How to find the perfect place to sit

Gone are the days when you bought a 3 piece living room suite and your job was finished.  There are so many seating options available now and lots of mixing and matching to be done that the job is a lot more interesting and of course potentially quite a bit more involved.

Now this may sound very strange as we spend a lot of time sitting all day, either at our desks or in our cars, but when life is so hectic, what I really love and am inspired by, is finding the perfect place to just sit and just be.  Not somewhere to work, eat, do my make-up or all the other things that I have to do – just somewhere for me to spend some quiet time.  I have looked at some gorgeous seating options – for the main living room – and for that special corner, to share with you and help you to find the perfect place to sit.

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit
Image – Vanessa Arbuthnott

Thinking about this, I started to go through Pinterest and with this in mind I dedicated one of my boards to finding the perfect place to sit.  The inspiration I found was amazing – there are lots of houses out there that I would like to move into! 

The classic spot of course is a comfy armchair by the fire in winter or an open window in summer with a side table for a drink and a reading lamp for the evening.  Really, what more could you want? Well, after searching the web, I realised there was a lot that I wanted. 

I couldn't live without a place to sitThe Window Seat

How does an upholstered window seat with big comfy cushions and a fabulous garden view sound?  I think just perfect.  It sounds even better if it is between bookcases so an interesting read is always to hand.

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit
Image – Vanessa Arbuthnott

If your house is small and your main concern is some peace and quiet, consider utilising a corner on  a stairway landing or a small corner of a dining room or kitchen.  Often these spaces are neglected in your house – they're not quite big enough for a chair or table so they just end up as a wasted corner.

When considering seating options, remember all you need is a small corner – a retreat that is yours.  So consider building in a window seat to save space.

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit
Image – Muse Interiors

While we are talking about sitting, there is nothing to say that you shouldn’t spread out and actually lie down with a book too – this is sounding even better.  Or you may have a covered outdoor room on a porch or veranda which of course is a lovely spot to sit and relax.

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit

To dress the area you can add a side or coffee table with a vignette of favourite books and pieces including the obligatory reading lamp or it may just be a pile of interesting magazines to balance your tea cup on.  Don't forget that during the cooler months you will need a comfy throw to hand.

The perfect occasional chair

The occasional chair comes in many guises and has to be one of the handiest furniture items, both in terms of practicality and looks.  This is your opportunity to use your creative skills as the occasional chair doesn't have to match either in size or style to your sofa.  They are also extremely handy to fill an odd corner and provide you with that perfect place to sit.

An ideal place to sit
Photographer Malte Fleuter

Mid-century style occasional chairs work well with their mix of timber and upholstery.  They stay looking nice as they are easy to maintain and can be re-upholstered easily for little cost and effort.

The classic aged leather chair suits many styles and when partnered with an upholstered sofa, the look is a little masculine and well balanced.  Again, practicality is a consideration and generally these chairs only look better with age.

You may also need an alarm clock to keep track of time as once you have a favourite corner and a comfy chair, you will not want to move.

A favourite place to sit
Photographer Logan Cameron

Rattan chairs are a classic partner to an upholstered sofa and create a lovely laid back look, perfect for a country style or a coastal style home. These chairs are casual and also inexpensive and are great to use in predominantly white schemes as the injection of texture looks very effective.

Seating Options - finding the perfect place to sit
Image: Air BnB

With bedrooms becoming larger, an occasional chair in the corner is a lovely space to sit and relax and a reading light comes in handy too.

Seating options - finding the perfect place to sit
Image: Cortney Bishop

The hallway bench

Unless you have a mudroom, considering some seating options for your hallway is a good idea.  Somewhere to sit and put on your outdoor shoes – particularly handy with a large family.  Hallways often don't have a lot of space so a simple bench is a good practical and space saving solution.


Seating options - finding the perfect place to sit
Image: Bloom & Co

Don't be too precious with seating options in a hallway as they are likely to get very damp and dirty!

Seating options - finding the perfect place to sit
Image: sfgirlbybay

In addition to be a handy place to sit, the hallway bench can also act as a console table – very handy to have if you only have the option for one piece in your hallway.

Seating options - finding the perfect place to sit

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I would love to hear about your favourite corner of the house that is yours and if you don’t have one, hopefully you are inspired by this post to set one up for yourself.  Look through my Pinterest board for heaps more inspiration.

I couldn't live without the perfect place to sit

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