How to use Colorbond Dune

Colorbond Dune has been a mainstay in the range for many years and is still an extremely popular choice.  I really like to use it for a number of reasons which I will tell you below.  If you're considering a new roof or are building a new home, this may be one of the colours from their light range that you have considered.  It's a popular colour for paint too.  Let me show you how to use it here.

How to use Colorbond Dune
Image: Dulux Australia

Colorbond Dune has been used as the paint on the weatherboards above and partnered with Colorbond Woodland Grey.

The light colours in the Colorbond range

The following are the light colours available through Colorbond.  Depending upon the pitch of the roof and the time of day, it is sometimes difficult to tell them apart.  Often you can only be sure of which colour it is by looking at the gutters.

  • Surfmist – a classic white with a slight creamy undertone.  You should opt for the matt finish if you prefer your whites to be slightly more grey.
  • Shale Grey – an all time favourite, this is a cool silver grey which is also very neutral.  The best option for replicating the look of a zinc roof if you don't want to use that product.
  • Dune – another all time favourite, but in contrast to Shale Grey, this is a warm grey.  More about this below!
  • Windspray – starting to get a little darker, but still in the lighter grouping, Windspray is a gorgeous grey which sometimes reads blue and sometimes more green.
  • Classic Cream – this is a very creamy yellow that is perfect to use for Heritage homes.
  • Paperbark – this is a warm sandstone colour that works well on traditional and classic homes.
  • Evening Haze – with its subtle green undertone, this is a great neutral for a classic look home.

Surfmist, Dune and Windspray are also all in the Colorbond Ultra range for use in harsh environmental conditions, for example within close proximity to breaking surf.

The underlying colour of Colorbond Dune

So, Colorbond Dune is a warm grey as opposed to its counterpart, Shale Grey which is cool.  Dune has a pinkish/brown tone which I feel is closer to a greige than a true grey.  Often people baulk when I say that it has pink undertones but this is just the warmth of the grey showing through and actually makes it a very soft and approachable grey to use on your home exterior.

Luke and Jasmin on The Block 2020 used Colorbond Dune for their roof and gutters and then used it in a paint finish for the trim.

How to use Colorbond Dune
Image: The Block 2020

Which colours does it work with?

As it has these undertones, it is perfect to use with other greige tones.  Those browns that are on the cusp of being grey are the ones that look great with a light Colorbond Dune roof.  These are the classic neutrals that stay on trend for long periods and create a very classic looking home.   Dune is very similar to Dulux Calf Skin which has been a perennial favourite of mine.

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Dune also works well with white but ensure that you partner it with a warmer white like Dulux White Exchange Half rather than a cooler blue based white.  Very sharp whites like Taubmans Crisp White will also go well with Dune.

I love to see Dune with natural sandstone hues or reclaimed bricks, which are the perfect complement.

In terms of other Colorbond colours, Dune works really well with Surfmist and Wallaby.  I also like to use it with Woodland Grey and it can be used with Monument, which pretty much goes with everything!

How to use Colorbond Dune

Dune is available as a matt finish

Colorbond has a small range of their colours in a gorgeous new matt finish and Dune is one of them.  I prefer Dune in the matt finish as it becomes more of a grey than a brown.  Kyal and Kara used it on one of their recent homes, below.

How to use Colorbond Dune
Image: Colorbond

Using Colorbond Dune as paint

You can match any of the Colorbond colours to paint and Dune is a really great exterior colour.  It certainly does have that pink undertone but this makes it a lovely soft tone which contrasts well with Surfmist and goes really well with other exterior brown tones.

How to use Colorbond Dune

Shown in the image above, partnered with Surfmist and Colorbond Wallaby on horizontal boards, roof and gutter.

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I like to use Colorbond Dune on weatherboards too as you get the nice shadow line to break up the paint colour.

How to use Colorbond Dune

You will notice that on all of these images, Dune can look quite different, which is a salutary lesson in not taking at face value colours that you see and love on the internet.  I always recommend that when you are interested in a paint colour, particularly for an exterior, that you paint a large board with two coats of the colour and then hold it up next to your house.  You should view it at different times of the day and in different locations, to ensure you love it.

You should also be able to view large sheets of Colorbond at a roofing supplier which should help in selecting the right one for your home.

How to use Colorbond Dune

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If you are building a new home or renovating an existing one, you should check out my FREE Resource Library which has comprehensive checklists and e-books to help you with your project.  You can download them for FREE here.


