Country Home Ideas – Moody Blues

Are you like me and love dark blue?  I recently wrote about using this beautiful colour in a decorating scheme for Country Home Ideas magazine.  Dark blue is one of my absolute favourites and I really like the way it works on panelling where you have shadow lines.  This is why it is such a good choice for exterior weatherboards.  So inside or outside you should consider being brave and using dark blue.  Shown here with Blendworth Fabrics available through Verve Designer Collections.  Click on the image to enhance it.  Enjoy!

Country Home Ideas magazineDon't forget to follow me on Pinterest too for lots more inspiration about using blue in your home and many other ideas and let me know in the comments section if you have experience with using this for the interior or exterior of your home or have any questions about doing so.

If you love blue, you may also enjoy my article about how to use Navy Blue and White in a decorating scheme:

Let me show you how to use Navy Blue and White

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