Favourite rooms in March

Here is my round up of my favourite rooms in March.  I have chanced upon some fabulous spaces during my scouring of the internet during the past month. The rooms are all very classic and I will show you what it is that I love about them and felt them worthy enough to share with you.

What I love about this kitchen

Favourite rooms in March
Photo by Amy Bartlam. Design by Light and Dwell.
  • I pretty much love everything about this gorgeous kitchen.
  • The joinery colour is beautiful.  I love a classic white kitchen, but it is great to see one that has a lovely muted neutral on the cabinetry.  I like too that there is a contrast with the island bench in black.
  • The marble benchtop is a classic and everlasting look and also works well as a splashback.  It isn't overdone though as the pantry has the return of stone to just 10cm high with v groove panelling on the remainder.  I like this treatment for areas of the kitchen that don't receive a lot of mess.  The small return of stone ensures you can wipe down the benchtop properly, while the v groove panelling adds another design and textural element and ensures the stone is not overdone.
  • I really like the height of the cabinets too.  By taking them to the ceiling, it has accentuated the graceful feel of the space.  I'm not sure what you would store in there though, but it looks good!

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What I love about this bedroom

Favourite rooms in March
  • The colour palette is superb.  This room is really conducive to relaxation.  I like to specify slightly darker colours for bedrooms as you feel as though you are in a cocoon.  Often my clients will just take one colour through the house, but I love the opportunity to suggest a darker bedroom tone as I feel it can really add to the comfort of a space.  The addition of the navy and white throw works well to just give the soft range of neutrals a lift.
  • The bedhead is gorgeous and I love the strap details.
  • The wall panelling adds texture to the room and is great for darker colours as the shadow line breaks it up.  This is why you can get away with stronger colours on weatherboard homes and the same applies to this wall treatment inside.
  • The rich wool sisal carpet suits the classic style perfectly.
  • There is really nothing that I don't like about this gorgeous bedroom.

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What I love about this window seat

Favourite rooms in March
Studio McGee
  • As I am sure you know, I am partial to a window seat and I couldn't go past this one.
  • I really like that this window seat is an extension of the bedroom joinery.  The colour is the perfect foil to the soft neutrals in the room with the cushions relating to the smart plaid wallpaper.
  • Everything is well thought through here.  The lighting, storage, throw and mix of textures.  The perfect place to sit and relax.

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What I love about this bathroom

Favourite rooms in March
Vivir Design
  • If you have the space, then I love a bathroom that looks like a room.  Clearly you need a wet area for the shower, but a freestanding bath in a beautifully decorated space like this is a real luxury.
  • The colour palette is sublime.  A combination of soft rust tones from the curtains, rug and natural timber with a soft off white and a grey green ensures this is a very natural colour palette and one that will induce relaxation.
  • Using the dark colour on the wall panelling rather than the plain walls makes this a very intimate space.
  • Note how the curtains are hung high above the window.  This ensures the look is elegant.  I just love this room.

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What I love about this hallway

Favourite rooms in March
  • I do love French doors painted in black.  They are so elegant and this gorgeous hallway not only has them as the perfect focal point at the end of the room, they are also lined along each side too.
  • The width of the hallway is generous ensuring there is enough room for a seat and some gorgeous ceramicware.
  • The greenery is sublime and of course the rug ties the whole look together.  A stunning hallway that has been beautifully styled.

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What I love about this living room

Favourite rooms in March
Samantha Stein Interiors
  • This is a lovely light, bright and airy living room.  A great place to sit and relax during the day.
  • I like the mix of seating too.  Gone are the days when you bought a three piece suite and everything matched.  Although it was much easier to navigate it wasn't as interesting!  I like the mix of white linen, caramel suede and caramel leather.  These different textures work so well together and bring interest to the room.
  • The gorgeous styling with greenery and lovely accent cushions, completes the look.

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I hope you have enjoyed my choice of favourite rooms in March.  I would love to hear your thoughts in the comments below.

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