A coastal style vignette

Everyone is talking about vignettes and it is no wonder as they are a stylists dream.  A bare coffee table, once home to a couple of magazines, is now finished with beautiful vignettes to add interesting layers to the design.  A hallway console table that was a dumping ground for post and keys is now dressed with inspired pieces to welcome visitors to a home.   One of my favourites is the classic coastal style vignette.

Scroll though the images below and you will gain an appreciation of how much a lovely collection of books, artworks and curios can add to a space.  It's all about beautifully displaying things that you love, are important to you and say something about your home, interests and family.

A coastal style vignette - 5 steps to achieve this
Image – A setting for four

I associate a coastal style vignette with a relaxed style holiday house and so I think the ingredients should be as follows:

1)      Books, books and more books.  The invitation to sit awhile and lose yourself in an interesting book is one of the best parts of being on holiday.  So whether this is your main home or a holiday destination, the coastal look really calls for a small collection of books to hand.  A topper to finish off a pile of books is a good idea – and particularly useful for magazines to stop them flapping in the breeze.

A coastal style vignette - 5 steps to achieve this

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2)      Candles.  There is something about a beautiful candle that conjures up the idea of being on holiday.  Perhaps it is the simplicity of it but I do like to include a candle in a coastal style vignette.  Lighting a beautifully scented candle is indulgent and makes you feel pampered and relaxed.  Remember that a coastal scheme is not just suited to summer holiday homes – this is a classic style that works just as well in the cosy winter months as it does in the warmth of summer.

A coastal style vignette - 5 steps to achieve this
Image – The Lily Pad Cottage

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3)      A reminder of the ocean.  This could be a beautiful piece of driftwood, coral or a jar of beautiful smooth pebbles.  It should just be simple and suggestive of the place rather than a huge collection of items – keep it simple and remember the golden rule of styling which is to complete the look and then take one thing away!

A Coastal Style Vignette - 5 steps to achieve this
Image – William McClure

4)      An artwork.  If you are putting together a collection on a console table, then an artwork hung low can really cement the grouping.  You don’t necessarily have to hang artworks at eye level and a simple piece can look really effective either just propped against the wall or hung at a lower level to be part of the vignette.

A Coastal Style Vignette - 5 steps to achieve this
Image – Casa Tres Chic

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5)      A rattan tray. It is a nice idea to group a vignette, particularly if it is on a coffee table.  For a coastal style vignette I would suggest a rattan tray.  I really like these tactile natural finishes for a coastal look as they are reminiscent of the relaxed look and feel of the beach.

A coastal style vignette - 5 steps to achieve this
Image – Lonny

I hope that this has inspired you to get styling and if you need more inspiration, my Pinterest board – A Perfect Vignette – has lots of ideas and I would love to hear your comments in the section below.

A Coastal Style Vignette - 5 steps to achieve this

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Do you know that I have a Free Resource Library?  I have e-books and checklists to help you with your next project including a mood board e-book which is very handy to get your thoughts straight when putting together a styling vignette like this one.  You can sign up for free here.

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