When evoking a colour palette of the Australian bush, many people immediately think of green.  The mighty gum tree however affords far more colour inspiration in the beauty of its bark.  The ghost gum is a perfect example of this with its stately grey and white trunk soaring through the bush.  Often overlooked by many people, designers appreciate the beauty of grey and the subtleties that this colour brings to a scheme.  White balustrades and trim really defines the colour and ensures a contemporary and interesting scheme and a neutral grey deck grounds the scheme. To bring some additional appeal to the colour palette a soft grey blue should be used on the front door and weatherboard elements.  This scheme is really a uniting of the beautiful lake and the bush setting and should be used in areas that are not too heavily shaded.

Should you desire a more contemporary look for your home then new horizontal style screens could replace the lattice work and be painted in white.  If the existing latticework is to remain then it should be painted in the same smart neutral grey as the deck.


The colours in the Raffertys schemes have been selected from the Dulux range.  Dulux has carefully managed the colours being presented in the images to ensure they are as close as possible to the true paint colour. Colour reproduction can vary when viewing colours on your screen. Best results will be obtained on your system by setting the monitor colour temperature to 6500K, viewing the image with a subdued surround and comparing the image against colours seen in natural daylight. For full accuracy and complete satisfaction we recommend that you test your colour selection at home using Dulux Sample Pots.