14 thoughts on “How to use Colorbond Dune

  1. Elisabeth Bradshaw says:

    Hi Samantha, I am looking at using dune for my render. Would this combination work:
    Window, roof & gutters – ironstone
    Fascia – dune
    Weatherboard – surfmist
    render – dune
    Front door & garage door – cedar

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Elisabeth Ironstone works well with Dune but I think I would consider having the facia in Surfmist as your eaves will no doubt be white? This will simplify the scheme a bit. Hope this helps Samantha

  2. Daniel says:

    Hi Samantha would dune work for the trim on a clinker brick house. Also would it pair with basalt. I’m looking for a lighter color for the trim as the front of the house doesn’t get a lot of light.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Daniel you can use these two Colorbond colours together but you also need to consider your window colour and how much of the trim you will be painting – will it work with the windows etc? Hope this helps Samantha

  3. Andrea says:

    Hi Samantha,
    I love scrolling through your fabulous website on how to make every house “beautiful”. Keep up the lovely posts!
    We`re looking at having a Monument roof; we already have black windows and are thinking a dark timber grain colour garage door. What colours do you suggest for render on house, gutters and front door? We also have two 800 x 200mm posts at the front door, not sure whether to paint in a render colour or crazy pave these. We have already purchased pale grey outdoor tiles 600 x 600mm to match indoor that will flow to the outside pergola area.
    Your expert advice would be much appreciated.
    Thank you

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Andrea glad you’re enjoying the posts! There are so many options to go with Monument and Black and the colour scheme will depend so much on whether you want a light or dark house, how much sunlight the house receives, how large it is etc. A light colour will make the house look bigger and define the black windows, while a dark colour will blend more with the black trim and make the house appear smaller. Stone on the posts could work well and this would need to tie in with your grey tiles so perhaps this could be a good starting point for you? Good luck Samantha

  4. Donna says:

    hi Samantha like your bit on Dune. I have a cottage green roof and eucalyptus wall exterior which makes my house look very green. painting walls dune would compliment the green roof?

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Donna Yes, this should work but also think about the trim colour – it may also be nice to add some fresh white to this look too. Hope this helps Samantha

  5. Liz Bradshaw says:

    Hi Samantha, I’ve had a rethink of my colours, as it wasn’t quite sitting right after reading some of your information.

    Roof, gutters – ironstone
    Fascia, veranda posts – surfmist
    Windows – pearl white
    Weather board- surfmist
    Render – dune
    Front door & garage – cedar

    The front of the house is in the shade.

    Will the surfmist and dune be much of a contrast? Or will it all be a blended grey?


  6. Sharon Poppi says:

    Hi Samantha. We desperately need your help please! We have a small fishing shack in North Queensland (Aus) which has been fully renovated inside following a flood two years ago. We are now working on the outside. The house has been rendered and painted in Dune…. the fascia boards we have painted in Bassalt…. eaves are painted white…. new windows are white. We have installed an aluminium slat system for privacy on the front verandah (merbau timber look)… it is all looking amazing so far! The front concrete patio is our concern (the ex tenant took it upon himself to paint it in various shapes and shades of green, red, yellow, blue white 🙄🙄😣😣. Due to $$$$’s we have decided not to completely re-finish the patio using other methods and are just going to paint the existing concrete patio but have NO idea which colour to use. Your help and advice would be amazing please!??? Many thanks!

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Sharon The scheme all sounds great and I can see why you would want to cover up the shades of green, red, yellow and blue white! I think that given your location you need something that is light to reflect the heat. Usually I would suggest Basalt as this is a great neutral paving colour, however I think I would paint it something close to a white – possibly Surfmist. Not Dune as it would be too much with the walls. Hope this helps Samantha

      • Sharon Poppi says:

        Thank you SO MUCH Samantha!! And yes, our tenant was definitely a massive worry with a paintbrush in his hand 😏😏…. you should have seen what he did to our newly painted interior (which we painted JUST prior to him moving in – took 6 weeks of our holidays to refurbish before he came here…. should not have bothered 😥😥) Yes I have been pushing hubby’s comfort zone to paint the patio Basalt as I think it would look amazing and ‘current’ but I was also definitely worried about the dark colour with the heat up here – your insight and thought of our situation is amazing and greatly appreciated, so thank you! We are planning to paint the current ‘Colorbond Cottage Green’ tin roof with Surfmist (I bought the paint just yesterday… before I had seen your reply just now) so Surfmist on the patio will work an absolute treat! I can not thank you enough!!! Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

  7. Gail McDougall says:

    I’m hoping you can help. We are putting up a small office shed with double doors and windows in white aluminium and Dune paint on the walls ( our house is dune with ironstone on the roof ) We are undecided about using Surfmist or Woodland Grey on the roof and down pipe of the shed ( only two choices the company gives within the price range) We will look down from our balcony onto the office shed and it is only 3.2m x 2.6m . One of us thinks the woodland grey may be too dark being so small . The other thinks it is a good contrast. You can’t see the house roof from that side or where the shed is. Would appreciate your advice.

    • Samantha Bacon says:

      Hi Gail I tend to think that the Surfmist would suit the shed – keeps it light and bright. Just be sure that where you look down on it that it won’t produce too much glare and consider your climate too as Surfmist is great in hot conditions but Woodland Grey will be better in a cooler climate. Hope this helps Samantha

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