The Block 2023 Working from Home space

The Block 2023 Working from Home Space

Since the enforced period of time away from the office or education that we went through during Covid, it seems that homes will now always be designed with a working from home space.  It was interesting to see how the teams interpreted this idea.  Is a desk enough in the corner of a bedroom?  Probably.. Read more

How to choose interior wall panelling

Wall panelling trends

I absolutely love designing interior spaces with wall panelling.  Have you noticed that you can get away with richer tones and more colourful exteriors when you have a weatherboard home?  You can use colours and tones that you just couldn’t get away with on a rendered house.  The secret is in the shadowline of the.. Read more

The Block 2023 Studio Reveal

The Block 2023 Studio

The Block 2023 Studio reveal left me thinking what is the best use for a space like this as all the teams offered something a little different.  Is the studio meant to be purely for guests or is this an overflow work and/or fitness zone for the family.  Does the space need to meet all.. Read more

Acreage Lodge style home

Acreage Lodge Style home

Do you love the lodge style homes that you see in America?  On shows like Yellowstone where ranches are built within magnificent landscapes that are rugged and beautiful.  This style has some features that translate perfectly to the Australian countryside, so if you are building a home and want to shun the all white Hamptons.. Read more

The Block 2023 Guest Bathroom

The Block 2023 Guest Bathroom

It’s that time of the year again when we get to review the rooms on The Block.  This week sees the reveal of The Block 2023 Guest Bathroom, a difficult one to begin with and one that proved quite a challenge for the contestants.  In terms of the winning team, I agreed with this result.. Read more

7 tips to style a living room

7 tips to style a living room

We have all seen the real estate photos where it is clear as day that the property has been professionally styled to sell.  We have also seen living rooms that are nicely painted, which have some decent furniture but absolutely no soul.  What you are aiming to achieve for your own home is one that.. Read more

Taylor’s of Berry Guest House

Taylor's of Berry guest house

Back in 2016 I wrote a blog post about painting your house black and it has proved very popular.  What started as quite a unique exterior colour palette has evolved into a mainstream trend. Colour, and more importantly the tone of that colour, has the ability, more than any other design element, to change the.. Read more

How to choose a bathroom vanity

How to choose a bathroom vanity

It wasn’t so long ago that if you wanted a vanity that was out of the ordinary, you needed to arrange for something that was custom made.  This is still the case if you have an awkward opening or you need something built in wall to wall, but the choice now is so good that.. Read more

Byron Bay beach house tour

Byron Bay Beach House

Byron Bay would have to be a leading location when it comes to showcasing Australian coastal style.  Extremely chic, but wonderfully laid back, this coastal town is the ideal holiday destination.  I must say that a Bryon Bay beach house would probably be near the top of many people’s wish list.  When this gorgeous home.. Read more

Contemporary update to a 1970s home

Update to a 1970s home

It is so interesting to see how architects can transform a home, particularly a 1970s project home in the suburbs.  What these houses do offer are usually large blocks with established gardens and trees surrounding them.  I am so glad to be able to show you this update to a 1970s home to inspire you… Read more