Jennifer Worts Design

Black bathrooms – just introduce some tapware

Instead of using black and white tiles in this contemporary space, the designer has opted for a smart dark grey but then introduced small elements of black.  The clever design of the vanity unit perfectly reflects the black framed shower screen while the black tapware adds a nice contemporary touch.  These elements can all be changed over time and you are left with a simple dark grey and white design that can be easily updated.  Bathrooms designed in this way are timeless.  Very inspired!

How to introduce black into a bathroom
Image – Lushome
How to introduce black into your bathroom scheme
Image: The Renovator Store

Using black patterned tiles

I was so pleased to see patterned tiles coming back into fashion and there are lots of bathrooms with these as a feature now.  I love pretty things and these tiles really enhance a bathroom for me.  I think you would probably either love or hate this trend but I know so many people who do that I hope it stays around.

Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off
Image: Kalafrana Ceramics

Painting the walls

A great way to incorporate more black into a bathroom and to make these tiles more contemporary is to pick up the black in the wall colour.  Paint is a great way to achieve this and the beauty of this of course is that if you get fed up with it, you can easily paint over the top (well, with a few coats anyway!).

The colour used here is Domino, by Dulux – an almost pure black, but not quite, so therefore softer and easier to live with.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom
Image – Dulux Australia

Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off

As with white paint, black also comes in many guises.  You don't have to use a pure black as one with a slightly warmer undertone may suit you decor better.  This soft off black in the image above is perfect with the marble vanity unit.  Using dark colours as a background will greatly enhance the other pieces in the scheme and you can see how stunning this marble looks next to the black.  The warm undertone in this black also works perfectly with the tapware.

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Black bathrooms – use black to define the edges

This image of a more traditional style bathroom shows a true black for the joinery which has been cleverly extended to the ceiling cornice.  This is a nice trick to define the edges and make the scheme come together well.

You can see the difference in the black here and how the Dulux Domino above just takes a step back and although appearing black, isn't as strong.

This bathroom really is a glitzy space with the gold tapware and marble.  However, if you tire of this look, then you can repaint the joinery in a white finish to completely change the mood and feel of the space.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom

Black bathrooms – just add some accessories

I love this image below as it demonstrates how you can introduce just a touch of black into your bathroom to completely change the look.  This is one of my personal favourites, in style and colour as it is a fabulous lesson in the less is more concept.

This bathroom scheme is restrained and simple but really effective and if you tire of the black, it is simply a case of updating the tapware, mirror and artwork – inspired.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom

Even by introducing a dark floor and some black towels you get a great contemporary effect as shown in the bathroom below from James Middleton

Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off
Image Aura Home

Black bathrooms – your bathroom walls don't have to be completely tiled

Here is another bathroom in this style but with more black on the walls and there are those beautiful pretty floor tiles again.  Picture this with white paint and you have a bathroom transformation with barely any cost.  I really do love bathrooms with painted walls where possible as the updates are endless and the look is softer and less clinical than wall tiles.


How to successfully use black in a bathroom
Image – Stuido McGee

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The statement vanity

A black vanity works well in this awkward space as it defines the edges and makes a statement rather than a white vanity just filling the space and leaving it to look a little out of place.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom
Image – Regan Baker Designs

If you have the space then a black bathroom cabinet like this one below from Aura is a great idea.

Black Bathrooms - How to successfully pull this off
Image: Aura

Black bathrooms – using dark tones to manipulate a space

There are lots of lovely black elements in this bathroom design.  A fabulous shower screen, basin and mirror but what I really love about this room is how the designer has cleverly manipulated the space with the use of black.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom
Image – Dwell Magazine

By using black above the tiles and on the ceiling, it lowers the height of the room and looks so much more effective than taking the white tiles to the ceiling, which could look clinical.  It actually looks as though the ceiling ends at the top of the white tiles and the strong elements like the feature door, black shower screen and mirror wouldn't be as effective as they are without this clever trick.

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Here is another predominantly white bathroom with a black ceiling that you can see reflected in the mirror.  With such tall white cabinets, the black ceiling helps to define the space and enclose it.  With just some additional extra hints of black this is a great way to introduce some stylish notes into an otherwise very crisp white scheme.

