Acreage Lodge style home

Do you love the lodge style homes that you see in America?  On shows like Yellowstone where ranches are built within magnificent landscapes that are rugged and beautiful.  This style has some features that translate perfectly to the Australian countryside, so if you are building a home and want to shun the all white Hamptons look, you might like to consider an acreage lodge style home.

Essential elements of a Lodge Style home

I have some tips to help you achieve this look for your new home or renovation:

Natural Timber

This is one of the major elements to ensure that you achieve this look.  You should opt for darker timbers rather than pale oak tones.  If you do prefer slightly lighter tones, then you can introduce some greyer timbers, particularly for interiors.  Timber can be used for accent wall cladding, garage doors and posts around the exterior of the home.

Inside, you could have natural timber flooring or accents in furniture, bookcases and kitchens.

Acreage Lodge style home

Natural stone

This is a key element to get this style right.  Rugged style stone accents on the exterior of the home are essential to the look and this should be carried through into the landscaping.  The grey stone used in the home shown here is perfect for this look and is a great contrast to the richer timber tones.  However, I also like to use local stone where possible, so if you wanted to use a sandstone or limestone that is in your area, then you could make this work too.

This style is all about richness and contrasting tones and textures.  It's important to maintain an earthy and organic feel to the build to achieve this look.

Acreage Lodge Style home

Dark roofing and windows

A simple charcoal roof in either shingle style tiles or Colorbond is essential to get the Lodge style look.  In Colorbond you should look at using Monument or Woodland Grey.  If you need to have a lighter roof for compliance issues, then Basalt or Wallaby would work too.

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Windows and doors should be either timber or a dark colour like black, or Colorbond Monument.

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A mix of textures

It is important to combine a mix of textures for an acreage lodge style home which is why the inclusion of natural stone and timber in this look are essential.  So smooth finishes, combined with rough textures of stone and the warmth of wool carpets and rugs is perfect.  You absolutely must avoid anything shiny though.  Floor tiles should be a matt finish and timbers should have a satin finish at the most.  You must not have a full gloss finish on cabinetry or interior doors.  Wool, natural cotton, tan leather and linen should be used for soft furnishings.

Acreage Lodge Style home

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Kitchen colours

Although I love a classic white kitchen, which I always say is timeless, this is an instance where it would simply look wrong.  The colour palette for the kitchen should be one that is organic and soft.  Soft grey or greige tones work perfectly.  Or you could introduce a touch of olive green.  Combine with natural timbers and other dark elements like a simple black benchtop.  Again, remember the mantra for an acreage lodge style home is organic and earthy with a mix of natural stone, timber and matt finishes.

Acreage Lodge Style home

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Wall colours

In open plan areas where you have lots of natural stone and timber, you can use a soft white for the walls.  Avoid the harsh blue whites and use one that is more neutral.  Something like Dulux White Verdict Quarter with a slight green undertone can work well.

However, with this style of home you can experiment a little with darker and richer tones to bring a warm and enveloping feel to certain rooms.  A study, living room or bedroom can look stunning in a darker tone.

Acreage Lodge Style home

Remember to keep the look natural, so opt for warm dark brown/greys and soft olive tones.  Wall cladding is a great idea for this look as you can get away with painting darker or more colourful tones on walls that have a shadow line, rather than one that is just a bare wall.  Complement this with wall lighting and lots of interesting artworks and you will achieve an interesting and eclectic home.

Acreage Lodge Style home

Acreage Lodge Style home

Acreage Lodge Style home

Coral Homes has announced the opening of its much-anticipated acreage home design, the all-new Highlands 36 now on display at Everleigh estate, Greenbank QLD.

Drawing its inspiration from elements of nature, Coral Homes’ acreage design sports a brand-new exterior option, namely Lodge Facade. Showcasing organic textures and tones, the Lodge Facade draws a laid-back yet contemporary theme to the home. A mix of materials – including timber cladding, stone, render and brick – create a minimalist, natural look for the facade.

Axon™ Cladding by James Hardie is the go-to option for Coral’s contemporary acreage homes that feature Lodge Facade, crafted with materials such as wood grain for a quality finish.

More information can be found at Coral Homes

Acreage Lodge Style Home

I would love to hear whether you like this look or not?  Leave me a comment below.

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