How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey

Colorbond Woodland Grey is one of the most classic of the Colorbond range.  I have been specifying this colour for the past 20 years and it is still enduring.  Sometimes perceived as a little outdated once Monument became available, I still think it is one of the most successful greys and a perfect choice if you want a classic feel to the exterior of your home.

What is the undertone in Woodland Grey

Woodland Grey has a mid green undertone.  It is in no way a green metal, it is definitely grey, but all whites, blacks and greys have an undertone.  The great thing about green is that it is so neutral and therefore partners well with most other colours, particularly more muted exterior ones.

Woodland Grey for roofing, gutters and fascias

If you are looking for a classic look for your house then you can't go past Colorbond Woodland Grey for your roof, gutters and fascias.  This is on the house below, and although partnered here with green, Woodland Grey is neutral enough to work with most colour schemes.  It's interesting to note on the house below that the colour looks much lighter on the pitched roof than it does on the gutter and fascia.  It really isn't an oppressive roof colour at all and just looks like a mid-toned grey.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey

The house below shows a Woodland Grey roof at a different time of day.  You always notice roof colours more in the early morning and late afternoon when the sun is low.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey

You don't have to use the same colour on your gutter and fascia as you do on your roof.  If you use the same colour, it does become quite dominant in the scheme.  However if you use a different, lighter colour for the fascia then you create a different feel.  I have more to tell you about this in the post below.

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Woodland Grey for louvres

Woodland Grey is a great neutral to use for louvres on a patio ceiling.  I really like this colour with natural timber and it goes very well with many bricks, particularly more traditional ranges.  It's therefore an excellent colour to introduce into an outdoor room.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey
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How to use Woodland Grey

Woodland Grey for fencing and screening

I love dark grey fencing in a garden.  It recedes into the background and is less obvious than a bright white fence.  Dark grey fencing is also a fabulous backdrop to greenery.  If your house has a traditional brick or one that contains more yellow and orange, then Woodland Grey is a great choice, rather than Monument, for the fencing.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey
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Woodland Grey for painted areas

The house below previously had creamy tones for the garage doors, trim and fencing, but I feel that these areas painted in Woodland grey are much more successful.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey

The appeal with Woodland Grey is that it works with so many other colours.  As its base is green, this makes it a very neutral grey and I find that it works with most colours.

How to use Colorbond Woodland Grey

If you are building or renovating I have a handy comprehensive exterior checklist which you can use to ensure you have everything covered.  You can download it free from my Resource Library. This will get you started with choosing roofs, gutters & facias and the many other products, finishes and colours that you need to select.  Sign up free for it here.

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