Black bathrooms - how to successfully pull this off
Image: Cortney Bishop Design 

The black and white flooring in this bathroom has cleverly been enhanced with the use of black paint again.  The door, architraves and ceiling are very effective painted in black and they help to tie in the dark grout in between the classic subway tiles.
Image – Katie Martinez Design

It doesn't all have to be black and white

This is a timely reminder of how a touch of black in an interior scheme can greatly enhance the look.  Forget about the classic black and white that we see so much of and remember that black is also a great partner to other colours, in particular to warm neutral tones.

I really love this room below as it is just that – a proper room!  It doesn't actually look like a bathroom until you realise that the stunning black windows are actually a screen for a beautiful shower space and that there is a bath in the corner.

Notice how the shower area is completely enclosed with even tiles on the ceiling?  This way you can use a large degree of paint, fabric window dressings and artworks without worrying about the effect of lots of steam from the shower.
Image – Pottery Barn

So if you like the trend for black bathrooms you can see that they can be a classic choice but you can also simply introduce this beautiful neutral in small amounts to great effect.  I have a huge amount of inspiration on my bathroom Pinterest board and would love to hear about your decorating plans and dilemmas in the comments section below.

How to successfully use black in a bathroom

How to successfully use black in a bathroom

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15 thoughts on “Black bathrooms – how to successfuly pull this off

  1. Susan says:

    Great article, Samantha. We are renovating our bathroom soon and I have been brave and chosen a black hexagonal mosaic tile for the shower floor and niche and vanity splashback. The remaining tile is a very soft pale grey lappato. After reading this I’m thinking of an all white vanity with a black feature wall at the opposite end to the shower. I’m excited!

    • LUCAS says:

      When hung and used properly, a shower curtain liner can do a great job keeping water where it is supposed to be. Always make sure the liner is inside of the tub basin when showering, even though the curtain is outside. … One of the best things about a curtain liner is the price.

  2. Sharon Reams says:

    Great to see a post for black bathrooms. I also made my bathroom tiles black and white as well as my shower cabinets few days ago. But I love the ideas of black bath tub color. I must going to try this soon. Thanks for sharing!!

  3. Max Jones says:

    I’ve been looking into remodeling our bathroom, and I think that shower screens are a big part of that. I’m glad that you talked about a black bathroom, which I think would be neat, and how a black shower screen would be a neat addition. I’m going to have to share this with my wife and see what she would think about us having a color like black for our shower screen!

  4. John says:

    Black and white colour palettes require a bit of restraint, but goes they can really pay off – they look stunning when done right. Thanks for your help hints!

  5. Matthew Phelps says:

    This is the bathroom I dreamed often. I never wondered to alarm quicker than now to enjoy the pleasure of this bathroom on a regular basis. Love that BLACK BATHROOM!!!!

  6. Joe Carrow says:

    Good nice write-up. Great to get a post intended for black restrooms. I also built my rest room tiles white or black as well as this shower cabinetry few days in the past. Really my answer is your posting is very of great help for black bath room. Thank you for talk about such a valuable tip.

  7. Julie says:

    Hello Samantha, what a nice post. Inspiring & beautiful designs. Love to find your article. Will do follow you from now. Just awesome I should say. Thanks a lot dear. Keep it up.

  8. pitter says:

    You hang up my mind with these wonderful bathroom renovation images. All are truly amazing and couldn’t make my mind which style I should try for my bathroom renovation 🙂
    I usually like black and white combination. So, I will mix it up with a shower ceiling and tiles. Also, like to bring some other tools in combining colors.
    Thanks for sharing this wonderful post.

  9. Emma Clemantine says:

    Fabulous ideas and really amazing designs it’s not like black bathroom decor means everything as to be black it as many other good touches to it like color, nature which is making the black decor also outshine, I mean it’s really amazing that you have given such a good thought of the content in the blog post.

  10. Chrissy says:

    When I added black tiles to my bathroom about 8 yrs ago, I had to special order because the salesman said he never sells them.. guess I was ahead of my time.. and boy did I have to fight for it as there were not great inspiration like this blog. never regretted it, always get compliments, always looks clean.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Chrissy Isn’t it great to be ahead of your time! I love black in bathrooms – in fact as accents throughout the house – glad you got your way! Samantha

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